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Feathered Dinosaur Archaeopteryx Could Fly But Not Similar To Modern Birds

The archaeopteryx was capable of flying when it lived during the late Jurassic Period 150 million years ago. Analysis of the feathered dinosaur wing bones, however, revealed they did not fly as gracefully as modern birds.

Animals March 14, 2018

Scientists Discover 99-Million-Year-Old Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped In Amber

A newly discovered fossil offers scientists with strong evidence to prove that some dinosaurs did have feathers on their bodies. The 99-million-year-old specimen was preserved in a layer of resin.

Animals December 9, 2016

Dinosaurs went through evolutionary downsizing to become birds

Some dinosaur species went through a "shrink cycle" to get smaller and smaller and evolve into birds, study finds. "Sustained miniaturization" morphed dinosaurs into birds.

Animals July 31, 2014

Changyuraptor discovered - world's largest flying dinosaur flew with four wings

The largest flying dinosaur ever discovered has been unearthed in China, and the animal had four wings.

Animals July 16, 2014

New Archaeopteryx fossil suggests dinosaur-era bird wore 'feather trousers'

Researchers studied a new preserved fossil of Archaeopteryx that showed that its hind limb feathers were likely not used for flight purposes. Flight may have, however, been a secondary adaptation of the feathers.

Animals July 4, 2014

Archaeopteryx had feathers before flight - but why?

Feathered dinosaurs developed the body covering before Archaeopteryx, but a new specimen of the fossil could reveal the purpose of feathers before flight.

Animals July 4, 2014

New study looks into metabolism of dinosaurs. Here's what they found out

The debate around whether dinosaurs were hot-blooded or cold-blooded may have found its end, and none of the two opinions belong to the winning side.

Animals June 13, 2014

Anzu wyliei: The 500 lb 'chicken from hell' was anything but a chicken

It's a chicken from Hell! Or, a dinosaur. Maybe a little of both. What exactly was Anzu Wyliei?

Animals March 23, 2014

'Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular' roars back into North America this summer

Life-sized dinosaurs are coming back to North America this summer. Here's a preview of Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular show!

Animals March 21, 2014

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