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Surgeons Had To Put Out Fire In Man's Chest During Heart Surgery

Surgeons from Australia present the strange case of a flash fire suddenly erupting in the chest cavity of a man under surgery. They point to several risk factors, including the patient's illness, that may have led to the accident.

Public Health June 3, 2019

French Firefighting Robot Colossus Helped Save Burning Notre Dame Cathedral

Thanks to 400 brave firefighters and a powerful firefighting robot called Colossus, much of the Notre Dame Cathedral was saved after the fire. What are the specifications of the Colossus robot?

Robotics April 17, 2019

Neanderthals Could Make Fire Using Prehistoric Stone Tools

The Neanderthals were able to produce their own fire. Researchers found microscopic wear on prehistoric stone tools that are produced by a type of rock-striking to produce sparks.

Ancient July 21, 2018

Pit Bull Puppy Saves Family From Fire, Tries To Drag Baby Outside By Diaper

The family's pet dog Sasha barked 'like crazy' when fire broke out in the building. The pit bull also attempted to save the baby by dragging her off her bed by diaper.

Animals June 11, 2018

Smoke From Fires In South Africa Helps Cool Earth And Fight Greenhouse Effect

Smoke from wildfires and man-made fires in South Africa help cool Earth and even help fight greenhouse effect linked to global warming. How does smoke help cool our planet?

Earth/Environment March 7, 2018

Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer After It's Discovered To Shoot Fire

A woman found that the hair dryer she bought from Amazon may have been a little too hot. Instead of blowing air to dry her hair, the hair dryer was blowing out a fire.

Viral February 6, 2018

Fire In The Capsule: Lessons From Apollo 1 Disaster

In an interview at NASA Langley Research Center, space historian and author Andrew Chaikin revisits the Apollo 1 disaster. What went wrong and how has the U.S. space program changed since then?

Space February 9, 2017

How To Safely Heat Your Home As Temperatures Drop

As temperatures begin to drop, homeowners increasingly rely on space heaters to provide warmth. Here are expert tips to avoid the potential dangers of space heaters, and to safely heat your home amid frigid temperatures.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 6, 2017

Dental Plaque Reveals Europe’s Earliest Humans Did Not Use Fire For Their Food

A dental plaque from the molars of a 1.2 million-year old hominin in Spain revealed that the earliest human species in Europe did not use fire to cook their food. What did they eat?

Ancient December 16, 2016

NASA Conducts Experiment To See How Fire Behaves In Space

NASA and its mission partners successfully carried out the first of three Saffire experiments in space. The project is designed to help scientists understand how fire behaves in a microgravity environment.

Space June 21, 2016

World's Largest Solar Power Plant Catches Fire

The world's largest solar power plant caught fire, crippling the operations of the facility. The fire was immediately extinguished, but the incident's impact on the electric power supply of California has yet to be determined.

Energy May 22, 2016

Climate Change Means Larger Fires Everywhere - Not Just Alberta

Wildfires will become more common around the world as global warming continues around the globe. Is the Fort McMurray fire a sign of trouble to come?

Earth/Environment May 11, 2016

NASA To Burn Unmanned Spacecraft To Study Fires In Space

NASA plans to launch the first experiment to test fire in space. Saffire is a Spacecraft Fire Experiment that will help scientists determine how fire will behave in space.

Space March 17, 2016

Firefighting Drones Can Help Diminish Fires In Tall Buildings

A team of Korean researchers has developed a firefighting drone that can withstand heat. It can assist firefighters access and navigate in skyscrapers during a fire.

FUTURE TECH January 22, 2016

Have The Best New Year's Celebration By Staying Safe And Planning Ahead

Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve party by securing your home from avoidable mishaps. Check out these tips to avoid accidental fires or drunk-driving whether as a host or a party guest.

Society December 29, 2015

Amazon's 'Blue Shade' Feature Makes It Easier To Read At Night On Your Fire Tablet

Amazon has announced a new update for its Fire tablets, reducing the amount of blue light that is emitted at night, helping users get to sleep more easily after reading at night.

Apps/Software December 2, 2015

Tumble Dryers Pose Potential Fire Risks: Appliance Brands Issue Recall

Major brands of tumble dryers recalled their products due to fire risk. After Whirlpool took over Indesit and Hotpoint, a safety investigation revealed that machines manufactured from the 11-year period between 2004 and 2015 could pose serious fire risk to households.

Life November 26, 2015

Fires Take Days Off On Sunday: Study Finds Fires Strongly Influenced By Work Week

Fires seem to occur less likely on days associated with religion, and are strongly influenced by work week, a new Australian study revealed. Researchers looked into how culture, religion and human activity affects global climate.

Earth/Environment November 22, 2015

Amazon’s Latest Fire HD Tablets Feature Hi-Res Displays, Stereo Speakers, And A Snappy Processor Starting At $150

Amazon's latest tablets bring high specs on a budget.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 17, 2015

California Governor Declares State Of Emergency As Wildfire Threat Intensifies

California continues to blacken as more and more wildfires are noted in the state. In line with this, Governor Jerry Brown has placed California under a state of emergency and has tapped into the California National Guard to ensure maximum safety for all communities.

Society August 3, 2015

Secret To The Perfect Fire Found Just In Time For Summer

The secret to building the fire correctly has been explained in a new scientific study. What will it take to build the perfect campfire for s'mores this summer?

June 9, 2015

Investigation Now Taking A Closer Look At Recycling Plant Fire In Ohio

Fire officials are investigating the possible causes of a huge fire at a recycling facility in south Columbus, Ohio on Friday. Around one-third to one-half of the firefighters in the city were trying to put out the flames.

Society May 4, 2015

Extinguish Fire Without Water? These Guys Did It With Sound [Video]

Soon, you can take out that fire extinguisher in your kitchen and replace it with this new contraption.

Geek March 27, 2015

Sabbath Observance Leads To Tragedy: Seven Brooklyn Children Dead As Hot Plate Sets House On Fire

Seven children from an Orthodox Jewish family died after their family's home was burned. The fire is believed to have been caused by a hot plate the family left in observance of religious laws for Sabbath.

Society March 22, 2015

Fire Experts Concerned Over Potential Fire Hazard From Space Heaters

Fire experts are concerned about space heater-related fire in the winter months. They suggest the mishap can be avoided by following simple safety tips.

February 20, 2015

There's Now A Robot That Fights Fires

The Navy recently unveiled a prototype for a robot that fights fires. Not only could these robots help save lives, but they also look really cool in action.

Geek February 5, 2015

Researchers Link Smoke From Fires To Tornado Intensity

For the first time, researchers at the University of Iowa have linked smoke from fires to the intensity of tornadoes as smoke increases wind shear and lowers the base of clouds.

February 3, 2015

Simulated Mars Research Station in Utah Damaged by Greenhouse Fire

Crew members on a simulated mission on Mars dealt with a serious emergency on the first day of their mission when a fire broke out and destroyed the habitat's greenhouse.

Space January 31, 2015

Annapolis Mansion Fire in Maryland Due to Faulty Electrical Outlet and Dry Christmas Tree

A faulty electrical outlet and a two-month old Christmas tree blamed for a fire that broke out in an Annapolis mansion. The fire killed a couple and their four grandchildren.

Society January 29, 2015

Humans Began Using Fire 350000 Years Ago, Israeli Cave Study Reveals

Learning how to create fire on purpose to aid man's survival is an important milestone in human history. Now, archaeologists revealed when this happened.

Animals December 15, 2014

Amazon Echo speaker gadget features Alexa, a Siri-like home presence

Amazon wants consumers to welcome Alexa into their homes and their daily routines. The digital voice assistant lives inside Amazon's new cloud-connected speaker unit.

Gadgets November 6, 2014

Michael Brown memorial catches fire, sparks fire of distrust in Ferguson

One of Michael Brown's makeshift memorial caught fire on the morning of Sept. 23, igniting tension and violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Authorities say the blaze may have been an accident, but some residents believe it was deliberately started.

Society September 25, 2014

Did stories by the campfire aid human evolution?

In a study of Africa's Kalahari Bushmen, a researcher determines that the time spent together in firelight at night by our pre-electricity ancestors resulted in establishing social and cultural interactions that aided human evolution.

Internet Culture September 23, 2014

Wildfire-fighting and California’s state of emergency

California governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency after two out-of-control wildfires swept through the state this week. Man charged with arson for Northern California fire.

Earth/Environment September 18, 2014

Colossus roller coaster at Magic Mountain goes out in flames

Once the world's fastest and tallest roller coaster, Magic Mountain's Colossus caught fire while undergoing its transformation into the new Twisted Colossus. It was a sad end for the venerable coaster.

Movies/TV Shows September 9, 2014

Florida teen burns own home after reading 'Slender Man'

A teenage girl was arrested and charged by the authorities after setting her family’s home on fire. She was found to obsessed with Slender Man, an online fictional character.

Society September 6, 2014

Amazon Fire profit small but big sales could bring big revenue

Amazon is making a small profit on Fire sales at the outset. But big sales could bring big return on investment.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 30, 2014

New cool burning flame discovered in International Space Station experiments

A study conducted on the ISS, controlled remotely by scientists on earth, showed that in a microgravity environment, droplets of heptane combust with an invisible cool flame. This combustion reaction, if recreated on earth, could pave way for cleaner, more efficient car engines.

Space July 28, 2014

Fire at Rockefeller Center Observation Deck injures six

Top of the Rock camera bursts into flame, injures six including one child. Fire was under control quickly and no damage to property was reported.

Society July 17, 2014

Man uses lighter and spray can to kill spider; causes house fire instead

A Seattle man's hatred for an arachnid results in his house going up in flames. Please don't try this at home.

Internet Culture July 16, 2014

Smoke pipe may be cause of fire at Samsung data storage location

Officials investigating blaze that knocked credit card servers offline. Samsung officials claim no data breach occurred.

Business April 21, 2014

Amazon rain forest's biggest enemies are fire and climate change

Fires caused by deforestation and climate change could lead to additional loss of rain forests, according to a new study. Too much stress could push the Amazon past a tipping point for easy recovery.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2014

Nest Labs halts sales of Nest Protect smoke alarm due to faulty Wave feature

Nest Labs has stopped the sale of its Nest Protect smoke alarm after the discovery of an erroneous feature. Here's what we know so far.

Business April 4, 2014

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