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Taking Dietary Supplements Could Have Bad Effect On Health Of Teens

A study led by researchers from Harvard linked dietary supplements to severe medical outcomes, including hospitalization and death. Pills that promise teens weight loss or muscle building were found to raise the risk of severe medical outcomes.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2019

Marijuana Use May Cause Sperm Count To Rise According To Harvard Research

Researchers investigated the effects of marijuana on fertility, particularly in a man's sperm count. They found that those who had smoked pot have a higher sperm concentration per ejaculate than those who never had the substance at all.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 7, 2019

Harvard Scientists Say Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Object 'Oumuamua May Have Been Alien Spacecraft

A study argued that 'Oumuamua might have been a debris from an advanced alien technology or a space probe to check out the solar system. Scientists said that an artificial origin could explain why the interstellar object is so strange.

Space November 8, 2018

Researches On Voodoo Dolls And Roller Coaster For Kidney Stones Among Winners Of 2018 Ig Nobel Prize

This year's Ig Nobel Prize winners have been announced and honored at a ceremony at Harvard. The Nobel Prize parody celebrated the funniest and strangest researches of the year.

Feature | Science September 15, 2018

Sperm Count Using Your Smartphone? How About Trying These Weird Fertility Customs Around The World

Similar to home kits available to women to detect pregnancy, a smartphone app with 97 percent accuracy has been developed to test fertility in men. Technology apart, fertility rituals in many cultures are boosting fertility in their own way.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 24, 2017

Solar Geoengineering Aerosol May Be Able To Cool Earth, Fix Ozone Layer: Harvard Study

To control the faster warming of Earth, merely reducing greenhouse gases will not work. One more way is stratospheric cooling by using light-reflecting aerosols, according to a new study by Harvard researchers who are offering a risk-free aerosol application that will not hurt the ozone layer.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

FBI, NSA Don’t Need Computer Backdoors To Spy On You, They Can Just Hack Your Refrigerator: Report

A new study says that Federal agencies don't necessarily need computer backdoors to spy on their targets. Instead, Internet-connected devices could offer them an array of options to trace suspects.

Internet February 3, 2016

Myth Busters, Harvard Edition: Harvard Study Makes Compelling Argument On Encryption And 'Going Dark' Government Fears

A Harvard study showed that the government’s fears about terrorists and criminals going off the radar are unfounded. The report, to which prominent security experts contributed, explained that we are actually heading toward a less encrypted, easy-to-surveil world.

Apps/Software February 2, 2016

Harvard Scientists Design Robotic Ocean Floor Recovery Fingers For A Softer Pickup

Researchers at Harvard have come up with a set of robotic hands that can pick up fragile specimens from the ocean floor for marine biologists to observe, all without the danger of breaking the objects they're attempting to recover.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2016

Larry Lessig Drops Out Of Presidential Race, Says 'Democrats Have Changed The Rules'

Lawrence Lessig, Harvard proessor and founder of Creative Commons, has dropped out of the presidential race, citing a takedown led by the DNC.

Society November 2, 2015

'Earthquakes' In Your Brain Could Help Doctors Diagnose Illness

Seismology is a new key in studying brain tumors and other illnesses.

October 6, 2015

Sponges May Be A Secret Weapon Against Leukemia

Harvard scientists isolate a sea sponge molecule that may help in the battle against cancer.

Life September 28, 2015

Natalie Portman Talks About Risks, Limitations, And Self-Doubt In Harvard Commencement Speech [Video]

Natalie Portman's Commencement Speech at Harvard.

Internet Culture May 28, 2015

Harvard Professor Apologizes for Social Rant on Chinese Take-Out Overcharge

A Harvard Business professor is apologizing after declaring all-out war with a small Boston restaurant that overcharged him by $4 on a $57 order. But the spicy email exchanges have already gone viral.

Society December 10, 2014

Want to build a robot? Harvard gives you the Soft Robotics Toolkit

Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin have teamed up to bring robotics enthusiasts the Soft Robotics Toolkit, a website resource to get novices and professionals off the ground on their own robotic builds and projects.

Geek September 27, 2014

Soft but hardy: Harvard’s robot withstands snow, fire and getting run over by a car

Researchers at Harvard build a soft robot that is untethered and able to handle extreme situations. The silicon robot will be used for search and rescue missions in the future.

Robotics September 15, 2014

Harvard receives $350 million donation from Morningside Foundation

It’s a gift and it’s big. Morningside Foundation donation of $350 million warmly accepted by Harvard officials; bolsters the university’s fundraising efforts.

Life September 8, 2014

Harvard scientists create robot army that can self-assemble

A group of Harvard scientists create a swarm of over 1,000 small robots that can communicate and work with each other, making them capable of achieving a singular task.

Geek August 14, 2014

Harvard assembles massive self-organizing robot army

Swarm of tiny robots can talk to each other, cooperate to accomplish tasks, researchers say. Swarm can mimic similar behaviors seen in nature, they say.

Robotics August 14, 2014

Flexible Click-e-bricks may shape future of robotics

A team of scientists from Harvard has developed click-e-bricks that could be used to create soft robots. The bricks are used just the same as the Lego kits.

FUTURE TECH August 12, 2014

How origami can be used to unfold the future

"Origami robot" developed that can unfold itself from a flat configuration and then carry out tasks. Harvard and MIT researchers envision many uses for the technology.

Robotics August 7, 2014

Alone with our thoughts or electric shock? Most would rather shock themselves, study says

Results of new study reveal that apparently sitting and thinking is so much of a challenge that we’re willing to give ourselves electric shocks just to make things interesting.

Life July 4, 2014

Red meat, moles linked to breast cancer, studies warn

Higher red meat intake and a larger number of moles both may be associated with increased risks of breast cancer in women, according to three different studies. While biological causation was not found, there were significant associations in the studies.

Life June 12, 2014

Harvard scientists discovered hemihelix, a rare shape, using rubber bands

A strange shape has been found by Harvard researchers, using rubber bands. What kept this simple discovery from science for so long?

Animals April 26, 2014

Hello, hemihelix: Scientists stumble upon a new shape during experiment

Researchers from Harvard have discovered a new type of shape while experimenting with rubber bands. The new shape, called a 'hemihelix,' is said to be uncommon in the natural world, unlike other types of helixes.

April 25, 2014

Rubidium atom and lasers bring scientists a step closer to quantum computers

Scientists from the MIT and Harvard have come up with a new way of connecting particles using rubidium atoms and a lattice of light. The new findings could spur the development of quantum computers.

FUTURE TECH April 10, 2014

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