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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Why Am I Seeing This Post?’ Feature: Here’s How To Use It

Facebook is giving users more control and context over posts they see across the site. It’s also giving them improved transparency over which advertisers are targeting them and why.

Apps/Software April 1, 2019

Facebook Putting Ads In Search Results, Marketplace

Facebook needs another revenue stream to maintain its growth as much as possible. As such, ads on search results and Marketplace might be standard going forward.

Internet December 12, 2018

Gun Accessories Will No Longer Be Advertised To Minors, Says Facebook

Those 18 years of age will no longer see ads for gun accessories on Facebook, the company has confirmed. The new policy comes amid a more intense discussion on gun control following several recent school shootings in the country.

Internet June 18, 2018

During And After The 2016 Election, Russian Online Trolls Bought 3,400 Facebook Ads

Between 2015 and 2017, Russian trolls purchased 3,400 Facebook ads to influence the election. The trolls often posed as supporters of different interest groups and posted fake status updates.

Internet May 10, 2018

There Will Be No Ads On Facebook Dating App: Why This Matters

You won’t see ads on Facebook’s online dating service, the company confirms. That’s probably a wise move for a company that’s embroiled in one of the worst data scandals in history.

Apps/Software May 7, 2018

Facebook To Put Pre-Roll Ads In More Videos: Will They Appear In Your News Feed?

Expect to see pre-roll ads in more parts of Facebook than before. The company is starting to roll them out more broadly following successful trials, and perhaps they’ll soon become a staple of the Facebook experience.

Internet April 21, 2018

Facebook Solution To Election Trolls Involves Sending Postcards To Advertisers

Facebook has unveiled an unconventional way of preventing fraudulent foreign advertisers from easily purchasing election ads. The company is going to send them postcards containing special codes to prove they’re in the United States.

Internet February 19, 2018

Facebook Is Banning All Cryptocurrency Ads, Including Bitcoin And ICOs

Cryptocurrency companies will no longer be able to advertise on Facebook. The company has just banned all ads pertaining to bitcoin, ICOs, and others, though the move isn’t permanent.

Internet January 31, 2018

Facebook Is Planning To Put More Ads In Videos

Facebook has announced that it’s going to test pre-roll ads in videos inside its Watch hub next year. Newsfeed algorithm changes are also underway, which will apparently lead to users seeing more videos they actually want to watch.

Internet December 15, 2017

Facebook Might Split The News Feed Into Two: One For Regular Posts, And Another For Promoted Posts

The traditional Facebook news feed is a trail mix of ads, posts by friends, and promoted content, and that can sometimes get chaotic. That might change soon, though, as the site experiments splitting the news feed into two.

Internet October 24, 2017

Facebook Has Reportedly Given Special Counsel Robert Mueller More Details About Russian Ad Spending

Facebook has reportedly given special counsel Robert Mueller more information about Russian ad spending on its network during the 2016 presidential election. This is the latest development in the investigation of President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

Internet September 16, 2017

Russian ‘Troll Farm’ Reportedly Bought $100,000 Worth Of Facebook Ads To Sway The 2016 Election

Facebook has confirmed that a Russian group purchased $100,000 worth of advertisements during the 2016 U.S. election. Those ads reportedly aimed to divide and polarize people with differing political beliefs.

Internet September 7, 2017

Facebook Wages War On Fake News: Pages That Share Them Will Be Banned From Buying Ads

Facebook has launched another attack on its fight against fake news. This time, it will ban pages that share fake news from buying ads but will give back ad privileges if they stop sharing such news.

Internet August 29, 2017

Facebook Denies Targeting Emotionally Insecure And Vulnerable Kids, But Admits To The Research

A recent report sparked serious questions regarding Facebook's ethics, revealing research to target emotionally vulnerable users. Facebook now admits to the research, but says it never targeted users based on their emotional state.

Internet May 2, 2017

Facebook Agrees To MRC Audit To Regain Advertisers' Trust, Promises 'Accountability And New Choices'

Facebook has announced new measures to regain advertisers' trust, including a Media Rating Council audit. The company also pledges greater transparency, accountability, and new choices for marketers.

Business Tech February 11, 2017

Facebook To Start Testing Mid-Roll Ad Format: Expect Clips In The Middle Of Videos Soon

To provide video publishers with revenue for their content, Facebook may soon start testing a new mid-roll ad format that lets creators put clips in the middle of their videos after the 20-second mark.

Internet January 10, 2017

Facebook Adjusts Ad Metrics After Bugs And Glitches Yielded Errors In Reporting

Facebook has admitted there were errors in the ad metrics provided to its advertisers. It has now addressed such bugs and glitches, and plans to continue doing so in the background.

Internet November 17, 2016

Facebook Ethnic Affinity Marketing Updates Crack Down On Discriminatory Ads After Unsettling Concerns And Class-Action Lawsuit

Facebook's Ethnic Affinity Marketing solution has raised some uncomfortable concerns recently, but the company pledges to make things right. Facebook will no longer allow advertisers to post discriminatory ads and will add extra measures to ensure inclusion.

Internet November 11, 2016

Facebook Faces Civil Rights Lawsuit: Users Suing Over Housing, Employment Discrimination

Facebook's ad platform is said to be discriminatory because of the options provided to ad buyers that exclude groups with specific ethnic affinities. The tech company argues that this is called multicultural marketing, a common practice in the ad industry.

Internet November 8, 2016

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Maps Out The Future Of Mobile Advertising

Facebook recently hit the milestone of 4 million active advertisers, and the social network’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg explained why mobile is the medium for the ads of the future.

Business Tech October 3, 2016

Facebook Targeted Ads Not So Effective, Says World's Biggest Ad Spender Procter & Gamble

P&G, the world's biggest ad spender, will veer away from using targeted ads on Facebook after realizing the strategy 'went too narrow' but didn't prove effective. Facebook will, however, continue to deliver ad content to its users as it bypasses ad blockers on desktop.

Business Tech August 9, 2016

Facebook Selling In-Stream And In-Article Video Ads For Other Firms Through Audience Network

Facebook announced that marketers will have a sweet time by using Audience Network, as the platform now supports video ads. Advertisers will be able to significantly increase their reach with the new feature, which also hits desktop systems.

Apps/Software May 18, 2016

Facebook's Update To Its Branded Content Policy Means More Ads Are Coming From Verified Pages

Facebook will now let verified Pages share branded content, but only if they properly tag the third party's account and adhere to its new policy.

Internet April 11, 2016

Facebook Video Ads Get New Automated Caption Feature To Increase Value For Advertisers

Facebook advertisers will send their message across more easily on the social media platform. Video ads will get automated captions, so users will pay more attention to the commercials in their feed.

Internet February 11, 2016

Facebook Makes Advertiser-Friendly Changes: Are Users Affected?

Facebook updated its advertising features in an effort to address marketers’ concerns on the social media site’s handling of ads, particularly in the way video ads are being charged.

Internet September 18, 2015

Watch Out YouTube, Facebook To Share 55 Percent Ad Revenue With Video Creators

Facebook revises its revenue sharing setup and is set to offer a so-called 'revenue split,' where 55 percent of ad revenue will go directly to video creators.

Business July 2, 2015

Facebook Messenger As Platform, Parse For IoT And Other Things To Expect At F8 Developer Conference

Here is what Facebook plans to discuss as part of its strategy to woo developers and make more money.

Internet March 25, 2015

With ads coming soon, could Snapchat be the next YouTube?

Snapchat will soon roll out ads on its Stories feature. The popular self-destructing photo and video app may be the next big market for advertising, as a reported 700 million users send self-destructing snaps.

Internet Culture October 10, 2014

Facebook Atlas: Rebuilt ad platform will let advertisers stalk you even when you're offline

Facebook rolls out a new ad platform that lets the social network track more information about its users’ activities, even when they are offline.

Internet September 30, 2014

Facebook wants your feedback about ads it delivers. So that it can deliver more ads

Facebook wants more ads to get seen by its users, so it asks users to state their reasons for hiding ads.

Business Tech September 12, 2014

Facebook now lets advertisers stalk you across devices

Facebook rolls out a new analytics tool that lets advertisers know just what users did on Facebook using different devices.

Business Tech August 16, 2014

Facebook average ad price up 123 percent, no Likes from small business owners

Advertising in Facebook is the company’s number one source of revenue. Currently, there are 1.5 million small businesses that advertise on the site, relying on image ads and page promotions.

Business August 8, 2014

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