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Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Modem Hits The Market, Shooting For Gigabit Speeds Over Wi-Fi

Comcast's xFi Advanced Gateway is now available nationwide in all markets where Xfinity broadband is available. The xFi Advanced Gateway promises power and simplicity, aiming to deliver Gigabit speeds over Wi-Fi.

Internet December 6, 2017

Google Gigabit Internet Can Finally Roll Out In Nashville Following Final Approval Of Metro Council

Google registered another victory in Nashville, where the Metro Council gave a voice vote for the passing of a new law that would allow for the quick deployment of Google Fiber on its utility poles. AT&T and Comcast are displeased with the law, and might attack it in court.

Google September 21, 2016

Google Fiber Acquires High-Speed ISP Webpass: Why This Is A Good Move

Google Fiber has entered into an agreement to acquire San Francisco-based internet service provider Webpass. Better access to five major U.S. markets comes with the deal.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Comcast Rolls Out Gigabit Internet Service To Nashville: Here's The Deal

Comcast announced that its Gigabit Internet service will soon be live in Nashville. Residents of the city can opt between a few payment plans, and they all come with dazzling broadband speeds and high data caps.

Internet June 7, 2016

Comcast Brings Gigabit Internet To Atlanta: $70 A Month For Three Years Without Data Cap

Comcast is rolling out Gigabit Internet to Atlanta at a promotional price of $70 per month on a three-year contract. Customers can choose to avail the service without being tied to a contract, but there's a catch.

Internet March 16, 2016

Google Fiber Reaching San Francisco, But Here's The Deal

Google announced that it plans to bring ultra-fast Internet speeds to San Francisco. Google Fiber should provide 10 times faster speeds than common connections, but only some of The Bay’s residents will get it.

Internet February 25, 2016

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet Taps Municipal Broadband Network In Huntsville, Alabama

Google Fiber scored an agreement with Huntsville, Alabama, to bring its gigabit Internet onto the municipal broadband network. The service should roll out by mid-2017, but it may take a while longer to become available throughout the entire city.

Internet February 23, 2016

Google Fiber Wins Another Round In Battle With Time Warner Cable And AT&T

Time Warner Cable and AT&T tried to prevent Google Fiber from crossing their turf, forming an alliance to throw legal hurdles Google's way. The scheme failed, however, and Google Fiber got the green light to expand its reach.

Internet February 18, 2016

Comcast Announces Gigabit Internet Service For Five New Cities

Comcast will be launching its Gigabit Internet service in five cities this year. The service will provide Internet speeds of 1,000 Mbps to customers, which would allow for an HD movie to be downloaded in just 7 seconds.

Internet February 3, 2016

Starry Internet Is Disrupting Broadband With Affordable Gigabit Internet

A company called Starry Internet has announced a new offering that uses millimeter wave technology to blanket a user's home in Gigabit Internet.

Internet January 27, 2016

Google Fiber Goes To Silicon Valley, Sets Up Fiber Huts In San Jose

Google is coming closer to home with its gigabit Fiber internet service in San Jose. San Jose will be the first city in California to be fitted with Fiber following three other U.S. cities: Kansas, Austin and Provo.

Internet October 21, 2015

Comcast To Offer Gigabit Internet US-Wide By 2018

Comcast has announced that it is upgrading its network to be able to offer 1 Gbps Internet speeds to everyone within the company's current footprint by 2018.

Internet August 25, 2015

Gigabit Ethernet will bring big speed, smooth streaming and dynamite apps

With Internet speeds having spurred the technology that it has so far - hello, email and streaming video - what will Gigabit Ethernet-speed Internet bring? A report by Pew Research suggests that it will bring holograms, virtual reality and 'killer apps.'

Apps/Software October 9, 2014

AT&T bringing GigaPower Internet to Silicon Valley. Hello Google, Apple

AT&T is bringing its GigaPower fiber Internet service to the headquarters of Apple, otherwise known as the Silicon Valley. The place is also near Google’s headquarters.

Business Tech August 20, 2014

CenturyLink launches gigabit network, so watch out, Google

Internet consumers in Portland, Ore., will soon have more options. CenturyLink will roll out a gigabit network to compete with Google's fiber optic offering.

Internet August 5, 2014

Cox brings gigabit Internet speed to homes in select cities

Since Google Fiber, gigabit Internet has turned into the newest gold mine for Internet Service Providers, which can only mean great things for consumers.

Business Tech May 27, 2014

Watch out, Google Fiber! AT&T bringing gigabit Internet to 21 cities

Google Fiber may finally have some competition. AT&T announced it plans to bring gigabit Internet to 21 different metro areas while AT&T hopes to eventually expand its U-Verse and GigaPower gigabit Internet networks to 100 U.S. cities and municipalities.

Internet April 21, 2014

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