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These Are The Worst Phone Owners In The US, According To Verizon

A new survey revealed how phone owners in the U.S. have broken or lost their devices. While some reasons are acceptable, there are a number of instances when the reasons for breaking or losing the device are simply unthinkable.

Society March 9, 2016

Best Android Smartphones 2015: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 6P, LG G4 And More

The smartphone market had seen the release of a number of mobile phones in 2015. Here is a list of some of the best Android smartphones launched in 2015.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 22, 2015

New Study Suggests Cellphone Data Can Effectively Track Spread Of Infectious Diseases

Calling and sending messages through mobile phones do not only help people communicate with each other, it can actually help track down infectious diseases as well. A group of scientists tracked down cellphone usage and long-term infectious diseases data and found that both produced same results.

Life August 22, 2015

Nokia Aims To Return To Cell Phone Business - With The Right Partner

Nokia may enter the mobile phone market again, but not before the final quarter of 2016. The company will make a comeback to the phone industry if it finds an appropriate partner.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 15, 2015

Police Investigate If Bruce Jenner Was On Phone During Fatal Car Crash

Investigators are planning to obtain the mobile phone records of Bruce Jenner and the other drivers that were involved in a multi-vehicle accident that resulted in the death of a woman on Feb. 7.

Movies/TV Shows February 9, 2015

Obama: Mobile phone unlocking law gives 'ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice'

A new law inked by President Obama will give consumers the ability to unlock their cell phones. This should help increase competition and give customers more rights, says the White House.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 3, 2014

Virgin Mobile pitches custom wireless plan via Wal-Mart

Sprint and Virgin Mobile are to launch a new custom cell phone plan option at participating Wal-Mart stores. The move is aimed at giving users more flexibility.

Business July 30, 2014

SoftBank: We're optimistic on Sprint and T-Mobile merger

SoftBank continues to push potential merger with T-Mobile. The move has been met with resistance from American regulators.

Deals June 17, 2014

Sprint makes move to merge with T-Mobile

Sprint is looking to make the merger with T-Mobile happen. It comes after much top-level chatter over the potential deal.

Deals June 6, 2014

Experts recruit London students for study on effects of mobile phones on developing brains

The Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones will involve about 2,500 children between 11 and 12 years old to determine the effects of mobile phone use on the brains and cognitive skills of young users.

Life May 20, 2014

15 hours on the mobile phone each month ups risk for brain cancer: Study

Prolonged mobile phone use was found to increase risks for brain cancer. Researchers found people working in sales and those with phone-heavy jobs have increased risks for glioma and meningioma.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 17, 2014

iPhone 6 rumor update: Purported mold suggests 4.7-inch display, device may cost $100 more

Rumors are growing over the new iPhone 6, with a potential price increase of $100 worrying cell phone carriers and potential customers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 15, 2014 plans to launch smartwatch in July:

Black Eyed Peas member will launch his smartwatch innovation July of this year. Will it be a hit or a miss again for the musician-entrepreneur?

Wearable Tech April 7, 2014

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