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Father Of Quarks Murray Gell-Mann Dies At Age 89

Legendary physicist Murray Gell-Mann, known for identifying quarks and developing the eightfold way of classifying subatomic particles, died on May 24. The scientific community mourns his passing.

Material Science May 29, 2019

This Physical Illusion Tricks You Into Thinking Objects Are Lighter Than They Are

In an impossible experience that you can even try at home, scientists demonstrate how you can not only witness illusions with your eyes, but also feel them. This is the first ever impossible somatosensory experience reported.

Material Science May 28, 2019

Scientists Achieve Superconductivity At The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded With New Material

In the hunt for the ultimate superconductor, physicists discovered lanthanum hydride. Experiments showed that the material can conduct electricity with zero resistance at nearly room temperature.

Energy May 23, 2019

Scientists Flash-Freeze Water To Create Superionic Ice Half As Hot As The Sun

Can ice be thousands of degrees hot? Perhaps not naturally on Earth, but scientists were able to create 'hot ice' in the laboratory with giant lasers.

Material Science May 10, 2019

Engineers Demonstrate Bubbles Of Sand That Move Like Oil Droplets In Water

In a groundbreaking study, engineers demonstrated the formation of "sand bubbles" between two different types of sand. It's the first time the behavior has been observed between two solid granular particles.

Material Science April 23, 2019

Scientists Test New Energy Efficient Cooling Method Using Thermodynamic Trickery

In an experiment, physicists cooled down a piece of copper from 100 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius below room temperature. They were able to achieve this without using an external power supply.

Energy April 20, 2019

Here's How Lasers Make Zapped Magnets Become Fluid-Like

When zapped with lasers, ultra-thin magnets actually behave like fluids. To determine how exactly this happens, a team of scientists in Colorado performed experiments and mathematical calculations.

Material Science April 19, 2019

Elements Can Be Solid And Liquid At The Same Time In Sponge-Like State: Study

Matter is no longer limited to solid, liquid, and gas. Scientists discover a new state in which certain elements can exist as both solid and liquid simultaneously.

Material Science April 9, 2019

Researchers Use Quantum Computer To 'Reverse' Time

Researchers claimed that they have successfully turned back time using quantum computers. In an experiment, the team successfully return qubits from their complex chaotic patterns into its original orderly form.

March 14, 2019

Synchronized Networks Can Give Rise To Complex Self-Organized Shapes

Researchers are trying to figure out how simple networks can oscillate in synchronicity and create complex behaviors. The study hopes that its findings will lead to the creation of tools that can control complex networks like the power grid.

Material Science March 9, 2019

Scientists Finally Catch A Much Awaited Glimpse Of Higgs Boson Decay

CERN announced this week that the physicists working at ATLAS and CMS have found evidence of Higgs boson's most common decay. This is the first time that scientists have observed the decay.

August 29, 2018

Fastest-Spinning Particles: Nanoparticles That Spin A Billion Times Per Second To Test Limits Of Physics

Two teams of researchers were able to create nanoparticles that spin around each other in record frequencies of a billion times per second. This creates the fastest mechanical rotation in history.

Energy July 20, 2018

Did Early Earth Collide With Dark Matter? 500 Million-Year-Old Minerals Could Hold Key To Ancient Encounter

Ancient minerals buried underground could bear scars of early collisions with dark matter. Minerals such as halite and zabuyelite could serve as natural dark matter detectors, scientists said.

Earth/Environment July 11, 2018

Large Hadron Collider Experiments At CERN Spot Higgs Boson And Top Quark Together

Through the CMS and ATLAS experiments at CERN's LHC, scientists were finally able to measure for the first time the direct interaction between the Higgs boson and top quark, two of the heaviest elementary particles. The relationship may lead to physics beyond the Standard Model.

Energy June 5, 2018

Learning Physics Activates Part Of The Brain Linked To Episodic Memory

Students who learned from a physics course that used modeling instruction showed changes in brain activity. Using fMRI, researchers found that the posterior cingulate cortex became more active after learning.

Feature | Science May 26, 2018

Living And Non-Biological Systems Exhibit The Same Quantum Behavior In Photosynthesis Test

Quantum molecules in biological systems have the same behavior as those in nonliving matter. This could help in the development of nature-inspired technologies like solar energy storage and photosynthetic environments.

Energy May 23, 2018

Stephen Hawking's Ashes To Be Buried Near Sir Isaac Newton's Grave

Stephen Hawking's ashes will be interred in Westminster Abbey near the grave of Sir Isaac Newton. His remains will also be near Charles Darwin's grave.

Celebrities March 20, 2018

Stephen Hawking Proposed Theory On How The Universe Will End Two Weeks Before His Death

Before dying, Stephen Hawking did more than just mathematically prove the existence of multiple universes. He also detailed how darkness will eventually swallow the entire Universe, causing its ultimate end.

Space March 20, 2018

Words By Stephen Hawking: Inspirational Quotes From Cosmology's Brightest Star

Stephen Hawking's profound but gentle and humorous ways of communicating science to the public made him an icon of contemporary science. Here are some of the most inspirational quotes from Stephen Hawking, a great physicist and human genuis.

Feature | Science March 15, 2018

Researchers Find A Way To Track Quantum Particles Without Observing Them

How can you track the movements of quantum particles without observing them? Researchers from the University of Cambridge have a theory. They think that particles leave tags that can be tracked whenever they interact with the environment.

Material Science December 27, 2017

SDSU Commences Ground Breaking To Begin Construction Of 800-Mile Underground Neutrino Facility

South Dakota State University has broken ground to begin excavation for its planned Neutrino research facility. Excavation for the deep underground facility could take 10 years to finish.

Energy July 22, 2017

Why Do Shoelaces Get Untied By Themselves? Science Explains, Untangles Knot Mystery

Science has finally explained why shoelaces get untied by themselves, thanks to a group of UC Berkeley mechanical engineers who determined the factors involved.

April 12, 2017

World's Only Sample Of Metallic Hydrogen Disappears In Lab

Last month, Harvard researchers reported creating metallic hydrogen, the 'holy grail of high-pressure physics.' Now, the only known sample in the world has disappeared in the laboratory.

Material Science February 26, 2017

Researchers Create New Matter Phase: What Are ‘Time Crystals’?

Scientists from Harvard University and University of Maryland have created a new phase of matter in the form of time crystals, a type of crystal that repeats its atomic and molecular patterns in time.

Material Science February 2, 2017

Harvard Physicists Say Hydrogen Finally Turns Into Metal, But Not Everyone Is Convinced

Squeezed between two pieces of man-made diamond in the laboratory, hydrogen has finally been transformed into a metallic form that is believed to exist inside planets such as Jupiter, Harvard physicists announce. Some scientists, however, remain skeptical.

Material Science January 27, 2017

CERN Scientists Use Laser To Observe Light Spectrum Of Antimatter [Video]

CERN scientists were able to compare the light spectrums of matter and antimatter by blasting anti-hydrogen atoms with laser. How did the result fare with predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics?

Energy December 19, 2016

This Parrot Wore Goggles, Flew Through A Laser Sheet For Research

A parrot trained to wear safety goggles and fly through a laser sheet has helped scientists discover new insights into flight physics. The findings can help improve the design of flying robots and drones, researchers said.

Animals December 6, 2016

Nuclear Physics Paper Written By iOS Autocomplete Accepted For Scientific Conference

An associate professor at New Zealand's University of Canterbury submitted a paper for the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics despite having no knowledge about nuclear physics. His paper was written only through iOS autocomplete.

Feature | Science October 23, 2016

Can Scientists Levitate Objects? Yes, Thanks To 'Acoustic Holograms'

Levitating objects with sound isn't new to the scientific community, but doing it with only a single sound source is quite an incredible feat. Researchers in Germany have found a way to do so, and it's all thanks to 'acoustic holograms.'

Material Science September 22, 2016

Surprising Discovery In Crystal Research Key To The Future Of Laser Design?

Researchers have made a surprising discovery, coming up with a new way to produce crystals for use in lasers. Is this new method the future of laser design?

Material Science August 29, 2016

Scientists Locate Brain Physics Engine That Predicts Human Movement

Scientists found the location of the brain physics engine that helps predict how objects behave. Brain activities revealed that people constantly make physical inferences.

Neuroscience August 10, 2016

Hopes For New Particle Vanish As LHC Physicists Review More Data

In December, physicists announced a potential new particle outside of the Standard Model. However, the hints of the new particle faded away as more and more data flooded in, scientists announced Friday.

Material Science August 5, 2016

How Incredible Frigate Birds Can Stay In Flight For Months Without Landing

A new study suggests that the enigmatic frigate bird can stay aloft for weeks without even touching the ground. How exactly can this aquatic bird accomplish this feat?

Animals July 1, 2016

Cats Utilize Physics? Study Says Cats Understand Physics And Use Law Of Cause And Effect To Detect Hiding Prey

Cats have a rudimentary understanding of the principle of cause and effect as well as the elements of physics. How does this help them when hunting for prey at night?

Animals June 14, 2016

Physics Lab May Have Found Evidence Of Fifth Force Of Nature

Have scientists found the elusive fifth force? A recent analysis of a Hungarian experiment showed a possible evidence of nature’s fifth force, but skeptics remain unconvinced.

Energy May 27, 2016

Schrödinger's Cat Alive And Dead In Two Boxes At Once

Yale University researchers have taken one of the most famous thought experiments one step further in analysis, finding Schrödinger's cat would be both alive and dead in two boxes at once. How could this help change the future of computing?

May 26, 2016

Watch World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine Target Liquid Droplets

What happens when you aim the world's largest X-ray machine at samples of liquid and fire? A team of physicists decided to find out, and the results are stunning.

Energy May 24, 2016

Robobee Can Land Anywhere Thanks To Static Electricity

A drone the size of an insect has been designed by researchers with a unique ability - being able to rest. Why is this such an important development in the evolution of these electronic devices?

Robotics May 22, 2016

Artificial Intelligence Learns To Run Nobel-Winning Physics Experiment

Researchers in Australia have trained an artificial intelligence system to run a complex science experiment that involves Bose-Einstein condensate. The AI learned to conduct the process from scratch in less than an hour.

Robotics May 17, 2016

Weak, Tiny Forces Between Atoms Measured By Physicists

An international group of scientists has successfully measured the tiny and weak forces between atoms called the van der Waals force. Here's how they accomplished the feat.

Material Science May 15, 2016

Underground Physics Lab May Unveil Secrets Of The Universe

Underground physics lab SNOLAB in Ontario, Canada is helping humans unearth the secrets of the universe, including the potential existence of dark matter. Its director and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Arthur McDonald holds a public talk to discuss their mission in the lab.

Space April 15, 2016

Large Hadron Collider Examines New Particle, Findings Could Mark New Age In Physics

Physicists found that a newly discovered particle breaks down in a fashion different from theories predict. Could this be the beginning of the end for the standard model of physics?

Energy March 11, 2016

Stephen Hawking Pays Tribute To Teacher Who Made Him Appreciate Math

Stephen Hawking never forgot the person who inspired him to love math. Thanks to Dikran Tahta, a British mathematician, the physicist is who he is today.

Society March 10, 2016

Researchers Demonstrate Quantum Surrealism: Here's What It Is In English

The new version of a classic experiment found that particles at the quantum level can be seen behaving something like billiard balls that roll about a table, but in a surreal way. The findings bolster a non-standard interpretation of quantum mechanics.

February 22, 2016

A Black Hole In 5D Would Break The Laws Of Physics: Scientists

Black holes in a five-dimensional world could disprove Einstein’s general theory of relativity, according to researchers from the UK. What aspect of these black holes could disprove this foundational law of physics?

Space February 20, 2016

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