Want To Lower Breast Cancer Risk? Eat Some Broccoli And Celery

Eating fair amounts of broccoli and celery was found to help reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially in women at the menopausal stage and those who have taken hormonal therapies.

Life September 15, 2015

Experts Warn Of Worst Coral Bleaching In Hawaii

Experts warn that continuously rising ocean temperatures may eventually lead to a coral bleaching event close to the last recorded incident that led to mass bleaching. The economy of Hawaii, which depends on tourism, may decline if coral bleaching worsens. Officials ask that sightings be reported.

Earth/Environment September 14, 2015

Don't Forget To Drink Red Wine And Eat Dark Chocolate To Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Red wine and dark chocolate are good sources of resveratrol, which was recently found to have potentially beneficial effects that fight against Alzheimer's disease.

Life September 14, 2015

12-Year-Old Girl Beats Einstein And Hawkings Test Scores On Mensa IQ Test

A 12-year-old Indian girl from Essex got a perfect score in this year’s Mensa Cattell III B paper, higher than Einstein or Hawking did. She started talking at six months, has been playing the violin since four and has read all seven HP books three times.

September 14, 2015

Experts Recommend More Aggressive High Blood Pressure Guidelines And Treatment

Medical experts debate on the necessity of increasing medication in order to lower patients' high blood pressure.

Life September 12, 2015

Experts Worry How Aliens Would React If We Send Them A Computer Virus

Experts are debating whether or not to make ourselves known to aliens, by sending out a message into space. How we will say what we want to say is also splitting a group of scientists into two. Scientists note the importance of being very careful in sending out a message to ET, as complex messages might create computer viruses and put Earth’s computer system at risk.

Space September 12, 2015

Longer Lunch Periods Better For Kids, Says Study

New study found that kids who take their school lunch in 20 minutes or less, consume less entrées, vegetables or milk. The researchers emphasize the importance of giving ample time for students to eat their meals, to gain just the right amount of nutrition they need for school.

Life September 12, 2015

Diabetes Drug Rosiglitazone Could Increase Risk Of Bone Fracture

The anti-diabetic drug rosiglitazone has previously been reported to be associated with heart attack and death. A new study revealed that it also causes a high risk of bone fracture due to high fat deposits from the blood to the bone.

Life September 11, 2015

Researchers Identify Biomarker That Could Play A Key Role In Migraines

Researchers found a distinction in blood samples of women who experience migraines from those who do not. Lipid levels tell if a woman is likely to get migraines, and provide further insight into better diagnosing and treating patients.

Life September 11, 2015

Scientists Want To 'Resurrect' 30,000 Year-Old Giant Virus Found Frozen In Siberia

Scientists discovered a giant prehistoric virus frozen in Siberian permafrost. This is the second prehistoric virus discovered by the same team and the fourth overall since 2003. Resembling human pathogens, the virus could pose a threat to humans and animals if unleashed. The researchers are still assessing whether it could be infectious or not.

Life September 11, 2015

Researchers Develop 'Smart Bandage' That Speeds Up Healing By Sucking Out Bacteria

Researchers are developing a new type of bandage that will serve the purpose of not only protecting wounds against further infection, but also sucking bacteria right out of wounds. This will quicken the repair process, especially among people whose wounds don’t easily heal.

Life September 10, 2015

GSK Breo Lung Drug Fails To Extend Life Of Patients In Trials

The respiratory disease drug Breo manufactured by GSK failed to produce expected results in prolonging the life of COPD patients in its latest large-scale study.

Life September 10, 2015

Penguin Mates Often Have Long Distance Relationships Scientists Say

Scientists followed southern rockhopper penguins and found that the species are a monogamous kind, going back to the same mate after a long period and distance away from each other to build a family.

Earth/Environment September 10, 2015

Expressing Your Love Online? Email And Social Media Can Influence Romance

Scientists have conducted an experiment among college-age students to compare the effects of expressing love through email and voicemail. Contrary to popular thought, voicemail is not as intimate as email.

September 10, 2015

NASA Concerned Rising Seas Could Affect Rocket Launch Sites

Scientists say warming ocean, melting polar ice and rising sea levels are posing a great threat to NASA’s space facilities which are situated near the coastlines of US.

Earth/Environment September 9, 2015

Cigarette-Quitting Drug Champix Not Linked To Depression And Heart Attacks: Study

Scientists followed a huge number of people quitting smoking who used the nicotine-cessation treatment varenicline, and found that, contrary to previous thought, the drug does not appear to lead to depression, heart attacks or self-harm.

Culture September 9, 2015

Blood Test Can Determine Biological Age Of Human Body

Especially for the elderly, a simple blood test can now foresee illnesses even before signs and symptoms occur, and even predict when a person will die, opening opportunities to better improve management of aging and anti-aging treatments.

Life September 9, 2015

2015 May Be Hottest Year On Record Scientists Say

Experts recorded July 2015 to be the warmest month of the year since 1880. The two mentioned influences to the continuously warming temperature of the planet are El Niño and heat-trapping greenhouse gases. It is likely that 2015 will turn out warmer than the currently recorded warmest year 2014.

Earth/Environment September 9, 2015

Legionnaires' Disease Cases On The Rise: Experts Identify Possible Causes Of Outbreaks

Investigations are being conducted due to the current widespread outbreak of Legionnaires’ across the US. Experts cannot pinpoint an exact cause of the outbreak but highlight risk factors like age, better diagnostics, increased awareness of the disease and environmental factors.

Life September 7, 2015

Boeing To Build Starliner Spacecraft To Bring Astronauts To ISS

Boeing has revealed plans for its new CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, which will take astronauts to and from the ISS. It is also in the midst of constructing its access tower.

September 7, 2015

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