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Detailed Pluto Flyover Reveals Gorgeous Mountain Ranges, Icy Plains [Videos]

The July 2015 Pluto flyby of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft sent back to Earth the first close-up images of the dwarf planet and its moon Charon. Now, NASA has released new flyover videos to enhance the celestial experience.

Space July 18, 2017

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Now Halfway Between Pluto And Target Remote Asteroid

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached the halfway point between Pluto and its target Kuiper Belt object, 2014 MU69. What's in store for the probe known for its historic Pluto flyby last year?

Space April 7, 2017

Official Name Themes For Pluto And Its Moons Get The Nod From IAU

The International Astronomical Union has approved the naming themes for features on Pluto, along with largest Pluto moon Charon and four smaller ones. Some themes continue focusing on the mythology of the underworld ruled by Roman god Pluto.

Space February 28, 2017

The Prodigal Planet: 5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Pluto

If NASA’s proposal pushes through, Pluto could be a planet again. Check out five of the most interesting facts about this most-debated-about dwarf planet.

Space February 26, 2017

What’s Next After Pluto? Reddish Kuiper Belt Object New Target For NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

The Pluto flyby mission revealed a destination beyond the dwarf planet exhibiting bright red colors. The observations suggest the formation is one of the oldest in our solar system.

Space October 19, 2016

NASA Pluto Probe New Horizons To Fly By Another Object In The Kuiper Belt

2014 MU69 is believed to be one of the first building blocks of the Solar System and may shed light on planetary accretion. NASA's New Horizons is set to visit this icy Kuiper belt object by 2019.

Space July 4, 2016

Does Pluto Hide A Subsurface Ocean? NASA's New Horizons Hint Liquid Ocean Is Beneath Dwarf Planet's Icy Crust

A present-day liquid ocean could be hiding beneath the icy crust of Pluto. The dwarf planet would have shrunk if its ocean has completely frozen millions of years ago.

Space June 22, 2016

Pluto's Strange Haze Might Be The Result Of Gravity Waves

What’s causing the haziness and streaks in the atmosphere of Pluto? NASA and the Horizons team decided to investigate and came up with a possible answer: gravity waves.

Space May 5, 2016

NASA Releases Most Intricate Map To Date Of Pluto's Frozen Surface

Months after the historic Pluto flyby, NASA's New Horizons space probe continues to send data from the dwarf planet. On Saturday, NASA released the most intricate map to date of Pluto's frozen surface.

Space May 3, 2016

New Horizons Spots Bright 'Halo' Craters On Pluto

Pluto is glowing bright – or at least some of its craters are. NASA has recently shared an image of what could be halo-like craters in the dwarf planet, which may be caused by methane ice presence in their walls and rims.

Space April 24, 2016

Not Just A Big Heart: Pluto Reveals 'Giant Spider' On Its Icy Surface

After the heart and the snake, what else can you expect from Pluto? New Horizons' latest images suggest a spider and red deposits on its surface.

Space April 9, 2016

NASA's New Horizons Documents Behavior Of Solar Wind When Far From The Sun

Three years' worth of data from the SWAP instrument on the New Horizons spacecraft revealed details about solar wind in the outer solar system. High-energy particles called anomalous cosmic rays, too, may be a radiation threat to astronauts.

Space April 8, 2016

New Horizons Findings Show Pluto Has Tropical Region

While it's as frigid as it gets, Pluto has its own tropical zones. Scientists discussed at the Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference the dwarf planet's dynamic geological and geographical features - with many more data from the Pluto flyby in July 2015 to come.

Space March 22, 2016

New Horizons' Data Reveal Diverse Terrain Of Dwarf Planet Pluto

Pluto has a geographically diverse surface. Researchers said this is influenced by the dwarf planet's water ice and volatile ices.

Space March 20, 2016

NASA Releases Stunning New Photo Of Pluto’s Yellow-Hued Frozen North Pole Canyon

New images of Pluto revealed yellow-colored canyons on Pluto's frigid North Pole. They also revealed giant pits that suggested a phase of tectonic activity in the planet's historic past.

Space February 26, 2016

Pluto's Largest Moon Charon May Have Had An Ancient Subsurface Ocean

New Horizons discovered that Pluto's moon Charon may have had an ancient subsurface ocean that expanded outward to the surface as it eventually froze. NASA described it as Bruce Banner transforming into Incredible Hulk.

Space February 20, 2016

High-Resolution Image Of Pluto Shows Stunning Blue Haze Surrounding The Dwarf Planet

NASA has released the highest-resolution image yet of Pluto's atmosphere, revealing a glowing blue haze. The image was captured during the New Horizons flyby in July last year.

Space January 27, 2016

NASA's New Horizons Marks 10th Year Launch Anniversary

NASA's Pluto spacecraft New Horizons celebrates the 10th year anniversary of its launch. On July 14, 2015, the spacecraft completed its 9.5-year journey to Pluto and its moons and covered over 3 billion miles.

Space January 20, 2016

Mysterious Snail-Like Object Spotted On High-Res Photo Of Pluto: What Could It Be?

NASA revealed new high-resolution images of Pluto, including a visual of the dwarf planet's Sputnik Planum region. Look closely and you will see a snail-like object that seems to be trekking on the icy region's surface.

Space January 11, 2016

NASA Releases Mind-Bending Images Of Pluto

NASA has released some delightfully mind-bending photos of the dwarf planet that filter Pluto with a palette of eye-pleasing colors.

Space December 28, 2015

Here Are The Top Ten Space Events And Discoveries Of 2015

From dazzling meteor showers to the discovery of an icy heart, the year 2015 has produced some of the most fascinating space breakthroughs mankind has ever found. Here we listed down the top 10 space discoveries of this year.

Space December 28, 2015

Data From New Horizons Pluto Flyby Reveal Complex And Mysterious World

New Horizons spacecraft collated data from Pluto flyby, which stunned scientists. Experts discovered young resurfacing and varied geological landforms, driving the experts to describe the dwarf planet as complex and mysterious.

Space October 15, 2015

New Horizons Space Probe Photo Captures A Breathtaking Sunset On Pluto

Photos taken of Pluto by the New Horizons probe — including one of a haunting, spell-binding Plutonian sunset — indicate that Pluto might have very Earth-like weather patterns.

Space September 17, 2015

Pluto With A Tail? Is This An Icy Dwarf Or A Disney Character?

Pluto has a tail, New Horizons investigators report. What makes this feature so remarkable?

Space July 20, 2015

New Horizons Flyby Reveals Pluto Is An Icy Planet With A Heart

The Heart of the Heart of Pluto has been imaged and analyzed by astronomers, and the results are surprising. What is the latest mystery to come from this frigid dwarf planet?

Space July 19, 2015

Incredible Pluto Flyover Animation Shows Unexpected Terrain Of Icy Plains

A new animation from NASA helps us earthlings see a bit of what New Horizons saw during its historic flight past Pluto this week. Among the surprising sights are unexpected formations on the plains of Pluto’s icy “heart.”

Space July 17, 2015

This Week In Space: A Whole Lot Of Little Pluto And A Step Toward Asteroid Mining

Tiny Pluto dominated space news this week as the New Horizons spacecraft successfully flew past the dwarf planet. However, space research beyond Pluto carried on with exciting discoveries, including a Jupiter 'twin' orbiting a sun-like planet in the distant universe.

Space July 17, 2015

Stephen Colbert Begs Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Reinstate Pluto As A Planet

Pluto was the ninth planet when New Horizons launched, but it has since been relegated to the status of a dwarf planet. Stephen Colbert took up the subject with astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, with hilarious results.

Space July 16, 2015

Multiple Wonders In First Close-Up Photos Of Pluto And Its Moons (Video)

The first images of Pluto and its moons show icy mountains, signs of geological activity and no craters. Some of Pluto's surface is the youngest ever seen in the solar system, scientists say.

Space July 16, 2015

NASA Reveals New Images Of Pluto's Surface And Its Moons

The latest images from New Horizons reveal icy mountains on Pluto and new details of Charon and Hydra.

Space July 15, 2015

New Horizons Lets NASA Know It Is Safe After Pluto Flyby

A nerve-racking 21-hour waiting period came to an end around 9 p.m. EDT on July 14 when the New Horizons spacecraft contacted NASA to confirm that it had successfully completed its flyby of Pluto. During the period New Horizons was out of touch, it was busy collecting so much data that it will take 16 months to transmit it all back to Earth.

Space July 15, 2015

Ride Along With New Horizons For Pluto Flyby With NASA Eyes App

The final countdown for the New Horizons Pluto flyby has begun with less than 24 hours to go before the historic event. New Horizons is a few billion miles away, but NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System app takes you right to the spacecraft with a real-time simulation.

Space July 13, 2015

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