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SpaceX Is Flying Pieces Of Human Organs To The International Space Station: Here's Why

Scientists sent four tissue chips, a technology that mimics the structure and function of human organs, to the International Space Station. Each chip will be used to observe the effects of microgravity on the body.

Space May 28, 2019

Video Shows How Mice React To Microgravity While Aboard International Space Station

NASA proved that its Rodent Habitat provides the capability to conduct significant long-duration biological research studies on the ISS. Rodents deployed for the space experiment even learned to defy microgravity.

Space April 14, 2019

NASA And ESA Will Pay You $19K To Lie In Bed For 60 Days

Scientists still need participants to take part in the second phase of the AGBRESA study. They will pay participants 16,500 euros, or $19,000 to lie in bed for 60 days. What are the qualifications?

Space March 27, 2019

Artificial Gravity May Help Keep Astronauts Healthy During Space Missions

Eight male and four female participants will participate in the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study. The findings may help address muscular atrophy caused by microgravity and other stressors astronauts are subjected to in space.

Space March 25, 2019

New Human Subspecies Likely To Emerge As Martian Planners Try To Establish Red Planet Colony

Humans who plan on inhabiting Mars are faced with a difficult challenge of conceiving children. Microgravity could result in a variety of defects in an unborn child.

Space May 31, 2018

Can Humans Procreate In Space? ISS Experiment To Study Effect Of Microgravity On Sperm

Scientists believe that reproduction in space flights is a dangerous and unchartered territory in human health. NASA sent human sperm cells in ISS to study its behavior and determine if fertilization and conception are possible in a microgravity environment.

Space April 11, 2018

Japanese Astronaut Claiming To Grow Over 3 Inches In Space Apologizes For Measurement Error

On Monday, JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanai announced growing 3.5 inches taller after three weeks on the ISS. After double checking his measurement, it turns out that he made an error.

Space January 13, 2018

ISS Scientists Begin Tests On Cancer Treatment Drug

Scientists aboard the ISS have started investigations on an antibody drug for cancer treatment. Microgravity will play a major role in advancing the cancer research.

Medicine June 16, 2017

Microgravity Research: Scientists Recruit Volunteers To Lie In Bed For 2 Months

If you’re vacationing in Toulouse and enticed by the prospect of getting paid to spend 60 days in bed, check out the latest MEDES experiment. The institute is studying weightlessness conditions in the International Space Station.

Space April 5, 2017

Researchers Sound Alarm On Leukemia Risk Among Mars Explorers

Blame the combination of microgravity and deep space radiation. Researchers warn against the potential threat of leukemia in astronauts, as a result of their findings within NASA's Human Research Program.

Space March 9, 2017

Astronaut MRIs Show How Spaceflight Alters Brain Shape

MRI scans done on more than 20 astronauts reveal new results on how microgravity can affect the human brain. The team finds, for instance, that astronauts' brains compress and expand during spaceflight.

Space February 2, 2017

Scott Kelly After 2 Months On Earth: Still Nursing Stiff Legs, Sore Feet And Fatigue

Scott Kelly is still on his road to recovery. Two months on Earth and the former NASA astronaut is still suffering from stiff legs, sore feet and fatigue.

Space May 27, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Completes London Marathon In Space

Tim Peake was able to complete the London Marathon while up in space. The British astronaut started the race with a video message and run via a digital app, making him feel like he was really at the location.

Space April 24, 2016

China Successfully Launches Retrievable SJ-10 Satellite: It's Carrying Crude Oil And Here's Why

Oil companies are partnering with international space agencies for a very important and interesting mission. They hope to learn more about how crude oil behaves on Earth by bringing it to space.

Space April 9, 2016

Blue Origin Relaunches, Lands New Shepard Rocket With Microgravity Science Experiments

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket re-launched into space on April 2 and safely landed back to Earth. The reusable rocket carried two microgravity science experiments: BORE and COLLIDE.

Space April 4, 2016

NASA And The ESA Study How Microgravity Affects The Brain

Both NASA and the ESA currently have projects dedicated to studying what happens in astronauts' brains while they're subjected to microgravity by taking MRI scans of their heads both before and after spaceflight.

Space October 16, 2015

Biotech Firms To Conduct Microgravity Experiments Onboard The ISS

Two companies will be given the opportunity to send in their science experiments to the International Space Station. The two biotech firms will be able to conduct their studies in the microgravity environment of space and is looking forward to boost their research on their specific scientific fields.

Space July 9, 2015

The Effects Of Space Flight On The Immune System

Space flight can cause immune systems to react as if they are aging. What could this mean to the future of space travel?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 3, 2015

Rats are the new astronauts: NASA to send rats to space to test microgravity effect

NASA plans long-term stay on space station for some four-legged astronauts. Rats will spend up to 3 months aboard the orbiting science facility.

Space August 21, 2014

New cool burning flame discovered in International Space Station experiments

A study conducted on the ISS, controlled remotely by scientists on earth, showed that in a microgravity environment, droplets of heptane combust with an invisible cool flame. This combustion reaction, if recreated on earth, could pave way for cleaner, more efficient car engines.

Space July 28, 2014

Want an office space at the ISS? NASA opens Space Station for commercial opportunities

The International Space Station (ISS) as we know it is taking its chances in the commercial sector, opening its doors for companies interested in using microgravity to develop a strong commercial market as well as assisting the agency with its future space explorations.

Space May 1, 2014

NASA to conduct first ever twin astronaut study on Mark and Scott Kelly

NASA will be conducting a novel experiment involving twins. The experiment could shed more light on the effects spaceflight on the human body.

Space March 9, 2014

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