A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge froze, shut down, then burst into flames, in another incident that brings back memories of Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery issue that gripped Samsung from 2016 to 2017.

The report follows a recent case that involves Samsung's latest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 9. Does this mean that the problem of exploding Samsung phones is back?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes

A Redditor who goes by the username of rokhana started a post on the online forum to say that his Galaxy S7 Edge burst into flames.

According to rokhana, the Galaxy S7 Edge was in his back pocket when he took it out to take a picture. However, the smartphone froze, and then shut down. Rebooting the device did not work, so the owner decided to leave the unit on a countertop in frustration.

However, after a few seconds after putting it down, the Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire.

Rokhana first took the charred Galaxy S7 Edge to a local customer service center, but was told that they could not do anything for him since the device's warranty was past due. The user then contacted Samsung's customer service through a tweet and received a reply a few days later. The regional store was offering a Galaxy S9 as a replacement, but with the condition that he should delete all the social media posts that he made regarding the matter. The user refused to do so, which is understandable given the shady undertones of Samsung's request.

Samsung later reached out to rokhana again, offering him a new Galaxy S9 without any attached conditions. Samsung explained that the initial request was only to make sure that scammers will not use the pictures and information related to the case to claim that their devices also caught fire, in attempts to try to get new smartphones for themselves.

Another Smartphone Catches Fire For Samsung

Several days ago, there was another report of a Samsung smartphone that caught fire. That one involved the Galaxy Note 9, the flagship device that Samsung just released last month.

According to the report, real estate agent Diane Chung from Long Island, New York filed a lawsuit against Samsung because her Galaxy Note 9 burst into flames inside her purse. Making matters worse was that she was in an elevator, which was quickly filled up with thick smoke.

It is too early to say that the Galaxy Note 9 will end up like the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, and it is very unlikely that the incidents involving rokhana's Galaxy S7 Edge and Chung's Galaxy Note 9 are connected in any way. However, smartphone owners, not just those with Samsung, should try taking better care of their devices to help lower the risk of exploding batteries.

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