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'Portal' Returns With 'Bridge Constructor: Portal': GLaDOS Is Back Too In The Physics-Based Puzzler

The 'Portal' franchise returns with 'Bridge Constructor: Portal', which will be released for the PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices on Dec. 20. The new puzzler is not 'Portal 3', but it does bring back the villainous AI GlaDOS.

Video Games December 7, 2017

'Portal' Easter Egg In 'The Witcher 3' Blood And Wine Expansion Proves The Cake Isn't A Lie

CD Projekt Red's final 'The Witcher 3' expansion makes reference to Valve's classic first-person puzzler.

Video Games May 31, 2016

J.J. Abrams Working On Movie Adaptations For 'Half Life' And 'Portal'

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' director J.J. Abrams recently reported that film adaptations based on video games 'Half Life' and 'Portal' are in development as part of his partnership with developer Valve.

Movies/TV Shows March 14, 2016

Watch A Full Playthrough For The 'Portal VR' Demo For HTC Vive

Now that we're officially in the age of believable virtual reality, a game that seems made for VR, 'Portal,' is now a demo for the HTC Vive: watch a full playthrough now.

Geek March 8, 2016

'Carol Of The Turrets' Brings 'Portal' To The Holidays

If you've ever imagined what a holiday spent in 'Portal' is like, it could look something like this: a new video posted shows the turrets of the game singing 'Carol of the Bells.'

Geek December 24, 2015

'Portal' Board Game Is The Closest You'll Get To Playing 'Portal 3' (For Now)

This 'Portal' board game, designed by some of the very same Valve staff who helped create the video games, might as well be 'Portal 3'.

Geek October 27, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About 'LEGO Dimensions'

LEGO is ready to take on Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Amiibo with 'LEGO Dimensions,' a major new entry in the 'Toys-to-Life' genre. With 14 franchises like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future on board, it's going to be a wild ride.

Geek September 24, 2015

'LEGO Dimensions' Voice Cast Includes Michael J. Fox, Gary Oldman, Chris Pratt And More

LEGO's big entry into the toys-to-life market, 'LEGO Dimensions,' boasts an impressive voice cast. Many of the original actors from these famous movies and TV shows return for the game, including some real surprises.

Geek September 14, 2015

Check Out This 'Portal'-Themed Bedroom A Dad Created For His Son

Randy Slavey, a 'Portal' enthusiast and blogger over at the community site GeekDad, gave his son the ultimate fan present: a bedroom that looks exactly like a real-life Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center.

Geek August 31, 2015

Pushbullet Outs Portal App To Help You Easily Transfer Files From PC To Your Android Device

Transferring files will never be the same again with the new Portal app from Pushbullet. The app allows Android users to transfer files from their Windows PC to their smartphones or tablets quickly and easily.

Apps/Software June 17, 2015

This Video Imagines Your Favorite FPS Games In LEGO Form

This might be the best two minutes of your day. Imagine that every video game starred LEGO Minifigures — but the physics and realism are spot-on perfect.

Internet Culture May 27, 2015

'Portal Pinball' Is A Real Game Coming To PlayStation & Other Platforms

Do you ever find yourself missing Chell, GLaDOS and, yes, even Wheatley? 'Portal Pinball' might be just the thing you've been yearning for. It's got all the familiar 'Portal' charm, but in pinball form.

Geek May 21, 2015

'Portal' And 'The Simpsons' Levels Are Coming To 'LEGO Dimensions'

New details have surfaced about additional 'LEGO Dimensions' level packs, and you won't believe what franchises they're based on. One unites LEGO and Valve Software for the first time ever.

Geek May 5, 2015

'Portal 2: The Musical' Is A Real Thing

A variety/burlesque troupe in Vancouver is putting on an original geeky musical based on the video game 'Portal 2.' Based on this preview, it looks utterly awesome.

Geek January 16, 2015

Watch: Basketball Tricks Made With A Portal Gun

What happens when you put basketball together with the portal gun from Valve's 'Portal' video games? The craziest basketball tricks you've ever seen.

Internet Culture December 23, 2014

Classic games 'Half-Life 2' and 'Portal' come to Nvidia Shield: Now, play on the go

Ever wanted to play 'Half-Life 2' and 'Portal' while on the go? Well, now you can if you own a Nvidia Shield mobile gaming device.

Gadgets May 14, 2014

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