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Do Parallel Universes Exist? Stephen Hawking's Last Paper May Help Prove Multiverse Theory.

Stephen Hawking's last scientific paper sets out the mathematics needed to help deep-space probes collect evidence that can prove the multiverse theory. The idea suggests the existence of other universes other than our own.

Space March 19, 2018

Scientists Say 'Cold Spot' In Space Could Be Evidence Of The Multiverse

New research suggests that parallel universes - long held to be the province of comic books and science fiction - might exist. Scientists are hoping their studies of the cosmic microwave background - and a 'Cold Spot' in space - might prove the existence of the multiverse.

Space May 18, 2017

Multiple Timelines In Parallel Universes Could Make Time Travel Possible

If the theory of parallel universes with multiple timelines is correct, time travel would be a possibility. The idea could mean that in some universes, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed Earth.

Feature | Science November 30, 2016

The Biggest Science Stories Of 2015: Water On Mars, Proof Of Parallel Universe And 'End Of Times' Clouds In Costa Rica

2015 is marked by milestone discoveries in science. From evidence of liquid water on Mars to alien megastructures surrounding a distant star, Tech Times looks back at the biggest science stories of the year.

December 19, 2015

Do We Live In A Multiverse? Strange Glow At Edge Of Milky Way Could Be Evidence Of Parallel Universe

A Caltech cosmologist found mysterious spots of light while studying a cosmic microwave background map. These spots of light may be due to an occurrence that could have resulted from the bumping of two parallel universes.

Space November 7, 2015

Is This Evidence Of Parallel Universe? Thousands Report 'Floating City' Above China [Video]

A floating city was reportedly seen by people hovering above the skies of Foshan and Jiangxi in China. Could this be proof that parallel universe exists?

Space October 18, 2015

DC's 'Convergance' event sees the return of the multiverse

While many thought that DC was leaving behind its multiple parallel universes after the events of The New 52, that's apparently not the case anymore. The company just announced 'Convergence,' which will see the return of the DC multiverse.

Geek November 3, 2014

Parallel universes are real and they interact with each other, new theory suggests

In a new quantum theory "Many-Interacting Worlds," scientists proposed that parallel universes do exist and that rather than evolving independently, these worlds interact with each other.

Space November 3, 2014

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