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Lack Of Oxford Comma Leads Truck Drivers To Win Overtime Dispute Against Maine Company

The lack of the Oxford comma could lead Oakhurst Dairy to lose an estimated $10 million to its truck drivers. The class-action lawsuit centers on overtime pay being disputed based on the lack of a comma in an exemption clause.

Business Tech March 17, 2017

This Is How New Overtime Rule Could Affect Millions Of US Workers

Will the Obama administration's new overtime rule hurt the workforce? Here's how the new regulations could potentially affect millions of middle-class U.S. workers, and it doesn't look too promising.

Feature | Culture May 22, 2016

Obama Administration Extends Overtime Pay Eligibility To Millions Of Workers

The Obama administration has announced new rules to extend overtime pay eligibility to millions of workers. The new rules aim to strengthen the status of middle class families and improve quality of life.

Business Tech May 18, 2016

Supreme Court to Amazon Workers: No Extra Pay for Time Spent on Security Checks

Amazon workers cannot claim overtime pay for waiting in line for security screening after their shifts, the high court rules. Employees, however, say the entire screening takes up nearly half an hour or a total of 2.5 hours every week.

Society December 10, 2014

LinkedIn agrees to pay $5.9 million in overtime wages, damages

LinkedIn Corp is paying almost $6 million in overtime back wages and liquidated damages to employees. The move is in response to an investigation that the company violated the FLSA.

Business August 6, 2014

LinkedIn paying $6M for violating national wage law

The business social network site is paying employees owed overtime and damages following a federal labor investigation. The settlement also requires the company to conduct training regarding employee hours and required payment for nonexempt employees.

Business August 5, 2014

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