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Great White Sharks Often Fear Killer Whales, Says Study

A new study found that great white sharks, no matter how tough they seem, cower in the presence of killer whales. Researchers revealed that whenever a killer whale shows up, great white sharks leave hunting grounds.

Animals April 18, 2019

New App Lets People Listen To Orca Sounds From The Pacific

Citizen scientists can aid the monitoring of orcas by using a web-based app that broadcasts the audio from the marine mammals. Called Orcasounds, the app has been relaunched this month.

Animals November 19, 2018

Banned Chemical Pollutant Threatens World's Killer Whale Populations

It was over 40 years ago when the first efforts to ban PCBs were initiated. Still, the banned chemical continues its deadly threat, especially among killer whales.

Animals September 28, 2018

Active Search For 3-Year-Old Orca J50 Ended But Authorities Still On Alert

Has J50 already died? Authorities are growing concerned as she has not been seen for days. The authorities are to remain alert even after the active search has already ended.

Animals September 16, 2018

NOAA Considering Capture Of Sick Orca As Last Resort Treatment

NOAA said that it might have to capture J50, a sick orca, in order to perform a physical examination and determine an effective treatment. The health of the marine mammal has been declining in the past few weeks.

Animals September 13, 2018

NOAA Researchers Look To Parasite As Cause For Orca Health Problems

NOAA researchers have reported that J50, an orca spotted in the West Coast, had parasites in its fecal matter. The orca has been at the center of research after it was spotted showing signs of lethargy.

Earth/Environment August 21, 2018

Scientists Watch As Killer Whale Murders Newborn Orca: Why Did This Happen?

For the first time, scientists witnessed and documented a killer whale infanticide. A 32-year-old adult orca killed an infant orca, for a reason that may as well have come from the plot of a TV drama.

Animals March 24, 2018

Captive Orcas Chew On Concrete And Steel Out Of Boredom And Anxiety

Researchers found that orcas in captivity incurred significant damage to their teeth from chewing on concrete and steel. The behavior is likely amplified by boredom and anxiety from captivity.

Animals October 13, 2017

Orca Low Pregnancy Rates Largely Blamed On Scarce Food: What Can Be Done To Save The Endangered Killer Whales?

A recent study found that a major reason for orca pregnancy failure is food shortage. What are the other things that contribute to the dwindling orca population?

Animals July 1, 2017

Orca Failed Pregnancies Linked To Scarce Food Due To Salmon Shortage

Food shortage has been linked to the high rate of failed pregnancies in killer whales. The findings highlight the importance of restoring the population of the Chinook salmon to save the endangered orcas.

Animals June 29, 2017

Orca Attacks Are Killing More Gray Whales In California Than Previously Thought: Study

Orca attacks on the calves of gray whales have increased in California’s Monterey Bay. The killings became more pronounced after April 20, despite the late arrival of calves and mothers from Mexico.

Animals May 2, 2017

SeaWorld Announces Birth Of Last Baby Orca Born In Captivity

SeaWorld announces the birth of an orca calf in San Antonio. The birth marks their last orca birth in captivity, and a last chance for guests to watch an orca calf’s growth up-close.

Animals April 20, 2017

Orcas Spew An Array Of Bacteria When They Exhale, And Human Waste May Be To Blame

New research has found that orcas or killer whales breath out good bacteria, pathogenic ones such as salmonella, and fungi when they exhale. Human waste contaminating the environment may be to blame.

Animals March 25, 2017

Killer Whale Study Sheds Light On Why Orcas Undergo Menopause

Why do killer whales go through menopause? New study reveals this may have something to do with the family structure of killer whales, competition for food, and survival chances of calves.

Animals January 13, 2017

Oldest Known Orca J2 Granny Considered Dead

J2 Granny, one of the oldest known killer whales in the world, was last seen in October 2016 and is now presumed dead. How old was she?

Animals January 3, 2017

Predator Of Sharks: Rarely Seen Killer Whales Caught On Video Eating A Shark Alive

A group of offshore orcas, a seldom-seen sub-species of killer whale, was caught on video feasting on a shark. The footage provides additional evidence that these orcas are predators of sharks.

Animals December 19, 2016

Why Do Humpback Whales Save Seals, Sunfish From Killer Whales?

Are humpback whales just 'accidental defenders' of smaller marine creatures or are they naturally inclined toward helping others? A new study attempts to find out.

Animals August 8, 2016

Morgan The Orca Beached Herself: What Really Happened?

A captive killer whale was caught on video beaching herself after a show in Tenerife, Spain. Some say she was trying to kill herself, but what really happened?

Animals June 9, 2016

Clash Of Titans: Whale Watchers Witness Transient Orca Whales Attack Gray Whales Off The Coast Of Everett

Whale watchers had the rare chance of witnessing a fight between four orcas and two 40-ton gray whales in Puget Sound. While orcas aren't called killer whales for nothing, young male orca T137A probably didn't expect the fight he picked.

Animals April 3, 2016

Orcas Win! SeaWorld Decides To Stop Breeding Captive Killer Whales

SeaWorld on Thursday announced that it will stop breeding captive orcas or killer whales. The theme park will be re-focusing efforts to rescue stranded marine mammals and help them find a home.

Society March 18, 2016

Ship Noise Harms Ability Of Endangered Killer Whales To Hear Each Other In The Pacific Ocean

A new study found that ship noise can impair endangered killer whales' ability to communicate and find prey. Researchers found that ship noise can extend from low to high frequency, which the orcas use to communicate.

Earth/Environment February 3, 2016

SeaWorld Continues Struggle To Overcome Negative Publicity Brought By Documentary 'Blackfish'

At the wake of the Blackfish documentary that depicted the story of one of the killer whales in the theme park, SeaWorld continues to struggle in overcoming negative publicity, as well as problems that had surfaced.

Animals November 9, 2015

California Lawmaker Wants To End SeaWorld Killer Whale Displays

A California lawmaker announced that he is passing a bill to prohibit the breeding, import and export of orcas or killer whales. Rep. Adam Schiff wants to put an end to orcas being held in captivity for public display.

November 9, 2015

NOAA Scientists Use Drone To Study Endangered Killer Whales

The drone flown near San Juan Islands in Washington captured photos of the killer whales and the 81-member orca population spending some time in Canadian waters. The rich images also offered clues into the species' social bonding.

Animals October 24, 2015

SeaWorld To Challenge Regulators Over California Orca Breeding Ban

The California Coastal Commission has put a ban on breeding captive killer whales as one of its conditions to get approval for fish tank expansion. Marine animal park SeaWorld plans to file legal action against this.

Animals October 16, 2015

Forget Jaws, This Video of Orcas Chasing a Speedboat Will Really Give You Ocean Nighmares [Video]

It was right under them. A family of killer whales gave two San Diego fishermen a scare when it chased after their speedboat.

Internet Culture September 16, 2015

Conservationists Urging Public To Help Survey By Reporting Whale And Dolphin Sightings

Marine experts and volunteers encourage the public to help report whale, dolphin and porpoise sightings for the enrichment of the national sightings map and records. In line with this, the 14th National Whale and Dolphin Watch will be running throughout the week to increase public awareness and participation.

Earth/Environment July 31, 2015

Fake Orca Mission Goes Belly Up: Capsizes And Fails To Scare Away Sea Lions

An Oregon community used a fake orca to try to ward off large numbers of sea lions that threaten Astoria's fishing industry. Unfortunately, the motorized boat capsized on the day of its launch.

Animals June 7, 2015

Oregon Town Tries Using Fake Orca To Scare Away Sea Lions - The World's First Scaresealion?

A fake orca whale will soon head to Port of Astoria, Oregon, to scare off an invasion of sea lions. Could this actually work?

May 26, 2015

Whale Watchers Spot Fourth Newborn Orca For The Season

An endangered killer whale population in the waters of British Columbia and Washington was spotted with its fourth newborn since December.

Earth/Environment April 1, 2015

Killer Whales, Post Menopause, Become Key Leaders In Their Pods: Here's Why

Post-menopausal killer whales tend to be the leader of their pod. New research reveals this has something to do with the older female's experience, which could increase the survival odds of its kin.

Earth/Environment March 8, 2015

Killer Whale in Miami Seaquarium Given Endangered Protection

Lolita, a killer whale that has been living for over four decades in the Miami Seaquarium, has received endangered protection. The killer whale will, however, remain at the facility.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2015

It's a Girl! Will Newborn Orca Be Named Hope?

The birth of a baby orca in a pod of endangered killer whales is encouraging, researchers say. The baby orca brings the pod's population to 78 as numbers hover at a historical low.

Earth/Environment January 9, 2015

Newborn Killer Whale Source of Hope and Delight to Endangered Pod

A pod of orcas staying around Puget Sound has a baby after two and a half years. The new killer whale named J-50 is now more than one week old.

Animals January 7, 2015

Drone stalks killer whales and here's what it found

Unmanned aerial vehicle gives researchers closeup look at the life -- and death -- of Pacific Ocean killer whales. Drone followed whale families in waters off British Columbia.

Animals October 18, 2014

‘Blackfish’ causes SeaWorld stocks to dive

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. fell short on their expectations for the second quarter, as attendance continues to drop after the controversial documentary ‘Blackfish’ was released. SeaWorld’s image has been tainted after animal activists lobbied against orca captivity.

Movies/TV Shows August 13, 2014

Orcas are still threatened by extinction

Southern resident Orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, face several threats to their survival as a species. Ten years after protective efforts began by NOAA, they face problems.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2014

Hi Granny! World's oldest wild orca spotted off BC coast is probably older than your granny

World's oldest killer whale, thought to be 103 years old, was spotted near British Columbia. Dubbed "Granny," the orca is a member of an endangered group.

Animals May 15, 2014

Sacramento bill bans SeaWorld orca performance and captive breeding, gets blasted by San Diego mayor

After the release of a documentary that allegedly shows the mistreatment of orcas in SeaWorld San Diego, a lawmaker has proposed a bill to ban the use of killer whales in performances. However, San Diego's mayor has spoken out against the proposal.

Earth/Environment March 9, 2014

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