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Stars That Exploded As Supernovae Were 'Exiles' Ejected From Their Cosmic Homes

Three recently observed supernovae exploded outside of any galaxy, researchers say. The events were the death throes of stars 'exiled' from any host galaxy, they explain.

Space June 4, 2015

Dark Matter Is Darker And More Mysterious Than We Previously Thought

Dark matter may be even stranger than astrophysicists believe, according to new observations. What could this discovery mean?

Space March 26, 2015

Laniakea Supercluster: Say hello to Milky Way's new home

The Milky Way galaxy is part of the Local Group of galaxies, and the extended celestial family just got a whole lot larger.

Space September 5, 2014

Umbrella galaxy shows cannibalism among families of stars

Galactic cannibalism is showing in the Umbrella Galaxy, a near-twin of the Milky Way.

Space July 6, 2014

Hubble finds ancient El Gordo galaxy cluster 'fatter' than once thought

Hubble has determined that the largest galactic cluster ever found is even bigger than previous estimates. The cluster is referred to as El Gordo, which means “the fact one” in Spanish.

Space April 6, 2014

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