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ESA Spacecraft Captures Image Of 'Winter Wonderland On Mars'

Breathtaking photos of Mars' Korolev crater could be mistaken for a huge ice skating rink. The ESA stitched together several pictures taken from months ago by the Mars Express satellite.

Space December 21, 2018

Scientists Explain Strange Cloud On Mars

The European Space Agency's Mars Express captured a photo of the cloud that hangs over the Arsia Mons, one of Mars' biggest volcanoes. However, scientists explained that the cloud is not coming from the volcano.

Space October 27, 2018

Mars Lost Liquid Water From Escape Of Hydrogen Through Atmospheric Route, Says Study

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado has attributed erosion of liquid water from the surface of Mars to accentuated escape rate of hydrogen from the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Space February 10, 2017

ESA Probe Finds Strange Blue 'Pools' On Martian Surface

The ESA's Mars Express spacecraft captured a photograph of two deep blue patches on Mars' surface, initially believed to be lakes. As it turns out, the blue spots are layers of dark, volcanic rock blown by Martian wind.

Space June 3, 2015

ESA Mars Explorer Finds Monster Crater Created By What Could Be A Yellowstone-Like Supervolcano

The European Space Agency has released images of massive craters on the surface of Mars that are believed to have been created by supervolcanoes.

Space May 22, 2015

What winter looks like in Mars' Hooke Crater

The European Space Agency's Mars Express recently took photos of the stunning landscape of Hooke Crater on Mars during its winter months. Those photos show frost on the surface of the planet.

Internet Culture September 19, 2014

Mars Curiosity now traversing former ancient glacier territory

Gale Crater on Mars, where NASA rover Curiosity is traveling, shows signs of ancient water, glaciers. Features in the crater match many glacial features seen on Earth today.

Space June 26, 2014

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