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Researchers Use Quantum Computer To 'Reverse' Time

Researchers claimed that they have successfully turned back time using quantum computers. In an experiment, the team successfully return qubits from their complex chaotic patterns into its original orderly form.

March 14, 2019

New Computer Architecture Inspired By The Human Brain Can Help Advance AI Tech

Researchers from IBM unveiled a new computing system architecture that is far more efficient than conventional von Neumann designs. The architecture is reportedly better equipped to handle loads of data from artificial intelligence.

October 4, 2018

World’s Tiniest Computer Is Much Smaller Than A Grain Of Rice

Scientists devised the world’s smallest computer with a minuscule size of 0.3 x 0.3. mm. The microdevice could potentially be used as an implant to help doctors detect tumors and develop new cancer treatments.

Computers June 25, 2018

This IBM AI Might Defeat Humans In A Debate In The Near Future

IBM debuted a new AI supercomputer that has the ability to debate with humans. The company hosted two debate club-style discussions between two humans and the AI called 'Project Debater' at an event in San Francisco on Monday, June 18.

Computers June 19, 2018

US Has World's Fastest Supercomputer Again: IBM's Summit Can Do 200 Quadrillion Calculations Per Second

With the capability to do 200 quadrillion calculations per second, the Summit supercomputer unseated the competition to grab first place. The machine made by IBM, together with other companies, is currently rated as the world's fastest system.

Computers June 9, 2018

IBM And Maersk Teaming Up To Create New Blockchain Company

IBM and the Danish shipping company Maersk will be teaming up to start a New York-based blockchain company. Maersk will own 51 percent, while IBM will own 49 percent of the new company.

Business Tech January 17, 2018

IBM Leaps Toward Quantum Computing Supremacy With Its New 50-Qubit Quantum System

IBM just created a 50-qubit quantum computer, the highest there is, that represents a major leap in the quantum computing industry. But qubits are just one part of the story.

Computers November 12, 2017

Sony, IBM Develops Tiny Magnetic Tape Cartridge With 330 TB Worth Of Uncompressed Data

Sony and IBM just crammed 330 TB into a palm-sized cartridge using an advanced magnetic tape storage system. To achieve it, both companies had to develop new technologies entirely.

Gadgets August 3, 2017

IBM Announces 5nm Chip With 30 Billion Transistors

Despite what you may have heard, Moore's Law isn't dead yet. IBM has announced a chip the size of a fingernail that can hold 30 billion transistors.

Computers June 5, 2017

IBM And Salesforce Form Partnership On A.I.

On Monday, International Business Machines corp. (IBM) and Salesforce agreed to integrate their artificial intelligence platforms - the Watson AI platform and the Einstein AI platform - to provide better offerings to customers.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

IBM Eyes Quantum Computing, Says It’s Seeing ‘A Direct Path To The 50-Qubit Range’

IBM has announced that it’s stepping its quantum computing game up with its Q quantum computing program. Even better, it’s enlisting outsider programmers and developers to help push it forward.

Computers March 6, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: It's Not Man vs Machine, Say IBM And Google

Artificial intelligence is here to help and not undermine the importance of human intelligence, say IBM and Google. This message reaffirms the necessity of collaboration and suggests relying on robots could improve human performance.

Apps/Software March 4, 2017

IBM's Earnings Report Shows Big Blue Beating Q4 Estimates, But Quarterly Revenue Dropping By 1.3 Percent

IBM's 2016 Q4 report has beaten analyst projection by a hair with $21.77 billion earnings, up from the forecasted $21.64 billion revenue. The growth is attributed to the expansion of IBM's key businesses, which includes cloud computing and AI solutions.

Business Tech January 20, 2017

Want Superhero Vision? IBM Intends To Make It Happen In 5 Years

IBM scientists are working on a revolutionary superhero vision project that will offer devices with hyperimaging technology and can see through areas invisible to the human eye. It is set to be finished in the next five years.

Material Science January 10, 2017

Google, IBM And Other Industry Leaders Team Up To Boost Server Speed

Google and a slew of tech titans joined IBM in its quest to deliver faster server chips. Meet CAPI, the 'coherent accelerator processor interface' that will threaten Intel’s dominance over the server realm.

Computers October 17, 2016

IBM To Offer Employees Access To Watson Technology To Fight Cancer Starting January 2017

IBM will offer its employees and their families access to Watson Health in their struggle against cancer, as part of a project in partnership with the Harvard-based company Best Doctors.

Public Health October 12, 2016

IBM Watson Will Soon Be Teacher Advisor: First Lesson, Third-Grade Math

IBM Watson will soon be used to help third grade teachers prepare lessons for their students. Initially, the system will be helpful to math teachers but more subjects are expected to be added in the near term.

Computers September 29, 2016

Artificial Intelligence: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM Form Partnership on AI

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM have joined hands to form 'Partnership on AI,' a nonprofit organization that aims to help the public better understand artificial intelligence technologies and leverage them to better the quality of people's of lives.

Apps/Software September 28, 2016

IBM And Cisco Partner Up To Develop Watson-Powered Apps: Slack And Microsoft In The Crosshairs?

IBM and Cisco are combining their enterprise-related applications to produce highly efficient programs for the work sector. These app collaborations are expected to improve workflows found in an office setting to boost productivity.

Business Tech July 2, 2016

Meet KiloCore, A CPU With 1,000 Cores: Here's What It Can Do

University of California (UC) researchers developed 1,000-core processor called KiloCore, which is capable of executing 115 billion instructions in one second. The chip is made by IBM using 32-nanometer CMOS technology.

Computers June 20, 2016

IBM Memory Could Give Your Smartphone A Huge Boost

IBM announced that the company has made imrprovements to phase-change memory technology. PCM can be used for boosting memory in devices such as smartphones.

Computers May 19, 2016

A Cure For The Common Cold? Meet IBM's Macromolecule

A new macromolecule from IBM could mean the end of all viral diseases, including Zika, Ebola, and the common cold. How does it work?

Public Health May 15, 2016

IBM Research And UMBC Team Up To Create Cognitive Computing Cybersecurity Lab

IBM and UMBC will explore new ways to apply cognitive technologies — which digest, learn from and reason structured and unstructured data — to help cybersecurity experts.

Security May 10, 2016

Bausch & Lomb, IBM To Release App For Doctors Who Treat Cataracts

IBM and Bausch & Lomb will work together to develop an app for doctors who perform cataract surgeries. How can this mobile technology for Apple devices help in the operating room?

Apps/Software May 8, 2016

Apple And SAP Band Together To Build Business Apps For iPhone And iPad

Apple and SAP have teamed up to develop business apps for the iPhone and iPad. Apple already has a partnership with IBM, resulting in the creation of about 100 apps.

Business Tech May 7, 2016

IBM Quantum Computer Now Available For Anyone To Use Remotely

IBM gives virtually everyone a chance to get their hands on its 5-qubit quantum computing processors. The prototype quantum computer can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Computers May 4, 2016

IBM Watson Supercomputer And Fashion House Marchesa Create High-Tech Cognitive Dress [Video]

IBM Watson and Marchesa collaborated on creating a cognitive dress that is ‘truly extraordinary.’ The first-of-its-kind cognitive-inspired garment will be unveiled at the Manus x Machina-themed Met Gala event.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2016

IBM TrueNorth-Based Computer Chip Monitors Brain Activity And May Help Predict Seizures

The TrueNorth technology of IBM may go beyond speech and facial recognition. The technology may also be used to monitor brain activity and predict seizures early.

Life April 10, 2016

IBM's Latest Supercomputer Inspired By The Human Brain: How Powerful Is It?

IBM and a federal research facility in California have partnered for a project that can change the way we define a supercomputer. The computer will feature a platform that works like the human brain.

Computers March 31, 2016

IBM's Real 'Sword Art Online' Is Being Played Right Now By 200 Lucky People

IBM has turned the virtual reality world of the popular anime 'Sword Art Online' into a real VR game.

Geek March 17, 2016

Hilton Hotels Teams Up With IBM For New Robot Concierge Connie

A new concierge can answer all the answers of guests at Hilton Hotels. Developed by IBM, Connie, is an interactive-learning robot that can answer a wide array of questions.

FUTURE TECH March 10, 2016

IBM Acquires Resilient Systems To Beef Up Incident Response Capabilities

IBM aims to step up its cyber security business with its plans to acquire Resilient Systems Inc. The deal is said to provide more rapid and efficient assistance for clients victimized by cyberattacks.

Deals March 1, 2016

IBM And Apple Push Swift To The Cloud For Better Enterprise App Development

IBM recently launched some tools allowing developers to craft and run enterprise apps in the Cloud, using Apple's Swift software. Swift seems a future-proof solution, as it is intuitive, quick and can dissolve the barrier between back-end and front-end development.

Apps/Software February 24, 2016

IBM Watson Can Now Understand Emotions And Respond To You Based On How You’re Feeling

IBM Watson is getting better than ever. Now, it has the capacity to understand emotions and respond to users based on how they are feeling.

Apps/Software February 24, 2016

IBM Acquires Truven Health Analytics: Here's Why It's Spending $2.6 Billion

IBM announced that it is acquiring Truven Health for $2.6 billion in cash. The deal is part of the company's focus of amassing health care data in order to expand its repository for the IBM Watson Health unit.

Life February 20, 2016

IBM Unveils z13s Mainframe With Faster Processing Speed, Better Security

IBM unveiled a new mainframe called z13s, which will bring faster processing and enhanced security without affecting the speed of the system. The mainframe will be available from March this year.

Computers February 16, 2016

IBM Cloud Data Services Ready To Rock Enterprise With Power Features, Marketplace For Developers

IBM revealed that it reworked more than 25 commerce and analytics solutions in Apache Spark in order to give its customers better Cloud Data Services. The new offerings provide scalability, speed and performance for global developers.

Internet February 7, 2016

This Gesture-Controlled Steering Wheel Cover Transforms Any Car Into A Smart Car

Drivers can control their smartphones directly from their steering wheel using this cover, which features a single touch pad that is controlled by using thumb gestures.

FUTURE TECH February 2, 2016

IBM Watson Opens In India With Two Partnerships

IBM has announced that it is bringing IBM Watson to India, with two partnerships kicking off the platform's use in the region. The two partnerships are with InspireOne and Textient, both of which are pushing for worldwide use.

Deals February 2, 2016

Ford CEO Joins IBM Board Of Directors: A Strong Bond For A Brighter Auto Future

Ford CEO Mark Fields is joining the IBM board of directors where he will become part of the board’s finance committee. Fields, who started at Ford back in 1989, will join the IBM board beginning March 1.

Business January 27, 2016

IBM Bets Big on Internet Of Things With New Watson IoT Global Headquarters

We're not saying your fridge is going to cure cancer, but there's value in all that data.

FUTURE TECH December 15, 2015

US Intelligence Agency Awards Grant To Advance IBM Quantum Computer Research

The field of quantum computing may involve shrinking properties into atom-sized components, but its future sure is larger than life. This week, IARPA awarded IBM a multi-year grant that will allow scientists to work on advanced quantum computer research.

December 10, 2015

IBM Beefs Up Video Cloud Services With Acquisition Of Clearleap

IBM acquired Clearleap with the goal to help businesses manage their video assets. It is likewise seen as Big Blue's strategy to beef up its cloud video portfolio.

Business December 9, 2015

IBM Pulls Plug On Hack A Hairdryer Campaign Following Social Media Backlash

IBM's #HackAHairDryer campaign got burned for feeding off sexist stereotypes among women in tech. The company apologized and discontinued the campaign after major blows in social media.

Business December 8, 2015

IBM's Watson Trend App Predicts Black Friday's Most Popular Products

According to IBM's Watson Trend, an app that posts updates on all things relating to consumer behavior, this year's Black Friday sales are experiencing a major uptick compared with 2014.

Apps/Software November 27, 2015

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