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NBA 2K18 Patch Update 1.07 Now Live For PS4, Xbox One: Here Are The Details

Update 1.07 for 'NBA 2K18' has been released for most platforms. The patch fixes problems with the gameplay and updates some of the character models.

Video Games December 21, 2017

Michael Jordan And The Chicago Bulls Completed Their 72-10 Season 20 Years Ago

Even though the Warriors recently eclipsed their record, it still resonates today.

Movies/TV Shows April 21, 2016

'NBA 2K16' Pushes Stephen Curry One Spot Closer To Michael Jordan

Well, the reigning MVP more than deserves a higher rating with the type of season he's putting together this year.

Geek March 4, 2016

'Michael Jordan: Chaos In The Windy City' Might Be The Weirdest Video Game Starring An Athlete Ever

The November 1994 Super Nintendo title starred the greatest basketball player on the planet in a game that had nothing to do with sports.

Geek January 12, 2016

'Shaq Fu' Was The Strange Fighting Video Game People Loved To Hate

Starring and centering around Shaquille O'Neal fighting, the game had nothing to do with the Diesel's basketball prowess.

Geek January 4, 2016

Michael Jordan And Mark Cuban Investing $44 Million In Sportradar's Data

The Swiss company counts Google and Yahoo Sports as clients and the NFL, NHL and Nascar as its partners. Jordan and Cuban will become board members as well.

Internet October 29, 2015

'Jordan Vs. Bird: One On One' Was Never Destined For The NES Highlight Reel

The 1988 Nintendo title featured Michael Jordan and Larry Bird as the only players, with gamers able to pit them against each other, MJ in the Slam-Dunk Contest and Larry Legend in the Three-Point Contest.

Geek October 22, 2015

Michael Jordan Says He Doesn't Do Endorsement Deals Under $10 Million

The Hall of Famer and six-time NBA champion took the stand in federal court Tuesday (August 18) in Chicago to continue his lawsuit against defunct supermarket chain Dominick's, which used his image in a steak ad without his permission.

Movies/TV Shows August 19, 2015

Michael Jordan Says He Could Beat LeBron James In His Prime

Michael Jordan believes there's "no question" that he could defeat King James one-on-one in his prime. Agree?

Movies/TV Shows August 10, 2015

Larry Bird Hates To Admit That Michael Jordan Would Kill Him 1-On-1 Today

Put the two Hall-of-Famers on the court and Larry Legend doesn't think he'd stand a chance against Michael Jordan. Bird cites a 40-pound weight gain as one of the reasons why he'd lose to Jordan one-on-one.

Movies/TV Shows July 28, 2015

How LaMarcus Aldridge And Michael Jordan Share A Unique Distinction

LaMarcus Aldridge and Michael Jordan are the only players to lead the NBA in two-point field goal attempts in three straight seasons since the inclusion of the three-point line.

Movies/TV Shows July 3, 2015

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Convince Man That LeBron James Is Changing His Name To Michael Jordan

On the 'Lie Witness News' segment of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', one man genuinely thought that LeBron James had changed his name to Michael Jordan.

Movies/TV Shows June 10, 2015

Two Math Educators Derived An Equation For Michael Jordan's Hang Time

Two math educators have worked out an equation to see if Michael Jordan was really able to fly during his early days in the NBA. The results might shock you.

Movies/TV Shows June 6, 2015

Bill Laimbeer Says He'd Definitely Take LeBron James Over Michael Jordan

Former Detroit Piston bad boy Bill Laimbeer didn't hesitate to say he'd pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan any day. Yup... his bad blood for MJ is still real.

Movies/TV Shows May 28, 2015

LeBron James Boasts Better First-Round Playoff Stats Than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

LeBron James has a better NBA playoffs' first-round winning percentage than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. But MJ and Bryant have far more championship rings.

Movies/TV Shows April 19, 2015

Russell Westbrook's Fourth Straight Triple Double Puts Him In Record Book

With an assist in overtime, Russell Westbrook became just the sixth NBA player to record four triple doubles in a row. The mask couldn't hold him back, apparently.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

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