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Extraterrestrial Organic Matter Discovered In The Mountains Of South Africa

Ancient volcanic rock dated to 3.3 billion years ago contains organic matter originating from outer space, supporting theories that life on Earth sprung from material from elsewhere. What does this mean for our hunt for alien life?

Space May 27, 2019

Scientists Think NASA Caused A Mars ‘Proof Of Life’ Anomaly 40 Years Ago

Scientists proposed that NASA may have initially found life on Mars 40 years ago. The spacecraft used for the mission, however, may have accidentally evaporated the organic materials that would have been the first evidence of a Martian life.

Space July 12, 2018

Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Substantially More Organic Material Than Previously Thought

Astronomers studying Ceres found out that there is a surprisingly high amount of organic material on the dwarf planet than they thought. Scientists first found organic materials on the icy, rocky world in 2017.

Space June 14, 2018

Space Molecule That Smells Like Almond May Help Solve Interstellar Radiation Mystery

Researchers spotted an important molecule in space that smells like almond and could explain the puzzling glow of infrared light that persistently glows in space. Around 10 percent of all carbon in the universe is linked to these organic molecules.

Space January 12, 2018

Researchers Confirm 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen From Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur

From the femur of a Brachylophosaurus, collagen peptides were extracted, confirming organic molecules are capable of persisting even in specimens that are tens of millions years old.

Ancient January 24, 2017

Decades Of Hunting For LIfe On Titan Gets New Boost

Alien life may be more likely than once believed on the surface of Titan, researchers discover. What other evidence do we have for extraterrestrial life on the surface of the largest moon of Saturn?

Space July 12, 2016

Comet Lovejoy Spews Alcohol And Sugar Across Solar System: No Booze Overload, But What's Next?

Comet Lovejoy was found spewing ethanol and sugar, providing evidence that comets carry complex organic molecules. Further investigation could reveal if these organic materials came from ancient clouds of gas that formed the solar system.

Space October 26, 2015

This 3D Printer Produces Molecules From Scratch

A new 3D printer is able to manufacture small organic molecules, but what can this mean for research into new chemicals?

March 13, 2015

Curiosity Finds Methane, Other Organic Molecules Evidence on Mars: Alien Life Found?

Curiosity rover found methane and organic molecules on planet Mars. On Earth, these chemicals are the building blocks of life.

Space December 17, 2014

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