Why Smart Beds And Sleep Apps Are Raising Privacy Concerns

The digital age has brought with it countless innovations which disrupt seemingly everything, and sleep is no exception to this trend.

Security July 9, 2019

Cyber Warfare And The Future Of Cyber Security

Cyber Threats Are Changing. Protect Yourself Now.

Security June 3, 2019

Someone Just Bought A Laptop Full Of Malware For $1.3 Million

Where do you put a laptop filled with malware? In the trash, of course. Well, someone just paid $1.3 million for one — for the sake of art, no less.

Security May 28, 2019

Snapchat Employees Misused Data Tools And Spied On Users

Two former Snap Inc. employees have come forward to reveal instances of data abuse at the company. They said the incidents happened multiple times and involved looking at sensitive information.

Security May 24, 2019

For 14 Years, Google Stored Passwords In Plain Text: Does It Affect You?

An error in 2005 is affecting G Suite users’ security. Google reveals that passwords were encrypted but stored in plain text, though points there’s no evidence of a breach.

Security May 22, 2019

How To Prevent Data Breaches In The Cloud

The cloud is the newest frontier of the digital space, but with every new frontier comes new and unforeseen dangers. Businesses that depend on the cloud for storing their data have run into a number of problems regarding how to secure that data.

Security May 18, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Building A Warehouse Just For Dangerous Items

Amazon’s new warehouse will be much smaller than its other ones. However, it’ll have stricter safety measures for hazardous items such as bear repellent and pepper sprays.

Security May 19, 2019

Is Payroll The Weak Link In Your Organization's Cybersecurity Network?

Cybersecurity threats are pervasive, with the potential to upend business operations, undermine credibility, and substantially impact profitability. The age-old analogy of a chain only being as strong as its weakest link certainly holds merit in this paradigm.

Security May 14, 2019

Hackers Steal More Than $40 Million Worth Of Bitcoin From Crypto Exchange Binance

Crypto exchange company Binance lost more than $40 million worth of bitcoin to hackers in a large-scale security breach, the CEO said on Tuesday. The Binance hack poses a question: is cryptocurrency safe?

Security May 9, 2019

This Chrome Phishing Exploit Tricks Users With Fake Address Bar, Here’s How To Avoid It

An exploit found on Chrome for Android can replace the address bar with a fake one. This could lend an opportunity for phishing campaigns to make fake sites even more believable.

Security April 29, 2019

Google Bans Developer With More Than Half A Billion Downloads For Committing Ad Fraud

Google is expunging apps owned by DO Global from the Play Store. These apps were found to be generating ad revenue through a program that registers fake clicks.

Security April 27, 2019

Amazon Delivery Drivers Now Required To Take Selfies

In a bid to prevent fraud, Amazon is asking delivery drivers to take selfies to prove they’re not just criminals and thieves. This system has a lot of potential flaws, however.

Security April 22, 2019

CIA Claims Huawei Receives Funding From Chinese State Security

The CIA informed its allies on an intelligence that Huawei has received funding from the Chinese government. Huawei refuted the statement and said that their government cannot interfere with the company’s operations.

Security April 22, 2019

Security Researcher Marcus Hutchins, Who Stopped WannaCry Cyberattack, Pleads Guilty To Malware Charges

Marcus Hutchins, who is best known by his MalwareTech alias, helped stopped the global spread of the WannaCry ransomware. He now faces up to 10 years in prison for creating and selling malwares when he was still a minor.

Security April 20, 2019

Facebook Has 'Unintentionally Uploaded' Email Contacts Of 1.5M New Users Since May 2016

Facebook accidentally uploaded email contacts of 1.5 million users who signed up for an account during the course of three years. According to the findings, this has been happening since May 2016.

Security April 18, 2019

Amazon Listens To Your Alexa Conversations: Here's How To Stop It

A recent report found out that Amazon workers listen to users' conversations with Alexa. Good thing there's a way to stop them from doing so or at least limit what they can access.

Security April 13, 2019

Facebook Spent $20 Million On Security For Mark Zuckerberg In 2018

Mark Zuckerberg earns $1 a year working for Facebook, but he does receive certain kinds of compensation. Last year, nearly $20 million of that was spent just to keep him secure.

Security April 13, 2019

Deadly Android Spyware Exodus Makes Its Way To iOS Platform

A dangerous new kind of spyware called Exodus was found present on the iOS platform. It was first discovered last year on certain apps in the Google Play Store, and now, it has been ported to target iPhones and iPads.

Security April 12, 2019

Amazon Workers Are Actually Listening To Your Alexa Voice Commands: Report

Most companies with voice-enabled products employ supervised learning, in which humans aid in teaching artificial intelligence to better sort and categorize data. In the case of Alexa, that means thousands of workers listening to private voice recordings.

Security April 11, 2019

Downloading Pirated 'Game Of Thrones' Puts Your Computer At Risk Of Malware

Kaspersky Lab is cautioning the public about downloading the upcoming final season of "Game of Thrones" through illegal means. Pirated downloads of popular TV shows were one of the most common sources of malware infections in 2018.

Security April 4, 2019

Chinese Woman Yujing Zhang Arrested At Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club Carrying Thumb Drive With Malware

Thirty-two-year-old Chinese national Yujing Zhang tried to enter Pres. Donald Trump's Palm Beach club over the weekend. Secret Service agents retrieved from her four cell phones, a laptop, an external hard drive, and a thumb device with malicious malware.

Security April 3, 2019

Saudis Hacked Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos’ Phone: Report

The investigation Jeff Bezos ordered when The National Enquirer threatened him with private text and photos has concluded that Saudi hacked the Amazon CEO’s phone. No proof yet whether these two are linked, though.

Security April 1, 2019

Asus Publishes Fix For 'ShadowHammer' Malware

ASUS responded to recent media reports on the ASUS Live Update tool attack by APT groups. The hardware vendor also announced the release of ASUS Live Update Version 3.6.8, which introduces a fix for the ShadowHammer malware.

Security March 29, 2019

Arlo Is Releasing A Wireless Security Camera Capable Of Capturing 4K Videos

The Arlo Ultra is now widely available in the United States through retail stores like Best Buy and Amazon. Users can grab one Ultra camera system for $400 or the more popular two-camera system for $600.

Security March 27, 2019

Asus Software Updates Laced With Malware Infect Thousands: How To Check If You're Affected

Hackers infect thousands of Asus computers with malware using the manufacturer's own Live Update Utility tool. Fortunately, there's a way to check if a machine is affected or not, thanks to Kaspersky Lab.

Security March 25, 2019

Nokia Says It Mistakenly Collected And Sent User Data To China

Nokia clarified that its Nokia 7 Plus handsets were not involved in any potential data breach. Here is how the controversy all started and how the Finnish smartphone maker addressed the issue.

Security March 25, 2019

Microsoft Is Giving macOS The Windows Defender Treatment

Microsoft makes Windows Defender cross-platform by bringing the client to macOS. Users will have access to much of the same antivirus options, including scanning, taking action on threats, and more.

Security March 22, 2019

Facebook Stored Up To 600 Million Passwords In Plain Text

Facebook reportedly left the passwords of millions of users viewable and searchable by thousands of its own employees. The passwords were not encrypted but instead written in plain text.

Security March 21, 2019

Most Android Antivirus Apps Suck So Much They Even Detect Themselves As Viruses

In a security test by AV-Comparatives, only 80 out of 250 antivirus apps passed basic standards. Some sucked so badly they flagged themselves as harmful.

Security March 18, 2019

Android Adware 'SimBad' Found In Over 200 Apps With More Than 150M Downloads

A strain of adware has been found in 206 Android apps with over 150 million downloads. Researchers dubbed the malware 'SimBad' because of how it mainly infected simulators.

Security March 14, 2019

Misconfigured Box Account Probable Culprit In Confidential Data Leak Involving Apple, Other Tech Companies

Cybersecurity firm Adversis has discovered a vulnerability in the file-sharing system of Box. The company said hundreds of thousands of corporate documents and files are left exposed to a potential data breach.

Security March 13, 2019

Facebook Messenger Bug Exposed Contacts You Had Conversations With

A cybersecurity firm claims Facebook Messenger had a vulnerability that could reveal who users talked to. The security flaw was eventually fixed by Facebook.

Security March 7, 2019

Facebook Is Sharing Your Phone Number To Friends, Advertisers

Facebook is using phone numbers that users submitted for two-factor authentication as a way for them to be searchable on the platform. In response, Facebook said this practice isn’t new.

Security March 5, 2019

WinRAR Releases Patch After Researchers Discover 19-Year-Old Security Flaw That Put 500M Users At Risk

WinRAR issues a new patch after a security vulnerability was found in its data compression tool. According to researchers from Check Point Software Technologies, the flaw is 19 years old and puts 500 million users at risk.

Security February 21, 2019

Malicious Android App That Steals Cryptocurrency Found On The Play Store

ESET has discovered an Android app that steals cryptocurrency on the Google Play Store. Called a 'clipper,' it tricks users into depositing into the hacker's cryptocurrency wallet address instead of their own.

Security February 10, 2019

Apple Releases Fix For The Eavesdropping Group FaceTime Bug

Apple finally rolls out the fix for the eavesdropping FaceTime bug. The company already disabled the Group FaceTime feature prior to the iOS 12.1.4 update.

Security February 8, 2019

Popular iOS Apps Found To Secretly Record Your iPhone Screen, Put Your Personal Data At Risk

An investigation by TechCrunch found that a lot of popular iOS apps are secretly recording iPhone users' screens. This method of gathering data known as 'session replaying' may inadvertently expose sensitive information and put them at risk.

Security February 6, 2019

14-Year-Old Boy Who Found FaceTime Bug Could Be Eligible For Apple's Bug Bounty Program

The boy who discovered an eavesdropping FaceTime bug might receive monetary rewards from Apple. Reports said that an Apple executive flew to Arizona to thank the teenager for his find.

Security February 5, 2019

Apple Bans Controversial Facebook Research App, Says It's A 'Clear Breach Of Agreement'

Apple has blocked Facebook’s enterprise certificates after an app that harvests users’ data was uncovered. The tech company’s move has also affected beta versions of other Facebook-owned apps.

Security January 31, 2019

Is Your Kid Using Facebook's Data-Collecting Research App? Here's How To Check For It

Through its Research VPN app, Facebook has been offering users aged 13 to 35 up to $20 for their data. Here's how to check if your (or your kid's) Android or iOS device is sending info to the company.

Security January 30, 2019

Facebook App That Pays Users Gift Cards In Exchange For Data To Be Removed From iOS

Facebook confirmed that it’s going to pull its data collection app called Facebook Research from iOS. The app remains available for Android users as of this writing.

Security January 30, 2019

Facebook Secretly Pays Users To Install A VPN App That Gathers Phone Data

No, it didn’t end with Onavo: Facebook has been acquiring user data through another VPN app. This new data harvesting issue is the latest in Facebook’s growing list of clandestine activities.

Security January 30, 2019

Facebook’s Merger Is Causing Privacy Concerns Among Regulators

Facebook is once again facing privacy issues. After reports surfaced about the company’s plan to merge its messaging apps, lawmakers are now raising concerns on how it’ll affect users’ privacy.

Security January 28, 2019

Google Is Ditching Apps Requiring Call And SMS Permissions

Google is kicking out apps asking for a user's messaging and call data from its Play Store. App developers are now asked to either republish an updated version or resubmit their apps for review.

Security January 17, 2019

Cops Can't Force People To Unlock Their Smartphones With Fingerprint, Face, Court Ruling States

A California judge denied a search warrant seeking permission for cops to force suspects to unlock gadgets with their faces, fingers, or irises. The ruling argued that it is the same as the case of passwords and passcodes.

Security January 15, 2019

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