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NASA's New James Webb Space Telescope Survives Last Thermal Vacuum Test

The James Webb Space Telescope has successfully completed another round of testing. The powerful observatory was subjected to extreme temperature in a vacuum chamber to make sure that it will be able to endure conditions in space.

Space May 31, 2019

Astronomers Stitch Together Years Of Hubble Data To Create Wide View Of The Distant Universe

The Hubble Image Field offered a view of the farthest and faintest galaxies that the Hubble Space Telescope has ever seen. In this single image, 265,000 galaxies from up to 500 million years after the Big Bang can be seen.

Space May 3, 2019

Astronomers Announce New List Of Stars That Could Be Home To Earth-Like Planets

A team of astronomers has identified nearly 2,000 exoplanets that are similar to Earth in size and irradiation. They believe that the catalog will aid in finding habitable planets outside of the Solar System.

Space March 27, 2019

Scientists Want To Use Swarm Of Small Satellites To Act As Giant Telescope

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel invented a cheaper and groundbreaking satellite imaging system. Called synthetic aperture systems, this technique will change how photographs are captured on space and on Earth.

Space January 6, 2019

NASA Reschedules James Webb Space Telescope Launch To 2021

NASA announced that the launch of James Webb Space Telescope will happen in March 2021. What influenced the decision of the space agency to push back the observatory's launch for the second time this year?

Space June 30, 2018

NASA Uses Gold To Direct Heat Away From Science Instruments Of James Webb Telescope

NASA engineers are installing the gold baffles that can direct heat away from the sensitive instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope. Here's why the baffles and the mirrors of the Hubble Space Telescope successor have gold.

Space June 7, 2018

James Webb Space Telescope Suffers Another Mechanical Snag During Test

NASA said this is not the first time that the James Webb Space Telescope encountered mechanical problems. The American space agency assured that these events will not affect the space telescope’s launch to space in 2020.

Space May 5, 2018

NASA Moves James Webb Space Telescope Launch Back To 2020

NASA announced that it will have to delay the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope to 2020. This delays the launch by more than a year and could cause the cost of the telescope to rise.

Space March 27, 2018

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Could Be Delayed Due To Snag In Sunshield

The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope could be delayed further. GAO has recently released a report explaining technical problems in the telescope's sunshield, which could delay JWST's launch.

Space March 1, 2018

Chemical Imbalance In Planet's Atmosphere May Indicate Hidden Alien Life

Chemical combinations in the atmosphere may hint of biological activity on other planets. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope may detect these biosignatures and help astronomers in their quest for life outside Earth.

Space January 25, 2018

NASA James Webb Space Telescope Out Of Cryogenic Testing Chamber

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready to undergo the next round of testing. It recently completed a hundred day test in a vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Center.

Space December 5, 2017

Astronomer Jerry Nelson, Builder Of Advanced Telescopes, Dies At 73

Astronomer Jerry Nelson's design has changed telescopes forever, as seen in the James Webb Space Telescope being constructed at present. Nelson has died at age 73 after a long fruitful career.

Space June 23, 2017

James Webb Space Telescope Getting Ready For 2018 Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is being readied for its 2018 launch and is in its final stages of inspection. The telescope is scheduled to be lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, in 2018.

Space April 2, 2017

Haunted By Ghosts? Photo Shows Phantom-Like Figures Around NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Ghost-like figures can be seen around an image of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center. NASA photographer Chris Gunn, who took the photo, explained what these spooky figures are.

Space March 19, 2017

Astrophysicists Trying To Make Sci-Fi A Reality With James Webb Space Telescope

The new Webb Space Telescope will be replacing Hubble Space Telescope and will help astrophysicists look into the formation of stars happening 13 billion light years away to gain knowledge about the universe's formation.

Space March 7, 2017

James Webb Space Telescope To Help Reveal Potential Life On TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets

The James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched next year, can help reveal the presence of alien life on the exoplanets of the TRAPPIST-1 star system. The space observatory will gather clues from the components of the planets' atmospheres.

Space February 25, 2017

Discovery Of 7 Earth-Like Planets Near Dwarf Star Boosts Search For Alien Life

The characteristics and proximity of the seven exoplanets to their host star TRAPPIST-1 raise possibility for finding extraterrestrial life. What could hint the presence of life in these newly discovered planets?

Space February 22, 2017

Hubble Space Telescope Spots Solitary Dwarf Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope spotted a very isolated irregular dwarf galaxy 2.3 million light-years away from its closest neighbor. UGC 4879 can help astronomers study star formations.

Space June 13, 2016

Successor Of Hubble Space Telescope Has Giant Mirror Coated With Gold

Hubble's successor gets the gold treatment. For the first time, mission engineers unveiled the network of mirrors that will be the heart of the next-generation orbiting observatory, the James Webb Telescope.

Space May 1, 2016

View The James Webb Space Telescope - The Successor To Hubble

The 18-mirror main reflector of the James Webb Telescope was revealed for the first time since construction on the network of mirrors was completed. Why are astronomers so excited about this upcoming space-based observatory?

Space April 28, 2016

Engineers Install Secondary Mirror Of James Webb Space Telescope

NASA engineers have installed the beryllium-made secondary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope, touted the next-generation premier space observatory. The space telescope is poised to image the first galaxies formed and study planets surrounding distant stars.

Space March 14, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Images Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen

Galaxy GN-z11 is seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, sitting 13.4 billion light years from Earth. How are astronomers searching for the oldest families of stars?

Space March 4, 2016

Introducing The Next Generation Of Space Telescopes From NASA

Following 25 years of images from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), NASA officials are gearing up for the next generation of space-borne observatories. Here are some of the upcoming missions that will help unwrap the mysteries of the universe.

Space February 20, 2016

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Gold-Plated Mirror Now Installed: What's Next For Hubble Successor?

There are high expectations from Hubble Space Telescope's more powerful successor. To date, James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful telescope ever built. With a set launch in 2018, the team just reached a crucial milestone with the completion of its primary mirror segment.

Space February 6, 2016

NASA Installs First Mirror Of James Webb Telescope To Replace Hubble In 3 Years

The 18 primary mirror sections of the James Webb Space Telescope will form a large 21.3-foot mirror, to be completed in early 2016. The start of the mirror installation marks the final assembly stage of the Hubble Space Telescope's successor.

Space November 29, 2015

Could 12-Meter Telescope Replace The James Webb Observatory?

The High-Definition Space Telescope (HDST) could, one day, be searching for planets much like the Earth circling other stars. How do astronomers plan to use this system to find alien life?

Space July 8, 2015

NASA Says Successor To Hubble Space Telescope Is On Track For 2018 Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is expected to continue the dramatic successes achieved by the Hubble instrument, NASA says. At 100 times more powerful, it will provide a glimpse of the earliest age of the universe, the space agency says.

Space April 22, 2015

Hubble Successor JWST Still On Track For 2018, Says NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, is on track for a 2018 launch. The JWST, which is named after former NASA administrator James Webb, is the most powerful telescope ever built.

Space March 31, 2015

White House Budget Keeping NASA On Track

President's budget request for the space agency keeps funding alive for most of its current projects. $18.5 billion budget includes funding for Orion crew capsule, Space Launch System, next-generation space telescope.

Space February 2, 2015

The Current and Future Toolkit for Finding Alien Worlds

Alien life could soon be found by astronomers, as a new lineup of tools become available to astronomers. What new instruments could be used to find life around other stars?

Space January 13, 2015

NASA says we can find other Earth, all we need is super giant telescope

Giant space telescope set to launch in 2018 could be the tool to find extraterrestrial life, NASA experts say. Discovery could be "very, very close," they say.

Space July 15, 2014

NASA 2015 budget highlights sending humans to asteroids and searching for alien life in exoplanets

NASA has announced a new $17.46 billion budget for for the coming year. Plans include sending human crews to an asteroid, as a first step toward Mars. Here's what's in - and out - in 2015.

Space March 5, 2014

James Webb Space Telescope may succeed in doing what Hubble couldn't: Find evidence of alien life

The construction of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to Hubble, is proceeding smoothly. The new telescope may be the first to finally answer the question regarding the possibility of existence of alien life.

Space February 5, 2014

James Webb Space Telescope passes last major element-level critical design review, eyes 2018 launch

Move over Hubble. The $8.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope is up for construction and may launch in 2018.

Space January 26, 2014

Forget Hubble, 100x more powerful James Webb telescope is getting ready

NASA is working on a bigger space telescope to replace the aging Hubble Space Telescope. The new James Webb Space Telescope will be a hundred time more powerful than Hubble.

Space January 15, 2014

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