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ESO Astronomers May Soon Reveal First Ever Photo Of A Black Hole

Scientists around the world are gearing up for an important announcement from the European Southern Observatory. The international space agency may have finally captured a photo of a black hole's event horizon.

Space April 2, 2019

Death Of Star Helps Scientists Analyze Black Hole Event Horizon

Researchers used an X-ray signal from a star being ripped apart to study a supermassive black hole. Researchers claim that this is the first time that tidal disruption flare to estimate the speed in which a black hole spins.

Space January 10, 2019

Charged Black Holes Can Erase Your Past And Give You Infinite Number Of Possible Futures

A mathematician said that a particular type of non-rotating black hole with an electrical charge and a cauchy horizon within the event horizon has a reset button. It can reset the past and complicate the future.

Space March 4, 2018

Einstein Was Right: Black Holes Have Event Horizon Just As Predicted By General Theory Of Relativity

Analysis of Pan-STARRS data strengthened the idea that black holes are bounded by an event horizon. How did the new research strengthen Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity?

Space May 31, 2017

Earth-Sized Telescope Just Took The First-Ever Photo Of A Black Hole: How It Will Test Theory Of Relativity

Astronomers have successfully peered inside a black hole to take an image of its event horizon. What does this new development from the Event Horizon Telescope means in testing Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity?

Space April 15, 2017

Event Horizon Telescope May Help Solve Black Hole Information Paradox

Einstein's theory of relativity predicts that all information that crosses the event horizon will be lost, but quantum mechanics states information can never be lost. How can the Event Horizon Telescope help solve the black hole information paradox?

Space April 8, 2017

Physicists Demonstrate What Occurs When Black Holes Collide In Simple Equation

A supermassive black hole will have no trouble sucking in objects in space, including a much smaller black hole. Theoretical physicists have come up with a simpler equation to demonstrate the moment the two black holes’ event horizons meet.

Space September 27, 2016

Event Horizon Telescope Detects Magnetic Field Just Outside Black Hole At Milky Way Center

Astronomers were able to detect a magnetic field just outside a black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The discovery is the first time that resolution of magnetic fields has been made.

Space December 6, 2015

Stephen Hawking Says That There Is A Way To Escape A Black Hole

Stephen Hawking, one of the most important physicists and cosmologists of the 20th century, proposes that there is a way out of black holes — through Hawking radiation

Space August 25, 2015

There are no Black Holes: Stephen Hawking stuns world

Stephen Hawking has stunned the scientific community and the whole world with his new theory on black holes - they do not exist. The physicist also said he regrets his initial theory on event horizon. It was his "biggest blunder," Hawking said.

Space January 27, 2014

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