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Researchers Track Down Uranium Cubes Made In Germany During WW II

Two researchers investigated the history of uranium cubes and uncovered Nazi Germany's plans to build nuclear reactors at the end of World War II. Adolf Hitler nuclear efforts spurred the creation of the U.S.-led Manhattan Project.

Energy May 2, 2019

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Reaches Temperatures Hotter Than Sun’s Core

UK-based Tokamak Energy’s nuclear fusion reactor was able to generate a temperature of 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. The company is on track to create commercially available nuclear fusion energy by 2030.

Energy June 12, 2018

NASA To Discuss New Experiment On Kilopower Nuclear Reactor Power System Designed For Space Missions

NASA invited the press to a conference where they will be discussing its most recent experiment that involved a new nuclear power reactor essential for the slated Moon and Mars missions.

Space April 19, 2018

Kilopower: NASA Testing Nuclear Power System For Future Surface Missions

Kilopower is on its way to changing the future of exploration missions in space. The nuclear power source can provide 10 kilowatts of continuous energy for 10 years or more.

Space January 19, 2018

Japan Restarts Nuclear Reactor After Ban Following Fukushima Meltdown

The first nuclear reactor to go back online following Japan’s Fukushima disaster has been turned on in the middle of a fiery debate between proponents of nuclear energy and public safety advocates.

Society August 11, 2015

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