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Robotic Shorts Help You Run, Walk Longer Without Getting Tired

Is it the birth of superhero suits? Engineers have designed an exosuit that can boost the wearer's endurance, allowing them to run and walk without tiring out.

Wearable Tech August 16, 2019

MIT, Harvard Scientists Create Origami-Inspired Robot Flytrap: Here's What It Can Do

Researchers from Harvard and MIT developed a robotic hand that can pick up a wide array of objects. Once it has overcome some limitations, the origami-shaped hand has the potential to be used in a variety of ways.

Robotics March 14, 2019

Harvard Researchers Develop Special Printer That Uses Sound To Print With Tiny Droplets

Harvard University researchers found a way to use sound waves to manipulate and control high-viscous liquids such as honey and stem cell inks. The new technology will enable manufacturing of more products in many different industries.

September 3, 2018

Coconut Oil Not Healthy For You: Harvard Professor Says It's 'Pure Poison'

A 50-minute German lecture focused on the claim that coconut oil is not healthy has gone viral. Harvard professor Karin Michels described coconut oil as 'pure poison,' and that it 'is one of the worst foods you can eat.'

Healthy Living/Wellness August 22, 2018

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Tells Harvard Graduates To 'Create A World Where Everyone Has A Sense Of Purpose'

In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s speech for this year’s Harvard University graduates, he urged them to create a world where everyone has a purpose. Here are three ways that can be achieved, according to him.

Internet May 26, 2017

Sunlight-Bottling Bionic Leaf Can Create Fertilizer And Boost Food Supply

Harvard researchers may have found a way to end world hunger through their bionic leaf, which produces cheap fertilizer potent enough to make crops grow 1.5 times bigger. Read on to see how the invention works!

Material Science April 5, 2017

Harvard Taps Mark Zuckerberg To Deliver 2017 Commencement Speech

Harvard has confirmed that Mark Zuckerberg is set to address the university's 2017 commencement. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard some years ago to focus on Facebook.

Internet March 7, 2017

Harvard Physicists Say Hydrogen Finally Turns Into Metal, But Not Everyone Is Convinced

Squeezed between two pieces of man-made diamond in the laboratory, hydrogen has finally been transformed into a metallic form that is believed to exist inside planets such as Jupiter, Harvard physicists announce. Some scientists, however, remain skeptical.

Material Science January 27, 2017

Customizable Soft Robot Fits Around Heart To Help It Beat

A customizable soft robot has been jointly developed by Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital to support heart patients and improve heartbeat, working with a silicon sleeve fit around the organ to function like artificial muscles.

Biotech January 20, 2017

Harvard Researchers Build World's Smallest Radio Receiver

Engineers at Harvard have developed a tiny radio receiver using atom-sized defects in pink diamonds. This new device is highly durable and biocompatible, which means it can be used in space and even inside the human body.

Material Science December 20, 2016

Harvard Researchers Develop Quick And Cheap Test For Zika Virus

Harvard researchers developed a paper-based diagnostic test for Zika that is hoped to be a quick, portable and accurate way to detect the disease. Health officials previously established a definite link between the Zika virus and microcephaly.

Public Health June 6, 2016

Harvard 3D Printer Uses Lasers To Make Self-Supporting Metal Structures In Mid-air

A 3D printer uses lasers to create metallic objects in mid-air.

Gadgets May 17, 2016

Harvard, Monsanto Scientists Create New Technology Against GMO-resistant Agricultural Pests

Experts from Harvard University and Monsanto Co. have achieved a breakthrough technology that could be used against GMO-resistant agricultural pests. The technology allows a specific protein to rapidly evolve.

Earth/Environment April 29, 2016

Stephen Hawking Explains Black Holes: They Aren't As Black As You Think

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking discussed the nature of black holes and the concern about the information paradox to students and faculty members of Harvard University. He explained that black holes are not exactly the inescapable vacuums in space that they were first thought to be.

Space April 20, 2016

Harvard Dedicates Plaque For Slaves Who Worked At School Centuries Ago

To honor the four slaves who worked at the Harvard University in the 1700s, the school unveiled a plaque on April 6 to acknowledge the presence and role of racial bondage in its history.

Society April 8, 2016

New Smart Window Can Turn Opaque With Flick Of A Switch

An innovative, cheap tunable window that can turn opaque or clear with the flick of a switch has been developed by scientists from Harvard University. The window's mechanism relies on physical phenomenon.

March 17, 2016

Harvard Researchers Develop 3D Material That Bends And Folds Under Its Own Power

A new 3D material could be utilized to build everything from surgical supplies to surgical arenas. How does this work?

March 12, 2016

Graphene That Behaves Like Water Can Pave Way For Chips That Can Model Black Hole, Supernova Behaviors

Researchers used high-purity graphene and observed for the first time that its charged particles behave like liquid with relativistic properties. This discovery holds promise for thermoelectric devices as well as for studying the behavior of black holes and celestial bodies.

February 16, 2016

FBI, NSA Don’t Need Computer Backdoors To Spy On You, They Can Just Hack Your Refrigerator: Report

A new study says that Federal agencies don't necessarily need computer backdoors to spy on their targets. Instead, Internet-connected devices could offer them an array of options to trace suspects.

Internet February 3, 2016

Buh-bye Insulin Injections? Encapsulated Pancreatic Cells Could Cure Diabetes For Up To Six Months

Researchers from MIT, Harvard University and other scientific organizations have developed a new technology that would allow insulin-producing beta cells to be implanted into the body. The device effectively protects these cells from immune system attacks.

Life January 27, 2016

Harvard To Develop AI That Works As Fast As Human Brain

American researchers will soon develop AI systems intended to match or even outperform the human brain. The ambitious project will create better computer algorithms to come up with a detailed 3D neural map.

FUTURE TECH January 27, 2016

No, Spider-Man Can’t Do Everything A Spider Can

A Harvard researcher has shown that there’s actually not a lot of spider in Spider-Man. This further disproved (in case anyone still believes) the plausibility of animal characteristics being transferred with a bite.

Geek December 12, 2015

Defaced Portraits Of Black Faculty At Harvard Being Investigated As A Hate Crime

Harvard Law School is faced with a racist act just a day after its students of color joined a protest against racism. Dean Martha Minnow calls for a community meeting to discuss the seriousness of the issue

Internet Culture November 21, 2015

Why Do Humans Exist? Harvard Physicist Proposes New Theory

Leading Harvard physicist Lisa Randall proposed a new theory that could explain why humans had emerged as a species after the extinction of dinosaurs. In her book, Randall said a hypothetical dark disk of matter may have been the reason.

Space November 15, 2015

Harvard's Robobees Can Now Swim, Unlike Real Bees

Harvard's Robobees are pretty amazing inventions, and now, they're even better, having a skill that real bees lack — swimming. The bees still, however, have to be connected to a power source in order to do so.

Gadgets October 5, 2015

Researchers Call For Global Investment In Radiotherapy And Safer Cancer Surgery

Researchers in the United Kingdom and the United States call for greater investment in safer cancer surgery and radiotherapy in order to make both services more accessible to patients, particularly those in low and middle income countries.

Life September 29, 2015

No More Superbugs: Researchers Develop Method To Kill Harmful Bacteria Without Antibiotics

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have developed a new antibacterial technology that can eliminate specific types of deadly bacteria without the use of antibiotics.

Life June 30, 2015

Tiny Organs-On-Chips Could Be Big Solution To End Animal Testing

Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed new smart microchips that can mimic the functions of organs in the human body. Experts believe this new technology, called organs-on-chips, can serve as an ideal alternative for testing drugs and cosmetics with the use of animal models.

June 27, 2015

Google Genomics Partners With Broad Institute To Offer Genome Analysis Toolkit On Cloud Platform

Google has teamed up with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to offer valuable solutions for storing, analyzing, and managing genomic sequencing data. This partnership brings a Genome Analysis Toolkit to Google Cloud Platform, as part of Google Genomics.

Business June 24, 2015

Lightweight Robotic Glove Could Improve The Lives Of Over 6 Million Americans

A lightweight robotic glove developed by a Harvard lab is poised to improve the lives of millions of people who have difficulty using their hands to pick up objects.

Wearable Tech June 17, 2015

Forget Master Chef, Chimps Can Cook ... If Given The Right Tools

In a series of experiments conducted by scientists from Harvard University and Yale University, chimpanzees have shown the ability to understand the concept behind cooking food. They were able to cook their own food through the use of simple cooking devices and even saved some of their food for future cooking.

Earth/Environment June 3, 2015

Typical US Diet Could Spell Disaster For Survivors Of Prostate Cancer

Scientists from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health have discovered that men with prostate cancer who consume more processed meat and fat in their diet are two-and-a-half-times more likely to die from causes related to their illness compared to patients who ate more healthily.

Life June 2, 2015

Scientists May Be Inching Closer And Closer To Resurrecting Woolly Mammoth

Scientists at the Harvard Universty are a step closer in bringing back to life the woolly mammoth. The last species of the woolly mammoth is believed to have become extinct about 4,000 years ago.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2015

Sea Level Rise Is at Its Most Severe: Harvard Study

Changes in sea levels since 1993 are greater than any time in the last century, according to a new study. How severe is the problem?

Earth/Environment January 14, 2015

Harvard Law School Violated Title IX, Agrees to Revise Sexual Harrassment Policy

Department of Education investigation of school over its handling of sexual harassment complaints found it in violation of federal guidelines. Harvard Law has agreed to update it policies.

Society December 30, 2014

Harvard Researchers Develop Lightweight, Low-cost Alternative to Paint

A new alternative to paint can be used on smooth, rough and flexible surfaces. The ultra-thin coating distributes reflected light and makes it appear as color to human eyes.

December 26, 2014

Heatwaves Linked to Increased Hospitalization for Seniors

Senior citizens are in danger from a wide range of health problems as temperatures rise, a new study reveals.

Life December 24, 2014

3D Vaccines Developed That Can Fight Cancer

New 3D vaccines could be used to treat cancer, HIV, and other diseases. How does this revolutionary treatment work?

Life December 9, 2014

Harvard secretly photographs its students, but was it really an invasion of privacy?

Harvard University revealed on Wednesday that it secretly photographed undergrads for a study on classroom attendance. Now the university has come under fire, but is what they did really wrong?

Feature November 6, 2014

Hundreds of Harvard students receive death threat emails

Harvard University police investigates death threat emails sent to several hundred students of Harvard. They plan to increase police presence on campus this weekend.

Society October 4, 2014

Scientists develop soft exoskeleton that fits like your jeans

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has designed a smart suit that aims to help military personnel perform their duties while decreasing injury risks. The Soft Exosuit will also be developed for civilians with limited mobility.

Science September 16, 2014

Scientists develop technique to record quantum behavior of electron

A new report by researchers from collaborating universities significantly contributes to the developing science on quantum computing and opens new possibilities for further research. Here’s what they discovered and developed.

Energy August 18, 2014

Watch what a flash mob of 1,000 tiny robots by Harvard can do

Scientists at the Harvard University have developed tiny robots called Kilobots which work as a mechanical flash mob. These robots are nearly the size of a penny.

FUTURE TECH August 18, 2014

This is what Apple University teaches: The Bull

Details about Apple's secret employee training program have been leaked. The company's design mantra was said to have come from Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "The Bull."

Arts & Culture August 14, 2014

Flexible Click-e-bricks may shape future of robotics

A team of scientists from Harvard has developed click-e-bricks that could be used to create soft robots. The bricks are used just the same as the Lego kits.

FUTURE TECH August 12, 2014

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