That time when deciding which airline to fly and what stops are acceptable just got a bit more complex, now that Google and RouteHappy have teamed up to point out which spots offer what amenities.

Google Flights will now benefit from the application programming interface (API) of Scores and Happiness Factors offered by RouteHappy, a company that runs a comparison tools for air travel. The Google Flights and RouteHappy integration is worldwide, available to air travelers across all geographic regions.

"We know people are looking for more information about the flights they're taking before they buy, so integrating Routehappy Happiness Factors is a great addition to Google Flights," says Gianni Marostica, Google's director of business development for Travel. "Now even more people have access to comprehensive flight amenity data and useful flight search information,"

Air travelers now have the options to filter flights by options that include in-seat power, roomy seats, in-flight Wi-Fi, "nicer planes," high-flyer rating and "best entertainment."

Google Flights continues to innovate flight search in new and meaningful ways, including blazing fast searches and comprehensive information on the available amenities, says Routehappy CEO Robert Albert.

"Air travel has never been more differentiated, with airlines investing billions of dollars in their products and fundamentally changing how they sell flights. Airlines and distributors need data, content, and tools to manage their product differentiation," says Albert.

Google Flights is meant to serve as a decision making tool and isn't actually used for booking flights. Instead, the tool provides users with actionable data by presenting them with a mix of the cheapest fares and the most convenient trips, according to a February 2014 post from Eric Zimmerman, a product manager for Google Flights.

"We all love a good deal, but when it comes to choosing flights, cheaper doesn't always win-and no wonder, when sometimes that means two connections instead of none," Zimmerman said. "On Google Flights, the vast majority of people choose one of the Best flights-considered to be flights that are the best combination of price and convenience."

Google Flights is one of the many ways the company expands into new territory. Earlier this month, Google's insurance comparison tool made its way back to this side of the pond, after its initial release in the U.K., and launched in California.

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