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Google Fiber To Focus On High-Speed Internet In Louisville And San Antonio: Sorry, No TV Package

Google Fiber will not offer TV packages once it launches in Louisville and San Antonio. The Alphabet division will instead focus on providing high-speed internet, as it struggles with the high costs of building out its network.

Google October 8, 2017

Alphabet's 'Other Bets' Start Making Higher Profits Amid Moon Shot Shutdowns

A number of Alphabet's moon shot projects are already paying off, posting improved performance in the fourth quarter of 2016. There are investors, however, who are not impressed, here's why.

Google January 27, 2017

Apple Rolls Out Single Sign-On Feature Via iOS 10.2, tvOS 10.1: Here's How To Use It

Apple's new Single sign-on feature will let users enter cable service account details once to automatically access TV apps thereafter. It is currently available in the United States and is supported by a growing list of cable providers.

Apple December 7, 2016

Glu To Let Users Stream Mobile Games, Take Downloads Out Of The Picture

Glu Mobile aims to revolutionize gaming by tapping future internet technology to stream gameplay. This eliminates the need to download titles on devices as it will work roughly similar to Netflix or Spotify.

Internet November 17, 2016

Alphabet Pauses Google Fiber Rollout: Here's A List Of Affected Cities

Alphabet unit Access has decided to pause the rollout of the high-speed internet service Google Fiber. Layoffs are also coming to the business, as a shift in focus is said to be on the way.

Google October 26, 2016

Google Gigabit Internet Can Finally Roll Out In Nashville Following Final Approval Of Metro Council

Google registered another victory in Nashville, where the Metro Council gave a voice vote for the passing of a new law that would allow for the quick deployment of Google Fiber on its utility poles. AT&T and Comcast are displeased with the law, and might attack it in court.

Google September 21, 2016

AT&T's Project AirGig Uses Power Lines To Deliver Ultra-Fast Wireless Broadband Internet

AT&T's AirGig uses plastic antennas attached to existing power infrastructure to create a network of super-fast Wi-Fi points. The antennas will not be directly connected to the power lines although they could be tapped for power through inductive physical principals.

Internet September 21, 2016

Nokia Reaches Internet Speeds 1,000 Times Faster Than Google's Fiber

Nokia claims to have achieved internet speeds of 1 Terabit per second. The speed is 1,000 times faster than the speed offered by Google Fiber in the U.S.

Internet September 20, 2016

Alphabet CEO Orders Google Fiber To Cut Costs: Report

Alphabet CEO Larry Page reportedly puts the pressure on the Google Fiber division because it costs too much and couldn't get enough people to sign up for the gigabit internet service.

Business Tech August 25, 2016

Google Fiber To Go Wireless? Underground Fiber Optic Cables Proving Too Expensive And Time-Consuming

The cost and time associated with installing underground fiber optic cables for Google Fiber have been slowing down the business. The service is now investigating wireless solutions to the problem.

Google August 15, 2016

Google Fiber Unveils New Data Plans Geared Toward Small Businesses

Google revealed three new data plans for Google Fiber that are geared toward small businesses. The data plans are the result of the company's decision to end the high-speed internet service's Early Access program.

Internet July 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants High-Speed Broadband Internet For Everyone In US By 2020

Hillary Clinton has set ambitious goals for the United States. She aims to have broadband internet speeds in all 50 American states, but that might be a tall order based on a report on the country's connection speeds.

Internet July 2, 2016

Google Fiber Acquires High-Speed ISP Webpass: Why This Is A Good Move

Google Fiber has entered into an agreement to acquire San Francisco-based internet service provider Webpass. Better access to five major U.S. markets comes with the deal.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Google Now Working With Dallas Officials To Bring High-Speed Fiber Internet Service Into The City

Dallas is the newest potential city for Google's high-speed Fiber internet service. The company is now working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and other city officials to bring Fiber into the city.

Google June 15, 2016

Google Considers Beaming High-Speed Internet To Homes Wirelessly, Says It's More Affordable Than Laying Cables

In a recent shareholders meeting, Google announced that their parent company, Alphabet, plans to bring the internet to homes through wireless means. The project will supposedly be cheaper than laying down cables throughout the country.

Internet June 9, 2016

Google Fiber TV Boxes To Turn Into Chromecasts: Here's The Deal

Google is rolling out an update that adds Cast support to Fiber TV boxes everywhere 'over the coming weeks.' Time to chuck out those Chromecasts?

Google June 2, 2016

Google Fiber Plans To Beam Wireless Broadband Internet Directly Into Homes

Google could take its Fiber broadband service to the next level by ditching the wires. In fact, the company plans to experiment with different wireless technologies to bring wireless broadband Internet access to customers in 'last mile' areas around the country.

Internet April 17, 2016

Free Google Fiber Option In Kansas Ends: Here's How Much You Need To Pay Now

The free tier of Google Fiber in Kansas City is no longer available, and as expected, it got replaced with another option.

Internet April 11, 2016

Google Launches Fiber Phone Service: $10 Per Month, Unlimited Nationwide Calling And Affordable International Rates

Google just introduced its Fiber Phone, a home phone service inspired by Google Voice. It now takes on traditional providers that are also offering ultra high-speed services.

Gadgets March 30, 2016

Google Fiber Victory Against AT&T And TWC May Be Short-Lived: AT&T Suing Louisville Metro Council

AT&T filed a lawsuit against the authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, over an ordinance that allows Google Fiber to expand quickly throughout the city. AT&T claims that the ordinance defies the law and allows Google to cause disruption in existing services.

Legal February 27, 2016

Google Fiber Reaching San Francisco, But Here's The Deal

Google announced that it plans to bring ultra-fast Internet speeds to San Francisco. Google Fiber should provide 10 times faster speeds than common connections, but only some of The Bay’s residents will get it.

Internet February 25, 2016

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet Taps Municipal Broadband Network In Huntsville, Alabama

Google Fiber scored an agreement with Huntsville, Alabama, to bring its gigabit Internet onto the municipal broadband network. The service should roll out by mid-2017, but it may take a while longer to become available throughout the entire city.

Internet February 23, 2016

Google Accused Of Causing Damage During Fiber Installation In Austin, Texas

The installation of Google Fiber in Austin, Texas is causing damage and interruption, according to residents in the area.

Society February 23, 2016

Google Fiber Wins Another Round In Battle With Time Warner Cable And AT&T

Time Warner Cable and AT&T tried to prevent Google Fiber from crossing their turf, forming an alliance to throw legal hurdles Google's way. The scheme failed, however, and Google Fiber got the green light to expand its reach.

Internet February 18, 2016

Google Fiber Rolls Out 1 Gbps Broadband Internet To Housing Projects For Free

Google launched a new program wherein it gives free 1 Gbps fiber to low-income families for free. So far, 100 of the planned 275,000 household deployments have been delivered.

Internet February 5, 2016

Google Fiber Phone Rolling Out For Testing, Bundling Google Voice Features

Rumors of Google Fiber Phone reached the media. The telecom service beta program could be just another sign that Google aims to directly compete with rivals from the cable industry that offer cable and phone packages.

Gadgets January 31, 2016

Verizon 5G Network Would Be As Fast As Google Fiber 1Gbps Internet Service: Report

Verizon's upcoming 5G network will offer Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, which is same as Google Fiber. Verizon is estimating to offer 5G services in 2017 in select regions.

Internet December 15, 2015

Google Fiber Exploring Bringing Internet Service To Chicago And Los Angeles

The company is laying the groundwork, gauging how it could deliver its high-speed Internet access to each city.

Internet December 8, 2015

Google Fiber Could Be Coming Soon To Jacksonville, Tampa And Oklahoma City

Google is eyeing three more cities to install its Google Fiber services in. It seems that Jacksonville, Tampa and Oklahoma City could be getting the high-speed Internet service soon.

Internet October 29, 2015

Google Fiber's Outage In Kansas City And Fox's Technical Difficulties Cause World Series To Go Dark

Google Fiber's outage struck first and caused local viewers in Kansas City to miss at least an hour of Game 1 of the World Series, before Fox experienced technical difficulties, which caused millions to be in the dark.

October 28, 2015

Google Fiber Goes To Silicon Valley, Sets Up Fiber Huts In San Jose

Google is coming closer to home with its gigabit Fiber internet service in San Jose. San Jose will be the first city in California to be fitted with Fiber following three other U.S. cities: Kansas, Austin and Provo.

Internet October 21, 2015

The City Of Chattanooga Is Now Offering 10 Gbps Internet

The city of Chattanooga has announced that it is set to offer Internet speeds of up to a massive 10 Gbps, putting the city in competition with the likes of Comcast and Google Fiber.

Internet October 18, 2015

Google Fiber To Expand To Louisville, Irvine And San Diego

Google has announced that Google Fiber is set to expand to Louisville, Ky. as well as Irvine and San Diego, Calif. The news follows announcements from the company that it will be expanding to San Antonio, Texas.

Internet September 10, 2015

Verizon Successfully Tests Super-Fast 10 Gbps Internet Technology

Verizon has successfully tested technology that could see data connections of up to a massive 10 Gbps. The company says it will begin investing in the infrastructure needed for this tech later this year and will initially target businesses.

Internet August 11, 2015

Google Fiber Makes Its Largest Expansion Yet With San Antonio

Google Fiber just finalized plans to expand its ultrafast internet services to San Antonio's 1.4 million-resident market.

Internet August 6, 2015

Google Fiber Heads To San Antonio, Where Everything Is Bigger And Where Internet Will Be (A Lot) Faster

San Antonio is Google Fiber's biggest target so far with about 1.4 million residents. Google Fiber will soon enter the design phase in the development of the network of fiber optic cables for the city.

Internet August 6, 2015

Google Fiber To Bring Free Internet To Public Housing Projects Across The U.S.

Google wants to bring its Fiber Internet service to households in public and affordable housing locations. The company has partnered with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and aims to roll out the service to every Fiber market.

Internet July 16, 2015

Comcast's Gigabit Pro Is Fast But It Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

Comcast is doubling Google's gigabit Internet offer, but it is jacking up the price of its service so high that paying for it seems ridiculous.

Internet July 14, 2015

Got Google Fiber And Downloaded Illegal Content? You Might Be Receiving Notice For Piracy Fines

Google Fiber is sending out copyright infringement notices to subscribers. The notices also serve as automated fines and propose that subscribers make settlements that range from $20 to $300.

Internet May 21, 2015

Google Wireless Service To Launch As Early As April 22: Report

Verizon and AT&T had best watch their backs with Google all set to officially unveil its wireless service on Wednesday.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 22, 2015

Time Warner Cable Boosts Internet Speed In Charlotte: Why? Google Fiber

Time Warner announced that it is launching its next-generation Maxx television and broadband service in Charlotte, North Carolina. The new service promises to bring Internet speeds of up to six times faster.

Internet April 14, 2015

Could Comcast's 2 Gbps Internet Service Spark Competition?

Comcast has announced a 2 Gbps Internet service, which is two times as fast as Google's Gigabit Internet offering. Could this spark serious competition in the market in the way that many are hoping for?

Internet April 2, 2015

Why Comcast's New 2-Gigabit Broadband Service Won't Worry Google Much

Comcast will launch a new 2-Gbps fiber optic broadband service in Atlanta next month called Gigabit Pro. That's double the speed of Google Fiber, but the move could still work in Google's favor.

Internet April 2, 2015

Google Fiber Is Expanding — Here's What That Means

Google has announced yet another city for Google Fiber to reach, suggesting that the service is expanding faster and faster. This is likely to have a significant impact on the industry.

Internet March 24, 2015

MWC 2015: Google Announces Wireless Carrier Plans By Becoming A 'Mobile Virtual Network Operator'

The SEO juggernaut better known as Google will be developing its own wireless carrier service. It made the announcement at the Mobile World Congress.

Internet March 2, 2015

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