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North Korea Says It Has Successfully Detonated A Hydrogen Bomb: What This Means For All Of Us

North Korea claimed that it has successfully detonated its first hydrogen bomb, which is measured to be 100 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that brought Hiroshima to ruins in 1945.

Society January 7, 2016

WikiLeaks Dumps 270,000 Sony Emails, Private Files, Financial Data Into Its Database

The Sony Pictures hack may have happened last year, but the consequences reverberate well into the future, as WikiLeaks puts the firm's business files into the public domain.

Internet June 20, 2015

NSA Broke Into North Korea Computer Networks Years Before Sony Attack

The National Security Agency started tapping into the computer system of North Korea in 2010. The information formed the piece of evidence that explains why the Obama administration was convinced Pyongyang should be blamed for the Sony attacks.

Internet January 19, 2015

What If Kim Jong Un Directed 'The Interview'?

If Kim Jong Un directed 'The Interview', it would look like this.

Movies/TV Shows January 11, 2015

U.S. Lawmarkers Mull on Reviving CISPA Following Sony Cyber Attack

A cyber security bill, which has been shot down in the Senate for having the potential to become a privacy disaster, is on the way to recovery, and we have the Sony Pictures hack to thank for it.

Society January 10, 2015

Heads Up, North Korea: 100,000 Copies Of 'The Interview' Are Coming By Airdrop

Think no one in North Korea will ever get to watch 'The Interview'? Think again. A defector-turned-activist has an ambitious plan to smuggle in thousands of copies of the movie by balloons. Yes, balloons.

Movies/TV Shows January 2, 2015

Sony: 'The Interview' Soon Available on Cable, Satellite TV

Sony Pictures announced that the controversial movie The Interview will soon be available through cable and satellite TV, completing the company's home distribution plans for the film.

Internet January 2, 2015

No, FBI. North Korea May Not Have Hacked Sony Pictures After All

It's back to square one for all the armchair investigators trying to figure out who was behind the massive Sony hack.

Internet December 27, 2014

North Korea Witnesses Nationwide Internet Outage: Is It A Retaliation?

North Korea's entire Internet infrastructure goes down in a DDoS attack. Could it have been the work of the U.S. government or hackers pissed off for not being able to watch 'The Interview'?

Internet December 24, 2014

Kim Jong Un Is the Hero of 'Glorious Leader!' Video Game Kickstarter

Ready to get your evil dictator on? A new video game looking for supporters on Kickstarter is ready to put you in the running-and-gunning shoes of Kim Jong Un as he defeats North Korea's enemies.

Geek December 23, 2014

North Korea: 'The Interview' Is US Conspiracy, We Will 'Blow Up' the White House and Pentagon

Despite denying its involvement in the Sony attack and calling for a 'joint investigation,' North Korea puts its own foot in its mouth with a threat to 'blow up' America.

Society December 23, 2014

14 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up This Whole North Korea Mess

There is a lot of anger towards the censorship of 'The Interview.' Luckily, the Internet is here to facilitate our hatred.

Internet Culture December 22, 2014

'The Interview' Originally Wasn't About North Korea

'The Interview' screenwriter Dan Sterling reveals that the original idea for the film didn't involve North Korea or Kim Jong-un.

Movies/TV Shows December 18, 2014

Sony Bows to GOP Hackers 9/11-style Attack Threat: 'The Interview' Will Not Be Released in Theaters

Schools and airlines close up and send people home if they receive bomb threats, so it’s obvious that Sony did almost the same thing when movie theaters received the same threats from GOP.

Internet December 18, 2014

Sony Pictures: Media Outlets Should Delete Stolen Information, Leaked Data Following Cyberattack

Sony wants media outlets to stop reporting about the information leaked from massive Sony Pictures hack, but the press isn’t likely to be swayed.

Business December 15, 2014

Sony Aware of Network Vulnerabilities Months Prior to Cyberattack, Says Report

Leaked email exchanges between top Sony officials knew there were several security holes in its network, yet the company claims it couldn’t have prepared better for the massive Nov. 24 attack.

Business December 13, 2014

Sony was Warned of Impending Cyber Attack in Extortion Email, Reveal Leaked Messages from Inboxes of Top Executives

Hackers warned Sony Pictures of the massive Nov. 24 cyber attack days before the data breach. Leaked emails show what the hackers really wanted from Sony.

Internet December 9, 2014

GOP Leaks Email Inboxes of Top Sony Pictures Executives, Demands 'The Interview' be Pulled

Hackers take another hit at Sony by leaking the inboxes of two of its executives. The group is now demanding 'The Interview' be taken down before it hits theaters on Dec. 25.

Business December 9, 2014

North Korea Deems Sony Pictures Hack and Celebs Data Leak 'Righteous Deed': Here's Why

“We didn't do it but we’re happy you’re hacked.” That is what Pyongyang tells Sony Pictures amidst reports that the massive hack is being traced to the North Korean leadership.

Internet December 8, 2014

Sony Pictures Hackers Now Threaten Staff with 'Your Families will be in Danger' Email

Sony Pictures employees receive an unnerving email purporting to come from the hackers who intruded into the company’s internal systems. The hackers are now threatening to hurt them and their families if they don't become one of them.

Internet December 6, 2014

Sony Probe Links North Korea to Cyberattack: Here's What the Investigation Revealed

An internal probe by Sony Pictures reveals that the attack was caused by North Korean leader disliking the movie about his assassination, but hacktivists calling for “equality” claim responsibility for the attack.

Internet December 4, 2014

Sony Pictures Hackers Remain a Mystery, Some Say Breach Came from Within

As the investigation into the breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment's network continues, the evidence is starting to indicate that it may have been an inside job. A Sony source says the company isn't prepared to place the blame on North Korea, which contrasts with earlier reports.

Business Tech December 3, 2014

Sony Pictures Suspects North Korean Hand Behind Cyberattack

Who is behind the devastating attack on Sony Pictures’ computer system? Sony points to North Korea, but other people claim responsibility.

Business November 29, 2014

North Korea asks U.N. to outlaw Rogen/Franco comedy 'The Interview'

Kim Jong-un is not happy with Seth Rogen and James Franco's comedy "The Interview." Now he wants the U.N. to make it illegal to watch.

Movies/TV Shows July 11, 2014

Take that, NASA: Kim Jong Un names North Korea space agency NADA... nothing?

After one year, North Korea's National Aerospace Development Administration has accomplished... NADA.

Space April 3, 2014

Kim Jong-Un's haircut probably won't reach the scalps of the masses

Kim Jong-Un's haircut is probably not being forced on the male student population of North Korea, with travelers to the region reporting no sign of a mass re-style.

Society March 29, 2014

Stunning ISS photo reveals the dark side of North Korea

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station have taken a stunning image of North Korea from orbit. The image shows North Korea shrouded almost in complete darkness.

Space March 1, 2014

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