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US Supreme Court Makes New Ruling On Patent Litigation To Fend Off Patent Trolls

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a new ruling regarding patent litigation and it deals a heavy blow to patent trolls. The ruling was not for technology companies in particular, but it will benefit them nonetheless.

Business Tech May 23, 2017

Samsung Beats Apple In Supreme Court: Reassessing Damages In Federal Circuit

Samsung scored a major win against Apple on Tuesday, in a long-standing patent dispute. The Supreme Court overturned a previous federal court ruling awarding Apple nearly $400 million in damages for Samsung products that infringed on its design patents.

Business Tech December 6, 2016

Google And Microsoft Get Along, Stop Regulatory Complaints

Google and Microsoft call truce and agreed to drop regulatory complaints against each other. The two tech giants announced that they are ready to work together moving forward, thus ending their long history of bitter rivalry.

Business Tech April 23, 2016

Nokia Resolves Patent Dispute With Samsung But Not Everyone Is Happy

Nokia has ended a lengthy patent dispute with Samsung. However, investors were disappointed with how the deal ended financially, with shares of the Finnish company dropping by more than 10 percent.

Legal February 1, 2016

Here's The Big Catch In Samsung's $548 Million Offer To Settle Patent Dispute With Apple

Samsung has finally agreed to pay Apple $548 million in an effort to resolve a long-running patent dispute, however there is a catch. Samsung said that it reserves the right to a reimbursement should the amount change due to an appeal.

Legal December 7, 2015

Google And Microsoft Have Settled Their 5-Year Patent Dispute

Google and Microsoft have settled a years-long patent dispute out of court, saying they have agreed to collaborate on patent matters and that they would likely work together on projects in the future.

Legal September 30, 2015

German Federal Court Of Justice Nullifies Apple's Swipe-To-Unlock Patent

A Federal Court of Justice in Germany nullfied Apple's patent for the swipe-to-unlock feature for iPads and iPhones. The court ruled that the patent was not based on a new invention.

Legal August 27, 2015

Ericsson Hauls Apple To European Courts Over Royalty Payments Row

The legal battle over patent use could be a lucrative win as Ericsson may be entitled to $240 million to $725 million in annual royalty patents.

Legal May 9, 2015

Microsoft, Samsung Kiss And Make Up: RIP Android Patent Royalties Dispute

Microsoft and Samsung have settled the Android patent royalties dispute between the two companies, though terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Legal February 10, 2015

Google, LG shake hands on 'global patent license agreement': Here's what it means

After striking a 10-year cross-licensing agreement with Samsung, Google turns to another Korean electronics maker to offer the same deal.

Deals November 6, 2014

ITC investigation of Nvidia patent complaint could land Samsung in trouble

Score one victory for Nvidia against Samsung and Qualcomm, with the ITC agreeing to probe its complaint that the smartphone maker and the chip maker infringed upon Nvidia’s GPU patents.

Legal October 7, 2014

Finger-pointing: Here's why Apple and Samsung fail to settle patent disputes

Apple and Samsung agree to peace talks but blame each other for failing to reach a settlement. The battle ensues but one analyst believes Apple is only looking for a “face-saving strategy” and will give in before long.

Legal May 21, 2014

Samsung turns to Google in patent fight against Apple

Samsung and Google are on the offensive in the court battle over patents and infringement of Apple technology in their Android devices.

Legal April 13, 2014

Patent Wars: The Return of Samsung - Apple's request to ban 23 products fails...again

Once again, Apple's proposed ban on Samsung products that allegedly infringe on its patents is shot down. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh stated that Apple did not present a persuasive case for the ban.

Legal March 9, 2014

Apple, Samsung mediation breaks down, March patent trial looms

Apple and Samsung are gearing up to lash out at each other hard at the scheduled trial for patent infringement in the U.S. next month after the mediation process broke down last week.

Legal February 25, 2014

Twitter ends spat with IBM by buying over 900 patents

Twitter has acquired over 900 patents from IBM.

Deals February 3, 2014

Apple iPad Air clubbed by patent troll lawsuit

Apple has been sued by Texas-based Hilltop Technology for allegedly violating its patent for capacitive touch display technlogy used in iPad Air and other iDevices.

Legal February 2, 2014

Samsung gains Google and Ericsson as allies with patent licensing deals: What you should know

Samsung reached a cross-licensing patent pact with Google on Monday, Jan. 27. In less than 24 hours, Galaxy smartphone maker, which is embroiled in a patent dispute with Apple, also sealed a patent pact with Ericsson.

Legal January 27, 2014

Apple refuses to engage in patent settlement talks with Samsung without anti-cloning provisions

Apple has insisted inclusion of anti-cloning provisions in every potential patent litigation settlement with Samsung, according to a recent court filing.

Legal January 21, 2014

South Korea court KOs Samsung: Apple didn't steal any patent

A Seoul court KOs Samsung claiming that Apple did not steal the South Korean firm's patent.

Legal December 12, 2013

Samsung must pay Apple $290 million for copying iPhone, iPad features: Jury

Samsung will have to pay Apple $290 million in damages per the jury verdict.

Legal November 22, 2013

Forget lost profits, judge tells Apple in patent infringement retrial

Assumptions as to when Samsung may have started working around Apple patents isn't enough for the iPhone maker to go after lost profits, says Judge Lucy Koh.

Legal November 19, 2013

Phil Schiller miffed Samsung 'copied' Apple's 'bet the company' product

Apple's SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, is miffed that Samsung "copied" the company's "bet the company" product.

Legal November 16, 2013

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