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Nanoparticle Injection Gives Mice Night Vision To See In Infrared

An experiment enabled mice to see through near-infrared light using nanoparticles. Mammals can only process images with shorter wavelengths or those visible through the naked eye.

Material Science March 2, 2019

Fastest-Spinning Particles: Nanoparticles That Spin A Billion Times Per Second To Test Limits Of Physics

Two teams of researchers were able to create nanoparticles that spin around each other in record frequencies of a billion times per second. This creates the fastest mechanical rotation in history.

Energy July 20, 2018

Nanoparticles Experience Unusual Forces In Vacuum: Study

A new study has revealed that nanoparticles experience a unique force in a vacuum, contradicting classical physics that friction is essential for all movement. The Casimir Effect causes nanoparticles to move laterally without any surface contact.

Energy April 12, 2017

Researchers Find A Way To Safely Recycle Old Gadgets: Turn Them To Dust

Researchers from Rice University devise a way to safely dispose electronic wastes by turning them into nanoparticles. Resulting gadget dust can be sorted and reused.

Material Science March 27, 2017

Precise Location And Identity Of 23,000 Atoms In A Nanoparticle Seen In 3D Mapping

Physicists at UCLA mapped the coordinates of more than 23,000 individual atoms in a nanoparticle. The precise configuration will now help scientists in making changes in properties of materials by working on their basic structures at the atomic level.

Material Science February 8, 2017

Nanoparticles For Medicine: Breakthrough Screening Method Makes Selection Viable And Easy

The challenges involved in selecting the right and biocompatible nanoparticles for medicinal use have been solved by a team of researchers from the universities of Geneva and Fribourg. They devised a new screening method offering safety, cost efficiency, and speed.

Biotech February 4, 2017

This New Technology Could Deliver Drugs And Nanoparticles To Brain Injuries

A new technology based on peptides may help doctors deliver drugs to injured brains areas without invasive means. The procedure could assist patients of traumatic brain injuries such as mild concussions.

Medicine June 29, 2016

These Smart Glass Panes Contain Light-Emitting Nanoparticles

Smart glass embedded with light-emitting nanoparticles is now possible. Researchers from Australia were able to develop a method that would carefully integrate nanoparticles into glass panels without disrupting their original properties.

Material Science June 11, 2016

New Imaging Method Facilitates Nanoparticle Visualization And Identification In Tissues

Nanoparticles have brought great improvement to processes and products, but exposure may be a cause for concern. Researchers developed a new imaging method to make it easier to identify nanoparticles for biological applications.

March 29, 2016

Superbug Solution? Light-Activated Nanoparticles Kill More Than 90 Percent Of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Quantum dots, or light-activated nanoparticles that are about 20,000 times smaller than human hair, successfully killed 92 percent of drug-resistant bacteria. Will they be man's next ally in the fight against antibiotic resistance?

Life January 19, 2016

Flexible Film May Pave Way For Portable Cancer Detector

A thin, flexible film developed by researchers from the University of Michigan can detect biomarkers of cancer in the blood. It may eventually lead to the development of phone-sized cancer detection devices.

Life January 17, 2016

Magnesium Infused With Ceramic Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles May Pave Way For Lighter, Better Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

A group of researchers from the University of California Los Angeles have developed a new material that infuses ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles with magnesium, creating an extremely strong yet extremely lightweight material.

Animals December 28, 2015

Magnetic Nanoparticle Chain Provides New Technique To Remotely Control Soft Robots

Researchers were able to develop a technique that can help control soft robots. By aligning magnetic nanoparticle chains to control elastic polymers, soft robots may soon be manipulated remotely.

December 22, 2015

New Technique Purifies Contaminated Water By Shaking Out Nanomaterials

A simple new technique can purify contaminated water by shaking out nanomaterials. This purification method is as simple as shaking a vial of oil and water.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2015

Nanoparticles Increase Growth And Antioxidant Levels Of Tomato Plants

Researchers discovered that using nanoparticles led tomato plants to better absorb light and minerals and exhibit higher antioxidant properties. They used new aerosolization methods in their study holding promise for improved use of resources and global food security.

Animals November 10, 2015

Nanoparticles With 'Yolk And Shell' Arrangement May Lead To Better Rechargeable Batteries

Researchers use "yolk and shell" configuration that combats constant expansion and contraction, addressing wear and tear that cuts performance in rechargeable batteries.

Energy August 7, 2015

Mesh With Nano-Particle Coating Could Be Effective, Cheap Tool For Oil-Spill Cleanup

Researchers turn to nature to develop material that could be effective tool for pollution cleanup. Natural coating of lotus leaves inspires nanotechnology that can separate oil from water.

April 15, 2015

Google X Creates Synthetic Human Skin To Help Develop Wearable That Detects Cancer Cells

Google X is more than just self-driving cars, Google Glass, and balloon-delivered Internet. The search company’s moonshot laboratory also has a life sciences division.

Wearable Tech January 30, 2015

Google delves deep into health care with a whopper of a disease detector

Google is working on developing nanoparticles that will be able to search the body for diseases, including cancer, and warn patients of those diseases very early on. The strategy is to go from reactive to proactive medical treatment, says a researcher.

Wearable Tech October 28, 2014

Nanoparticle innovation promises cheaper, lighter solar cells

Solar cells could, one day, be painted onto surfaces, thanks to new nanoparticles

Energy June 11, 2014

Nanoparticles advancement makes for cheaper solar cells

New kind of nanoparticle could bring solar power to millions at an affordable cost. Technology could have other uses as well, Canadian researchers say.

Energy June 10, 2014

Transparent HUD now possible, thanks to MIT researchers

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a transparent display crafted from nanoparticles integrated into a thin plastic material that can be attached to almost any glass. The proof-of-concept study indicates that in the future, heads-up displays will be affordable, easy to manufacture, and with wide viewing angles.

Animals January 22, 2014

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