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Real Shocker: Pennsylvania Woman Gets $284 Billion Electricity Bill

A system error reportedly generated a $284 billion electricity bill for a Pennsylvania resident. The power company eventually confirmed that it was an incorrect amount caused by an unknown glitch.

Business Tech December 29, 2017

Think Twice Before Going On That Dirty Water Ride: Pennsylvania Man Victimized By Eye-Eating Parasite

Robert Trostle sued Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, claiming that he contracted an eye-eating parasite from the Raging Rapids ride. Trostle is still not cured even after a painful surgery that tried to scrape the parasite off his eye.

Public Health December 1, 2017

Racist Facebook Posts About Obama Lead To Pennsylvania Mayor's Resignation

Charles Wasko, the mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, recently resigned after a public scandal hit the media. He stepped down only days after his racist Facebook posts involving President Obama caused public outrage.

Internet October 19, 2016

Mysterious Stomach Bug Sickens 200 At A Pennsylvania College

A stomach bug has sickened about 200 students at a Pennsylvania College. Ursinus College and the Montgomery County Department of Health (MCHD) are working together to determine the cause of the mysterious illness.

Life February 15, 2016

Pennsylvania Hospital Says 1,300 Open Heart Surgery Patients May Have Been Exposed To Potentially Fatal Bacteria

Some 1,300 open heart surgery patients from a Pennsylvania hospital have been notified that they could be infected by a bacteria found in other patients. The cause, CDC found, was the use of infected medical devices, which the hospital has already replaced.

Life October 27, 2015

People Residing Near Fracking Sites Have More Health Problems: Study

Experts tallied hospitalization rates in Pennsylvania and found that areas with fracking hotspots are more likely to cause a higher number of hospitalizations than areas that do now allow fracking. Heart disease and neurological problems are the most common effects of fracking in these hotspots.

Life July 17, 2015

3-Year-Old Nebraska Girl's Death Helps Two Boys From Pennsylvania Live

A girl from Nebraska, who just died due to brain cancer continues to give joy as her organs were donated to two little boys from Pennsylvania. The two boys are doing well after surgery and the parents are grateful to the mother of the late child.

Life July 5, 2015

Thick Swarm Of Mayflies Forces Temporary Closure Of Bridge In Pennsylvania

Swarms of mayflies have prompted authorities in Pennsylvania to close Veterans Memorial Bridge. The bugs also caused three motorcycle accidents.

June 16, 2015

Radon In Pennsylvania Homes Could Be Linked To Fracking - Is The Quest For Fuel Endangering Families?

Radon levels in Pennsylvania homes seem to equate with fracking operations in the state. How dangerous is the problem?

Life April 9, 2015

Groundhog Day: How The Early Spring or Extended Winter Forecast Tradition Came to Be

On Feb. 2, 1887, the first groundhog meteorologist began forecasting the weather, and so it has been so for the next several decades leading up to today.

Society February 2, 2015

Philadelphia Health Officials Warn of Possible Measles Exposure at Please Touch Museum, Suburban Pharmacy

Possible measles exposure reported for a museum and drugstore in Philadelphia. While most people are vaccinated for the disease, there are some categories such as infants under 12 months, who can still get infected.

Life January 2, 2015

Pennsylvania Man Who Helped Subdue Gunman Honored as Carnegie Hero

Bernard Kozen, a 56-year-old parks director for a township in Pennsylvania, will be awarded as a Carnegie Hero for his act of heroism.

Society December 23, 2014

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State

Fracking will be banned in New York state, but why was this process prohibited?

Earth/Environment December 17, 2014

Last wish fulfilled: 'If I die will you raise my son?' Mom with terminal cancer asks nurse

Tricia Somers, a woman with terminal cancer, has seen her last wish fulfilled when a favorite nurse agreed to adopt her son.

Society September 21, 2014

Community rallies to save 'Bucket Bear'

With no action from local wildlife authorities, a group of citizens from one small Pennsylvania town took it upon themselves to save a bear whose head had been stuck in a bucket for weeks.

Internet Culture September 4, 2014

Patient in Pennsylvania hospital ICU allegedly sells heroin to police informant. Yes, that's sick.

A 38-year old woman found another use for the ICU other than to get medical care. She sold heroin while in a hospital bed.

Life April 23, 2014

Foxconn ramps up U.S. presence with $40 mn investment in Pennsylvania

Foxconn wants to ramp up its presence in the U.S. with an investment plan of $40 million in the state of Pennsylvania.

Business November 25, 2013

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