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Scientists Report Record Performance With Affordable Semiconductors

Researchers developed a method to accurately measure the efficiency of quantum dots. The effort hopes to remove any doubts over the particles' performance and make them cheaper alternatives to single-crystal semiconductors.

Energy March 16, 2019

Researchers Spot New Phenomenon That Can Solve Wavelength Splitting Problem In Lasers

Researchers were able to find a simple way to address the problem of splitting wavelengths in quantum dot lasers. By simply teaming up two quantum dots, they were able to create a singular wavelength free of the defect.

Energy February 9, 2019

Quantum Dots Used To Print The Tiniest Image Ever Printed

Thanks to color-rich quantum dot technology, scientists in Switzerland have created the smallest inkjet image ever printed.

FUTURE TECH December 16, 2015

Scientists Develop Tiny Spectrometer That Can Fit Inside Your Smartphone

A tiny colloidal quantum dot spectrometer, which can be fitted inside smartwatches and smartphones, has been developed by MIT and Chinese researchers. This means not only lighter devices but also gadgets with the ability to assess skin ailments.

July 4, 2015

Rice Grain-Sized Maser Invention a Significant Step Forward for Quantum Computing

Princeton University researchers have created a new microwave laser - a maser - that could be the next step toward quantum computing.

FUTURE TECH January 17, 2015

LG TVs Aim to Cash in on 4K Wave

LG is readying a 4K television that will make use of quantum dot technology to elevate colors and drive down prices. The new TV will be shown off at CES 2015.

Gadgets December 17, 2014

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