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Third Planet In Kepler-47 Confirmed As Largest Exoplanet In Circumbinary Star System

Scientists from the San Diego State University have identified the third planet in the Kepler-47 star system. This third planet has also been identified as the largest exoplanet in this particular circumbinary star system.

Space April 17, 2019

New TESS Mission Data Shows Evidence Of Large Saturn-Sized Exoplanet

Astronomers identified one of the first exoplanets that TESS, NASA's Kepler replacement, have discovered since its launch last year. The new exoplanet was described as a "hot Saturn" that is about 5 billion years old.

Space March 30, 2019

Yale Researchers Find Reason Behind Odd Exoplanet Configurations

Yale University astronomers have found a surprising link between exoplanet pairs' axial tilt and their orbit. The discovery provides an answer to a mystery that has been baffling scientists since Kepler's launch in 2009.

Space March 5, 2019

NASA TESS Spacecraft Finds Host Of Strange And Bizarre Worlds

TESS, the successor of Kepler has already found hundreds of possible planets outside of the solar system and identified at least eight. Among its recent discoveries is an oddball planet that has a stretched-out orbit.

Space January 8, 2019

All Data Collected By Kepler Now Publicly Available

MAST promised to continue hosting the troves of data that Kepler has collected since its launch in 2009. The spacecraft has aided scientists in the search for Earth-like planets outside of the solar system.

Space November 3, 2018

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Runs Out Of Fuel After Exploring Asteroid Belt

After 11 years in deep space, Dawn ran out of fuel and has lost the ability to communicate home. It will continue to orbit around Ceres silently for decades.

Space November 2, 2018

Kepler Space Telescope Officially Retired After Running Out of Fuel

NASA has announced that the planet-hunting spacecraft, Kepler, has run out of fuel after nine years in deep space. Its replacement, TESS, was launched earlier this year and will begin a new survey of the sky to find exoplanets.

Space November 1, 2018

NASA's Planet Hunting TESS Beams Back 'First Light' Image

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS sent back its "first light," the first official photograph captured a few months after launch. The space telescope replaced Kepler which is expected to retire this year.

Earth/Environment September 19, 2018

NASA Planet Hunter Satellite Kepler Wakes Up From Its Slumber

Kepler woke up from slumber after it went to sleep mode last month. The space telescope, which has discovered over 2,000 exoplanets, has begun its 19th and possibly final campaign as it runs out of fuel.

Space September 7, 2018

NASA Kepler Spacecraft Nears Death: Fuel To Run Out Within Several Months

The Kepler space telescope will run out of fuel and end its mission within several months, NASA said. The spacecraft, which has survived through several close calls, has detected 2,245 exoplanets and will continue collecting data until it shuts down.

Space March 15, 2018

Kepler Telescope Finds 20 Earth-Like Planets Potentially Capable Of Hosting Life

A new analysis of data from the Kepler mission has revealed 20 exoplanets that could support life. A tool called Robovetter was used to create the new catalog.

Space November 1, 2017

NASA Discovers Rapidly Spinning 'Pumpkin Stars' Producing 100 Times More X-Rays Than The Sun

Combined observations from NASA's Kepler and Swift missions have resulted in the discovery of 'pumpkin stars.' Although they are named quaintly, these stars can be bigger than the sun and produce exponentially more X-ray emissions.

Space October 29, 2016

Alien Contact? New Calculations Say We Should Wait It Out For 1500 Years

It will likely take another 1,500 years before we hear from alien life. This is according to Cornell astronomers who deconstructed the Fermi paradox and paired it with the mediocrity principle for a fresh equation.

Space June 17, 2016

Climate, Orbit Models Reveal Earth-Like Planet Kepler-62f May Sustain Life

Climate and orbit models reveal that Kepler-62f may sustain life. By looking at computer simulations, experts found that the exoplanet has the ability to store liquid water on the surface.

Space May 28, 2016

The Return of Kepler: NASA Brings Planet-Hunter Back From The Dead Again

How did NASA engineers re-establish communications with the Kepler spacecraft, and what will this mean for science? This is the story of how they did it.

Space April 16, 2016

NASA Kepler Spacecraft Recovers: The Reason Why It Switched To Emergency Mode

Kepler Spacecraft has finally recovered. The reason why it switched to emergency mode is still uncertain, but experts have started ruling out possibilities.

Space April 12, 2016

Gemini North Telescope Finds Rogue Planet Eight Times As Massive As Jupiter

Researchers identified a rogue exoplanet in the Beta Pictoris moving group that is over eight times larger than Jupiter. The massive planet is considered to be an important subject for scientists to study since it is only one of a handful of exoplanets that can be directly imaged and observed through spectroscopy.

Space February 14, 2016

Scientists Discover Potential 'Earth 2.0' In Kepler Mission's Data

After going over data obtained by NASA's Kepler spacecraft, scientists recently discovered a planet slightly larger than Earth existing in its star's habitable zone, potentially making it a good candidate for hosting life.

Space July 23, 2015

Most Stars In Galaxy Have Habitable Planets, Study Finds

An old hypothesis is being used to study alien solar systems, but what could this mean for the hunt for life on other planets?

Space March 18, 2015

Astronomers Discover Ancient Solar System with Five Earth-Sized Planets

After researching data collected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft, scientists at the University of Birmingham recently discovered a solar system nearly as old as time itself with a Sun-like star and five Earth-sized planets.

Space January 27, 2015

NASA's Kepler Spots M-Dwarf Star with Three Earth-like Planets

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has discovered a new star that has three planets orbiting around it. One of these planets is in the habitable zone where the temperature is just right it could possibly allow for liquid water and even life to exist.

Space January 17, 2015

Phoenix-like Kepler Discovers 'Super Earth': HIP 116454b Weighs 12 Times Our Planet

Despite an equipment failure that ended its prime mission in 2013, NASA's Kepler spacecraft is back finding alien worlds again. The spacecraft has discovered a Super Earth located 180 light-years away.

Space December 21, 2014

Kepler Probe Spots HIP 116454b, a Super Earth 180 Light-years Away

Kepler discovers a new planet called HIP 116454b, which is 180 light-years away from the Earth. Kepler One of the four reaction wheels of Kepler failed in 2012, which threatened the continuation of the mission.

Space December 19, 2014

Planet Hunters discover new planet that has a punctuality problem

Yale astronomers, along with citizen scientists from the Planet Hunter program, recently discovered a small planet that has a strange orbiting schedule. However, this anomaly allowed scientists to measure other planets nearby.

Geek November 4, 2014

Kepler spies 'Mega-Earth': This 'godfather' exoplanet is 17 times heavier than Earth but are there aliens?

Kepler-10c, a world many times more massive than Earth, has been recognized as a member of a new class of planet. What does that mean for the chance of alien life there?

Space June 3, 2014

NASA commissions Kepler telescope for K2 mission to search for exoplanets

Kepler spacecraft, the most prolific space laboratory designed to probe the universe's immensity in search of Earth-like planets, is back for redemption after NASA approved the K2 mission proposal.

Space May 20, 2014

Kepler-186f: Discovery of Earth-like exoplanet in 'habitable zone' of star suggests we may not be alone

Kepler has discovered what appears to be an Earth-sized planet in a star’s habitable zone. The discovery is considered to be the most Earth-like exoplanet ever found.

Space April 19, 2014

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