Google Chrome To Say Farewell To ‘Secure’ URL Label For HTTPS Websites

Google Chrome announced that it would remove a security feature in September. The web platform will automatically assume that HTTPS-powered websites are safe for internet users to enter.

Google May 19, 2018

Google Chrome Will Soon Mark HTTP Websites As 'Not Secure': Time To Switch To HTTPS?

Starting with Chrome 68, Google will blatantly mark all HTTP websites as 'not secure.' This should further push the owners of these websites to upgrade with HTTPS encryption, which provides protection against information interception and malware injection.

Google February 9, 2018

WordPress Turns On Encryption For All Hosted Websites And Blogs

WordPress flips the switch on encryption across every hosted website and blog, providing improved security for all users. The effort was possible thanks to the Let's Encrypt project.

Internet April 9, 2016

Google Transparency Report Reveals 95.5 Percent Of Mobile Traffic In North America Is Unencrypted

Google added in a new HTTPS segment to its Transparency Report to provide users information on the progress for a safer Internet. What's notable about it is how 95.5 percent of traffic from mobile devices in North America is unencrypted.

Internet March 16, 2016

Symantec Fires Staff For Issuing Rogue HTTPS Certificates To Google

Symantec took action regarding the security blunder. Google acted quickly to prevent any damage.

Internet September 23, 2015

Wikimedia Turns On HTTPS Encryption By Default For All Of Its Websites, Including Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation has turned on HTTPS encryption for all of its websites by default, ensuring that users can safely browse the web without fear of others spying on their activities. The decision may affect those with slower Internet connections, though, because HTTPS encryption takes up more bandwidth.

Internet June 12, 2015

One-Third Of Government Agencies Use HTTPS Encryption - That's About To Change

The White House has issued a directive for all federal agencies to implement HTTPS encryption on their websites. Over two-thirds of federal websites do not use HTTPS encryption, and the deadline to implement it is December 1, 2016.

Internet June 10, 2015

Mozilla Makes New Firefox Features Available Only To HTTPS Sites: Good Move But A Premature One

Mozilla is taking Internet security seriously with some bold steps that could prove a boon in gaining user base.

Geek May 3, 2015

Google favors encryption: HTTPS sites to get search ranking boost

Google is looking to boost the use of encrypted websites. And to do so, the search company is giving those websites a slight boost in its ranking algorithms.

Internet August 11, 2014

HTTPS encrypted websites to soar in Google search results: Weep, hackers, weep

Internet users will surely be seeing more websites with URLs that begin with HTTPS as Google now includes security as a factor in determining a website’s search ranking.

Internet August 10, 2014

Facebook shores up data security with PrivateCore buy

Instead of outsourcing security upgrades to start-up PrivateCore, Facebook has acquired the Palo Alto company. Facebook and PrivateCore envision a more connected and more secure world.

Deals August 8, 2014

Got HTTPS? Google ranking will be kinder to encrypted websites

Google takes security seriously and it wants sites to do the same. The benefit? Apart from protecting their users, sites may also get a ranking boost in search engine results pages.

Business Tech August 7, 2014

Google amps up HTTPS Gmail protections to combat NSA spying

Google is sick of the NSA. In an attempt to prevent government spying, Google increased its HTTPS protections in Gmail, eliminating the option to turn those security measures off. Gmail accounts will now have stronger encryption and a better chance of keeping the NSA out of your conversations.

Internet March 21, 2014

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