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NASA Back In Business But Still Reeling From Shutdown

After the 35-day government shutdown, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine welcomed back employees at the Washington, DC headquarters. The space agency will take time to recover from the effects of the record-breaking government shutdown.

Space January 30, 2019

NASA Bars SpaceX CEO Elon Musk From Smoking Pot In Public

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine revealed that he spoke to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and agreed that the tech executive will never smoke pot on camera again. This was in response to the workplace culture and safety review of SpaceX.

Space November 30, 2018

NASA Unveils '60 Years In 60 Seconds' Video To Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary

On Monday, NASA celebrated its 60th anniversary with a video highlighting milestones such as the first man on the moon. Jim Bridenstine also addressed the future of the space agency.

Space October 3, 2018

NASA Boss Speaks To Anonymous Private Companies About Taking Over The International Space Station By 2025

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is reportedly speaking to companies about privatizing the International Space Station. The Trump administration plans to cut funding to ISS by 2025.

Space June 5, 2018

Senate Confirms Jim Bridenstine As NASA Administrator 7 Months After Appointment

The U.S. space agency has welcomed a new administrator after Senate has approved Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s appointment on April 20. Bridenstine has a controversial stand on climate change.

Space April 20, 2018

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