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Walmart Gunning For Amazon Prime With Free 2-Day Shipping Without Membership Fee

Walmart has anounced free two-day shipping to home and stores without any membership fees. The minimum purchase required for shipping to home is now lower as well, and ShippingPass is now history, but members will get a refund.

Business Tech January 31, 2017

Walmart To Offer Free Shipping At No Minimum Purchase In Bid To Steal Thunder Of Amazon Prime Day

Walmart will offer free shipping with no minimum purchase required for five days starting on July 11. The promotion is a part of the company's strategy to combat Amazon's Prime Day.

Business Tech July 11, 2016

Walmart Takes On Amazon Prime With 2-Day Free Shipping Program: Here’s How To Get A Free Month’s ShippingPass Membership

Walmart is ready to take on Amazon Prime. The company is rolling out its free two-day shipping program ShippingPass nationwide, and it's offering all customers a free 30-day trial of the service.

Internet June 30, 2016

Best Buy Holiday Incentives: Free Shipping On Everything, Complimentary Geek Squad Tech Setup And More

Best Buy announced incentives and special offers for its buyers, such as free shipping and free expertise in installation of gadgets for those who need it. The retailerc started the shopping holiday in November, alongside other big vendors.

Gadgets November 3, 2015

Best Buy Offers Free Shipping On All Holiday Purchases: Beat That, Amazon

Best Buy prepares to compete aggressively for the upcoming holiday season by removing all restrictions to its shipping policies. Starting on Oct. 25, customers can enjoy free shipping of products with no required minimum spend in their shopping.

Business October 23, 2015

You Can Now Get Free Shipping On Amazon For Small Items Without A Minimum Order

You used to have to hit a minimum amount or subscribe to Amazon Prime to get free shipping. Now, the online marketplace is allowing any user to get free shipping on select small items.

Internet June 2, 2015

Target Undercuts Amazon: Free Shipping Minimum Now Just $25 For Online Purchases

Target has reduced its minimum price requirement from $50 to $25 for customers to avail of free shipping. The move aims to undercut the shipping prices of rivals like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Business February 24, 2015

Want free shipping on Amazon? Get ready to pay $10 more

Amazon bumps up the minimum shopping requirement by $10 to take advantage of its Super Saver Shipping.

Business October 24, 2013

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