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Artificial Intelligence: It's Not Man vs Machine, Say IBM And Google

Artificial intelligence is here to help and not undermine the importance of human intelligence, say IBM and Google. This message reaffirms the necessity of collaboration and suggests relying on robots could improve human performance.

Apps/Software March 4, 2017

IBM To Offer Employees Access To Watson Technology To Fight Cancer Starting January 2017

IBM will offer its employees and their families access to Watson Health in their struggle against cancer, as part of a project in partnership with the Harvard-based company Best Doctors.

Public Health October 12, 2016

Hello, Olli: 3D Printed, Self-Driving IBM Watson-Powered Bus Hits The Road

Olli is the newest driverless vehicle to hit town. The smart 3D-printed electric minibus is designed by Local Motors and powered by IBM Watson.

Car Tech June 17, 2016

Connected Labs To Host Hackathon Promoting The Use Of The IBM Watson IoT Platform

Connected Lab will host a smart device hackathon for the purpose of creating chat bots.

Smart Home May 11, 2016

IBM Watson Can Now Understand Emotions And Respond To You Based On How You’re Feeling

IBM Watson is getting better than ever. Now, it has the capacity to understand emotions and respond to users based on how they are feeling.

Apps/Software February 24, 2016

IBM Acquires Truven Health Analytics: Here's Why It's Spending $2.6 Billion

IBM announced that it is acquiring Truven Health for $2.6 billion in cash. The deal is part of the company's focus of amassing health care data in order to expand its repository for the IBM Watson Health unit.

Life February 20, 2016

This Beer Was Created Using A Combination Of Social Media And Data Science

A company called Havas Helia has crafted a new beer using data from social media combined with top beers from around the world, as determined by IBM Watson.

Internet February 12, 2016

IBM Watson Opens In India With Two Partnerships

IBM has announced that it is bringing IBM Watson to India, with two partnerships kicking off the platform's use in the region. The two partnerships are with InspireOne and Textient, both of which are pushing for worldwide use.

Deals February 2, 2016

IBM's Watson Predicts Cyber Monday's Top Products And Trends

Everything from Star Wars Droids to the Skylanders' interactive video game and action figures and hoverboards are expected to be amongst the popular Cyber Monday items, according to the Watson Trend app.

Internet November 30, 2015

IBM Watson Trend App Reveals Hottest Holiday Gifts Include Apple Watch, 'Star Wars' LEGOs And Samsung TVs

IBM launched a new app using Watson's supercomputer technology that identifies and predicts trends to make holiday shopping a bit easier.

Apps/Software November 18, 2015

IBM's Watson And The Boston Children's Hospital Are Teaming Up To Cure Rare Diseases

IBM has announced a partnership with the Boston Children's Hospital that will see the Watson 'cognitive computer' being put to work on rare diseases found in children.

Computers November 10, 2015

IBM And Apple Deepen Partnership With Watson-Based Apple Watch App, Free Or Discounted Apple Watches For IBM Employees

IBM and Apple will make their tie-up even stronger with Watson-powered Apple Watch app, and it will be known as CafeWell Concierge. The Denver-based firm Welltok will develop the upcoming app.

Wearable Tech October 28, 2015

IBM Buys The Weather Company’s Digital Assets To Have Watson Host Forecast Data In 'Internet Of Things' Expansion

IBM has acquired The Weather Company’s digital assets, which include and its apps, to further expand on its ‘Internet of Things’ initiative with Watson A.I.

Deals October 28, 2015

IBM's Watson Integrated Into New App To Give Fantasy Football Players An Edge

The computer intelligence system is powering Edge Up Sports' fantasy football app to give players an advantage when it comes to keen details and information about NFL stars.

August 12, 2015

IBM Watson And CVS Team Up For Patient Care Predictions

U.S.-based healthcare company CVS Health is teaming up with software giant IBM to provide better health care management services to patients diagnosed with chronic diseases. The new agreement will provide CVS with access to IBM's leading computing system, Watson.

Life July 30, 2015

Konnichiwa! IBM's Watson Super Computer Is Learning Japanese

IBM has teamed up with SoftBank to bring supercomputer Watson to Japan. The cognitive computing system will learn Japanese, further expanding its impressive linguistic repertoire.

July 30, 2015

IBM Supercomputer Watson Can Now Detect The Attitude In Your Writing

IBM unveiled a new cognitive tool used by its supercomputer Watson that detects the attitude conveyed in a piece of text and offers suggestions to help change the overall tone of the message.

Internet July 17, 2015

Cutting Edge Cancer Developments That May Boost Humanity's Fight Against Cancer

Recent technological advancements have provided medical researchers with better opportunities in their quest to find an effective treatment for cancer.

Life May 16, 2015

IBM's Watson Supercomputer To Help Doctors Choose Best Cancer Therapies

A supercomputer will examine a cancer patient's DNA to select the best personalized treatment plan to battle their particular cancer. IBM says 14 U.S. cancer treatment centers will take part in an initial partnership.

Life May 5, 2015

NASA, IBM Want To Hack Their Way Into Solving Earth's Problems

Space agency, tech company team up for a 'hackathon' to create new technology for space exploration. IBM to offer developers and entrepreneurs access to its Watson supercomputer to let them crunch NASA data for their projects.

April 7, 2015

This Cute Dino Toy By Elemental Path Packs IBM Watson For Its Brain

CogniToys by Elemental Path are next-generation dinosaur toys using IBM Watson to learn and grow with children.

Gadgets February 17, 2015

We're open: IBM Watson takes root in New York

IBM Watson opens its global headquarters in New York City, starts gaining a strong foothold in the industry as businesses, developers and schools build projects on Watson’s back.

Computers October 8, 2014

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