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Mattel Comes Up With A Barbie Hologram

Mattel is trying to keep up with the times by coming up with a toy that displays Barbie in a holographic effect. The toy will be making its launch this fall.

Gadgets February 19, 2017

Hello Barbie App Bugs Could Have Enabled Hackers To Spy On Children

The Hello Barbie app basically uses voice recognition to allow kids to have conversations with their dolls, however, it seems as though bugs in that app may have made it possible for hackers to spy on kids that use it.

Apps/Software December 4, 2015

Your Child’s Wi-Fi-Equipped Barbie Doll Can Be Hacked By Spies, Says Security Researcher

Before purchasing the new 'Hello Barbie' Wi-Fi-enabled doll, consider the possibilities of hackers gaining access to the doll and spying on your child.

Gadgets November 27, 2015

Hello Barbie Has A Creepy Feature But Don't Freak Out Yet [Video]

Privacy advocates seek to squash "eavesdropping Barbie." However, strengthening privacy legislation in general may be a more productive approach.

Society March 17, 2015

Talking Doll 'Hello Barbie' Draws Ire From Critics

"Downright creepy": the latest Barbie doll can hold a conversation — and let Mattel eavesdrop on kids, according to privacy advocates.

Business March 16, 2015

Hello Barbie: Mattel's Iconic Doll Will Now Don New Looks And Be Chatty To Kids

Mattel is bringing Barbie into the 21st century by connecting the toy to the Internet and giving it a voice. The doll will now be able to hold a conversation with users and get periodic updates through Wi-Fi.

Gadgets February 18, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: Barbie Gets An Internet Upgrade With Siri-Style Conversations

At Toy Fair 2015, Mattel revealed an Internet-connected version of the famous doll that will have 'real conversations with kids' using PullString technology via San Francisco startup ToyTalk.

Gadgets February 17, 2015

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