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Europe Votes For Net Neutrality But Allows 'Fast Lanes' And ‘Two-Speed’ Internet

The European Parliament has voted in favor of net neutrality. However, critics say the bill has ditched the amendments that consumer advocates alongside tech firms were pushing for.

Internet October 28, 2015

AT&T Wages War Against Net Neutrality With Lawsuit Against FCC

Unlike Verizon, Comcast, and other broadband providers, AT&T takes the FCC head on and wages its own war against Title II reclassification.

Legal April 17, 2015

New Net Neutrality Rules By FCC Kicks Up Internet Storm: Here's Why

The new net neutrality rules approved by the FCC are a step forward, however they have a long way to go before they can be enforced by the commission.

Legal March 2, 2015

Net Neutrality Is A Big Deal: Here's Why You Should Care

The phrase keeps getting thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly is net neutrality for?

Internet February 25, 2015

Smaller ISPs, Glenn Beck Join In Net Neutrality Fight

Smaller and rural ISPs aren't happy with the FCC's proposed rules for net neutrality. Neither are AT&T, Republicans and radio show host Glenn Beck.

Internet February 17, 2015

Reactions On FCC Net Neutrality Plan: Cheers From Consumers, Boo From Telcos

Consumers and consumer advocates applaud FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to reclassify ISPs as utility services under Title II, while Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon will be taking the battle to court.

Internet February 6, 2015

Federal Net Neutrality Vote Looms: What Will the Outcome Bring?

The FCC's vote on net neutrality is scheduled for Feb. 26 and the debate over proposed 'fast lanes' continues. While legal battles are predicted to follow, likely stalling any immediate change in Internet service, the big question is how the agency's determination will ultimately affect businesses and consumers.

Business Tech January 19, 2015

Net Neutrality Decision to Be Made in Early 2015

Net neutrality has faced significant opposition in 2014, with larger Internet service providers and many Republicans in Congress opposing a reclassification of the Internet. The road ahead is sure to be tough, however a decision could be made as early as February 2015.

Legal December 28, 2014

Comcast Creates A Talking TV Channel Guide

Comcast makes its easier for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy TV programming. The company's new voice-guided interface will narrate onscreen items such as the network name and program start times.

Apps/Software November 12, 2014

AT&T Pulls Back On Fiber Plan Citing Net Neutrality Debate

AT&T threatens to scale down its expansion of fiber optic Internet, due to the uncertainty surrounding potential new Internet legislation. It's a measure of prudence, says AT&T's CEO.

Business Tech November 12, 2014

Net neutrality wars: Cable, wireless industries resist Obama's call to reclassify Internet as public utility

Internet service providers lash out at President Obama’s statement calling for the “explicit ban” of paid prioritization and reclassification of ISPs as public utilities.

Legal November 11, 2014

Sen. Leahy seeks Comcast pledge to stay away from Internet fast lanes

Comcast has vowed it will foster a free and open Internet. But a top senator wants to make sure that pledge remains intact if Comcast merges with Time Warner Cable.

Internet October 20, 2014

Net neutrality comments deadline extended to Sept. 15

The Federal Communications Commission is giving users an additional five days to make comments concerning net neutrality. It comes as controversy has surrounded proposed 'fast lanes.'

Internet August 17, 2014

Senator Reid wants to push for open Internet in U.S.

Sen. Harry Reid has made tech news headlines. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader is pushing for an open Internet in the United States.

Society July 31, 2014

Tech titans: No to fast lanes, keep net neutrality alive

The technology sector has formally weighed in on the FCC’s net neutrality proposal, calling for a ban against Internet fast lanes, although the biggest players provide an allowance for “light-touch rules.”

Internet July 15, 2014

Verizon: Netflix is causing traffic congestion, not us

Verizon, Netflix dispute forecasts a much more litigious future for Internet traffic. Meanwhile, users suffer.

Business Tech July 11, 2014

Net neutrality forum explores impact of impending FCC actions

A forum in Vermont on net neutrality included testimony from a former FCC commissioner. The Senate Judiciary Committee aimed to drum up public debate before the FCC moves ahead with proposed rules on July 15.

Internet July 1, 2014

Mayors unite against Internet fast lanes

As the FCC seeks to manage fast lanes, a group of mayors deliver a unified call to end the practice. Up until July 15, the FCC intends to field debate on upcoming legislation concerning net neutrality.

Society June 25, 2014

FCC looking into Netflix complaints against ISPs

Netflix is urging the FCC to make a ruling on fast lanes and Internet service with Comcast. The FCC says it is looking into the agreement, but has not made a statement on when they would act.

Business Tech June 17, 2014

Google uses YouTube Video Quality Report to slam ISPs, no exceptions

Google has launched YouTube Video Quality Report. It is a slap in the face for ISPs, and those pesky fast lanes.

Business Tech June 2, 2014

Google Fiber says no to Internet 'fast lane' toll booths

Google Fiber won't be having fast lanes. And they tell us why keeping net neutrality is good.

Business Tech May 24, 2014

Turncoat? FCC says new Internet 'fast lane' rules won't kill net neutrality

The FCC is attempting to change perception over its net neutrality positions. Still, despite a blog post, many fear the end of open source Internet.

Internet April 29, 2014

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