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Former US President George HW Bush Hospitalized Due To Low Blood Pressure And Fatigue

George HW Bush, the country’s 41st president was hospitalized on Sunday for low blood pressure and fatigue. He attended a pre-Memorial Day event where he spent a day with military veterans before he was admitted to a hospital in Maine.

Feature | Health May 27, 2018

Former First Lady Barbara Bush's Decision To Seek 'Comfort Care' Over Medical Treatment Receives Praise From Experts

The decision of former First Lady Barbara Bush to terminate her treatment for illness in place of 'comfort care' for her final days has caused a debate among medical professionals. Still, many experts praised her decision and called her 'brave.'

Healthy Living/Wellness April 17, 2018

George H.W. Bush Recovering After Neck Injury From Accident

Former President Gerge H.W. Bush fell in his Kennebunkport home and was taken to the Maine Medical Center in Portland. The 91-year-old broke a vertebrae but only needs braces and therapy to heal. He and his family are in good spirits.

Society July 18, 2015

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