Microsoft's Xbox Cloud will soon develop new and native games solely intended for its online gaming service, that would serve as the future front runner of the gaming world. This was first introduced by Google Stadia, but it has gone back on its initial reveals on in-house development of games, hereby dropping the project along with Kim Swift, known for her works behind "Portal."

Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming
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What happened is that Microsoft has hired Swift and taken her away from Google Stadia, with the intentions of continuing the supposed project she has with the cloud gaming service, and bring it to Xbox. And if that is not clever enough, it would be all about native games, meaning the company's games that would soon be available for Xbox exclusives only. 

Previously, Microsoft has announced the launching of Xbox One exclusives to the cloud, making these past games more accessible and available to most users, without the need to buy the digital or physical copy. And it seems that in the coming years, cloud gaming for Microsoft and Xbox will be more massive than ever, probably lining up with its premium subscription platforms. 

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Microsoft Cloud Gaming with Former Googler, Kim Swift

Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming
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KATWIJK, NETHERLANDS - APRIL 20: Microsoft Corp.'s X-box logo is pictured on a computer screen on April 20, 2020 in Katwijk, Netherlands.

According to Polygon, Microsoft Cloud gaming aims to diversify its direction and goals, including that of its games, its partner studios, and acquiring the different types of gamers out there. With this being said, Microsoft's first step to diversify is to bring in Kim Swift to head its cloud gaming division and take charge of new, native cloud games.

Swift's LinkedIn profile shows that she is a "Senior Director of Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Studios Publishing," which already shows the change of company, previously from Google Stadia. The new senior director was known for her hand behind Valve's "Portal," which was dubbed as one of the most innovative games of the present time.

Google Stadia has canceled its development of self-made native games for its cloud gaming services which it has planned for the last two years, or when it first released. And while this is a massive downer for the gaming industry, good thing is that Microsoft is here to continue what the Mountain View company has started, but in its way. 

When Will Microsoft Xbox Cloud's Native Games Come?

Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming
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With regards to Microsoft Xbox Cloud games coming to the public, it is still unknown, particularly because the game is a form of art for its directors and creators, and art cannot be rushed for demand. Moreover, the games would only start to have conceptualization from the company, particularly because Microsoft has only hired its director recently.

In the previous report by Tech Times, the Microsoft exclusive games from Xbox One to come to the cloud platform are scheduled for 2022, and that is a year away from now. On the other hand, the timeline for the cloud games of Microsoft Xbox would be in the coming year or two, with the worst-case scenario having more. 

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