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Third Case Of Rat Lungworm Confirmed In Hawaii

Hawaii announces the third confirmed case of rat lungworm disease on the island in 2019. Find out more about this parasitic infection that can cause a rare type of meningitis in patients.

Public Health April 28, 2019

10-Year-Old Girl Contracts Parasitic Infection After Playing In Pigsty Mud

Parasitic fleas burrowed into the girls feet while she played in a muddy pigsty in Brazil. The symptoms indicate that the 10-year-old contracted a tropical disease known as tungiasis.

Public Health April 2, 2019

Teen Infected With Hookworms After Friends Bury Him In Sands Of Florida Beach

Michael Dumas' friends buried him in the sand during a trip to a Florida Beach. The doctor said hookworms may have burrowed under his feet while he was buried.

Public Health July 25, 2018

Tingling Feeling In Woman's Feet Caused By Tapeworm In Her Spine: Here Are Other Signs Of The Parasitic Infection

A tapeworm in the spine turned out to be responsible for the odd sensation and pain in a French woman's feet. What are the other symptoms associated with echinococcus granulosus infection?

Public Health July 13, 2018

Parasite In Del Monte Vegetables Sickens More Than 200 People: Symptoms Of Cyclosporiasis To Watch Out For

Experts suspect that there could be more cases of cyclosporiasis linked to Del Monte vegetable trays since signs of infection may emerge a week after eating contaminated food. What are the symptoms of the parasitic illness?

Public Health July 9, 2018

Malaria Parasite Tricks Liver Cells In Order To Survive And Reproduce

Researchers found that the malaria parasite, Plasmodium, can take advantage of liver cells to survive and reproduce. The finding, said the researchers, could lead them to develop new drugs that would help treat malaria even before any symptoms appear.

Medicine May 23, 2018

Pet Owners Warned Not To Feed Animals With Raw Meat Products

Researchers are warning pet owners about the dangers of feeding their pets raw meat products, as they pose a risk not only to animals but also to themselves. These products were often found to be infected with parasites and bacteria.

Public Health January 13, 2018

Brain-Invading Parasite May Have Spread Due To Climate Change And Globalization

Rat lungworm was first detected in Taiwan in 1944 and has since spread to other parts of the world including the United States. How does globalization and climate change help spread the parasite?

Public Health April 8, 2017

New Drug Can Kill Parasites That Cause Three Neglected Tropical Diseases Affecting Millions Worldwide

The new compound GNF6702 can kill the kinteoplastid parasites that cause the neglected tropical diseases chagas disease, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness. In a study on mice, treatment did not cause adverse side effects.

Medicine August 9, 2016

20-Foot Tapeworm Found Inside Intestine Of Chinese Man Suffering From Stomach Pains

A man from China who was suffering from stomach pains and drastic weight loss excreted a 20-foot long tapeworm. Doctors said he likely ingested the parasite from eating raw beef.

Life January 22, 2016

Parasitic Worm Linked To High Fertility Rate In Bolivian Women: Other Parasitic Infections That Alter Human Health

Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara found that a lifetime of roundworm infection among indigenous women in Bolivia has led to a considerable increase in their fertility. The researchers are now exploring the potential of using the parasitic worm to develop fertility-enhancing treatments.

Life November 22, 2015

$13.50 To $750: Price Of Popular Parasitic Infection Drug Daraprim Increases By About 5,000 Percent

The price of Daraprim, a standard treatment for parasitic infection toxoplasmosis, increased from $13.50 To $750. Turing Pharmaceuticals said that it will use the money to develop better treatments for the disease with fewer side effects.

Life September 22, 2015

Parasite Found To Be Carried By Florida Snails Is Rare But Can Be Deadly

Parasite found in invasive snails in Florida is a threat to both humans and animals, scientists say. Spread of the parasite in Florida is more extensive than previously thought, they find.

February 26, 2015

Fossil Evidence Hints of Another Problem for Humans with Climate Change -- More Parasitic Infections

Climate changes is also resulting in parasitic infections in humans, reveals a new study. The parasitic infections can also be fatal in humans.

Life January 14, 2015

Discovery of parasite egg in 6200-year-old Syrian grave throws light on disease spread

New evidence found in a Syrian grave reveals that ancient irrigation may have triggered the widespread of diseases such as schistosomiasis, caused by flatworms or parasites. Here’s what the experts found.

Life June 22, 2014

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