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California Will Require Solar Panels For New Homes

The state of California is prepared to vote on a mandate that will make solar panels a requirement for new homes. Once approved, builders will be required to meet the new standard to get a building permit.

Energy May 6, 2018

Google Taps DeepMind AI Power To Cut 40 Percent Off Energy Bill

Google’s DeepMind delved into saving the company both money and power as it optimized the cooling bill of one of its data centers. The details will be published and shared with the world later this year.

Google July 21, 2016

Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2016 With New Ad For Green Data Centers: iMessage Renewable Energy [Video]

Apple released a new advertisement, touting its green data centers in time for Earth Day 2016. The new ad showcased the company’s support to renewable energy and how users can show love every time they send an iMessage.

Apple April 22, 2016

Perovskite Solar Cells Raise Efficiency By Recycling Light

Solar cells could soon become far more efficent through the use of hybrid lead-halide perovskites. What is photon recycling, and how could it change the world?

March 30, 2016

Here Are The Best Green Buildings Around The World Today

More and more buildings started to feature eco-friendly technologies such as water recycling systems, solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines. We compiled the best examples of green buildings so you know who leads in today’s sustainability competition.

Earth/Environment December 28, 2015

Water Treatment Plant In DC Plans To Generate Energy From Human Waste

Washington D.C.'s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant plans to derive energy from a highly unusual source: human waste.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2015

What The Heck Is World Science Day? (And Why Should I Care?)

World Science Day is a real thing. Here's why you should care about it.

Energy November 10, 2015

Algae May Be Next Big Thing In Clean Energy Production

Scientists are looking forward to growing and harvesting algae that will allow them to extract a natural source of biofuel. Abundant, clean and easy to process, algae can produce energy for transportation equivalent to the energy in biofuel produced by crops that cover a land mass three times the U.S.

Energy August 18, 2015

Natural Gas Outranks Coal As Number One Power Source In The US

For the first time in history, natural gas is now the leading source of fuel to generate electricity in the U.S., but at what price?

Animals July 15, 2015

These Tiny Liquid Metal Motors Could Provide A Simple Source Of Hydrogen Power

In addition to being fun to watch as they zip around a petri dish, these tiny metal motors could one day contribute to the production of hydrogen power for cars and other machines. The motors are 'self-powered' because the hydrogen bubbles coming out of the rear propel them forward.

July 2, 2015

Bad Weather Forces Solar Impulse To Land In Japan

The solar-powered plane on its way to circumnavigate the world is in a holding pattern in Japan due to deteriorating weather conditions.

Business June 1, 2015

Tesla Powerwall Unveiled: Is This Really The Energy Of The Future?

Tesla has finally unveiled its home battery solution, called the Powerwall, which is aimed at allowing users to more effectively store energy. Does it represent the way of the future?

FUTURE TECH May 2, 2015

Cambridge Researchers Design And Build Bus Shelter Powered By Plants

By using plant walls and solar panels, researchers from Cambridge University were able to produce electricity that could power up 'the greenest bus shelter.'

Energy March 7, 2015

Greener Alternatives May Not Actually Be Green

Eco-friendly alternatives may not be so friendly to the environment after all, depending on where they are used, a new study reveals.

Earth/Environment March 4, 2015

Apple Will Tap Renewable Energy To Power New Data Centers In Europe

Apple, Inc. plans on building two data centers in central Europe that would be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Business February 23, 2015

Bionic Leaf Can Convert Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel: Better Than Solar Cells?

A new bionic leaf, inspired by nature, can create fuel. The new energy approach may prove more popular than solar cells, which have not caught fire in the consumer realm.

Energy February 14, 2015

State of the Union: Science and Health Points Mentioned (And Those That Weren't)

President Obama made few mentions of science and health in his recent State of the Union Address. What goals did the Chief Executive outline?

Space January 21, 2015

Nanotextures Inspired by Moth Eyes Prevent Reflection for Better Solar Panels

Solar cells are more efficient when they reflect less light, a quality usually improved with coatings. A new self-assembling copolymer can now layer cells, improving performance.

January 21, 2015

How Your Blu-Ray Discs Could Improve Solar Cells

Blu-Ray discs can be used to make solar cells more efficient, according to new research from Northwestern University.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2014

EU strikes ambitious 'deal' to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030

European Union leaders agreed at a summit in Brussels to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 40 percent come 2030. The pact also targets for an increase in EU's use of cleaner and more efficient energy.

Earth/Environment October 25, 2014

It recharges and runs on solar energy: Meet the newest battery

A new technology combines a novel solar cell with a battery. But how does the system work?

October 3, 2014

Scientists produce propane using E. coli bacteria. Smelly but green energy

Scientists have come up with a technique to produce renewable propane using E.coli bacteria. The green fuel may potentially replace limited sources of fuel.

Earth/Environment September 3, 2014

Japan boosts subsidy to drive 'green' car sales

Japan has boosted subsidies for energy efficient 'green' vehicles in attempt to get more consumers to purchase them. This includes building supply stations for the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.

FUTURE TECH July 24, 2014

Researchers watch 'molecular-movie' of water-splitting process in photosynthesis

Researchers use powerful laser to watch photosynthesis in action. Work could be a step on the way to engineering artificial photosynthesis, they say.

Energy July 11, 2014

Solar power without sunshine? MIT, Harvard scientists made it possible!

Solar facilities can still be a source of power even when the sun is not shining, thanks to a new "wonder" material developed by U.S. researchers.

Energy April 15, 2014

Desert-friendly crops grown on solar energy farms could yield 'win-win' energy solution

Biofuel crops planted within solar energy farms could bring 'two-for-the-price-of-one' energy bounty.

Energy April 12, 2014

Future rockets could be powered by high-energy biofuel from engineered bacteria

Scientists are using tree enzymes to modify bacteria in the search for alternate high-energy fuels for aerospace uses.

Energy March 29, 2014

Siemens invests $264 mn in UK wind turbine production and installation facilities

A new investment has given high hopes to a local economy beset by high unemployment rate that in turn has been brought about by recession in the UK.

Business March 25, 2014

Harvesting solar energy from Earth's infrared radiation? Possible!

Harvard physicists believe it is possible to build a type of solar cell that would work at night. If it proves practical, this idea could revolutionize the energy industry.

Energy March 5, 2014

New catalyst transforms CO2 to methanol: Solution to energy problem?

A new catalyst could make methanol the fuel of the future. The development could also affect several other products.

Energy March 4, 2014

Hydrogen-producing artificial leaf may soon end our search for cheap hydrogen

By looking at how photosynthesis occurs in plants, scientists have identified why the process is so efficient. This small change could revolutionize renewable energy.

Energy February 20, 2014

Plastic shopping bags to diesel fuel? Possible, say scientists

Plastic bags are filling up landfills, choking animals and forming islands in the oceans. Wouldn't it be nice if they could be used to power our homes and automobiles? That is now possible. Here's how its done.

Energy February 14, 2014

Facebook data center in Iowa to be powered by wind

Environmental activists might give Facebook a big thumbs up as the social media company will open another datacenter in 2015 that will operate purely using wind power.

FUTURE TECH November 15, 2013

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