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Nuclear Fusion Reactor Reaches Temperatures Hotter Than Sun’s Core

UK-based Tokamak Energy’s nuclear fusion reactor was able to generate a temperature of 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. The company is on track to create commercially available nuclear fusion energy by 2030.

Energy June 12, 2018

Mass-Produced Graphene Sheets On Its Way To Revolutionize Tech Products

Graphene, when produced in large quantities for commercial use, could change the production of technology products. Scientists at MIT were able to manufacture 10 meters of thin graphene rolls of high quality.

Material Science April 22, 2018

Visualizing Flow Of Energy May Make Nuclear Fusion Possible

Controlled nuclear fusion is a dream for scientists and advocates of clean energy. Now, a new method has been developed in San Diego and may just be the first step needed to turn the dream into a reality.

Energy January 20, 2016

MIT Researchers Propose A Fusion Reactor That Might Be The Key To Limitless Energy Resources

MIT researchers have come up with a design for a tiny fusion reactor that might have the potential to generate just as much energy as larger planned reactors - and could bring practical, limitless energy to the public in less than a decade.

FUTURE TECH August 12, 2015

Japan Restarts Nuclear Reactor After Ban Following Fukushima Meltdown

The first nuclear reactor to go back online following Japan’s Fukushima disaster has been turned on in the middle of a fiery debate between proponents of nuclear energy and public safety advocates.

Society August 11, 2015

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