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Hubble Space Telescope Captures Image Of Massive Globular Cluster That Hosts 10-Billion-Year-Old Stars

Hubble's Wide-Field Camera 3 or the WFC3 instrument captured images of the massive globular cluster NGC 6139 that orbits the Milky Way galaxy. The star cluster hosts stars that formed as early as 10 billion years ago.

Space June 30, 2018

The Milky Way Has Swallowed A Dozen Galaxies, And It’s Eating A New One Right Now

After investigating several globular clusters at the halo of the Milky Way, researchers concluded that the galaxy has been gobbling up several large galaxies for billions of years. It’s even eating one up right now.

Space June 25, 2018

Supermassive Stars May Have Been Born Amid Globular Clusters

Supermassive stars could have polluted stars in ancient globular clusters, scientists proposed. The new research could open new insight into how the early Universe evolved.

Space June 22, 2018

Globular Clusters Not As Ancient As Previously Thought: These Star Clusters Formed About 4 Billion Years After Big Bang

Researchers used BPASS models to study binary star systems believed to be as old as their host clusters. Findings showed globular clusters could be 4 billion years younger than previously thought.

Space June 20, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope Captures 12 Incredible Photos Of Messier Catalog Objects

Ten new galaxies and two globular clusters have been added into Charles Messier's catalog. Although the annual sky gazing marathon is already finished, these additions can be viewed until early April.

Space March 21, 2018

Gravitational Wave Astronomy - Has LIGO Launched A New Science?

The LIGO observatory has recorded gravitational waves for the second time. Could this be the beginning of a new branch of science?

Space June 16, 2016

Do Extraterrestrials Exist? Alien Life Could Thrive In Globular Star Clusters

The search for alien life has found a potential juncture at the globular star clusters found within the Milky Way galaxy. Astrophysicists believe that these old and densely-packed group of stars have the potential to be the cradle of advanced alien civilizations.

Space January 7, 2016

White Dwarf Exodus Pictured For First Time By Hubble - Where Are They Headed?

An exodus of white dwarf stars has been recorded by astronomers for the first time ever. What can this discovery tell us about stellar evolution?

Space May 15, 2015

Cluster of 100,000 stars speeding toward Earth. What should we do now?

Astronomers have discovered a globular cluster hurtling towards the Milky Way velocities in excess of two million MPH. The discovery marks the first time that scientists have found a runaway star cluster.

Space May 4, 2014

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