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Twitter Still Loses Users In US, But Has Its First Profitable Quarter In 12 Years

Twitter posted its financial results and for the first time in 12 years, it actually had a profitable quarter. On the downside, the social network is still losing users in the United States.

Business Tech February 9, 2018

Samsung Posts Best Quarterly Profits Since 2013, Expects Strong Q2 Riding On Galaxy S8 Success

Samsung reported its strongest quarterly results since 2013, fueled by its lucrative semiconductor business. Looking ahead, the company expects strong Q2 results as well, riding on the Galaxy S8 success.

Business Tech April 28, 2017

Amazon To Hire 100,000 More Employees After Ramping Up Workforce In 2016 [Analysis]

Amazon plans to open up 100,000 more jobs at its facilities all over the country in the next 18 months. The move is part of its commitment to growth.

Business Tech February 4, 2017

Sony Books Surprise Positive Q1'16: PlayStation Makes Up 78 Percent Of Profit As Mobile Bounces Back

Sony booked a surprisingly positive fiscal first quarter for the months of April to June, as analysts expected the company to post a net loss. Saving the company were the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Network.

Business Tech July 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Success Securing Company's Best Quarter In 2 Years: Analysts

Samsung is expected to report its best operational profit in two years, which is due in no small part to the high sales of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge flagships. Industry analysts estimate that the company's profit will continue to increase.

Business Tech July 5, 2016

Nvidia Posts Financial Results For Fiscal Q1 2017, Showing Solid Growth In All Sectors

Nvidia announced its earnings result for the first quarter of fiscal 2017. Revenue was recorded at $1.3 billion, which is 13 percent higher than the same quarter of the previous fiscal year.

Business Tech May 14, 2016

Tencent 4Q Revenue Surpasses Estimates Of Analyst

Tencent saw a huge increase in revenue for the fourth quarter, beating the analyst estimates by 10 percent. However, the company also reported that it has missed income because of its heavy investments in video and other content.

Business March 19, 2016

Apple Watch Proves A Hot Seller, Made Up $1.7B Of Apple's Revenue In Last Quarter

The Apple Watch has turned out to be a surprise $1.7 billion earner for Apple, and may very well become the one device to end the company's reliance on the iPhone.

Wearable Tech October 30, 2015

EA Games Now Selling More Digitally Than In Stores

This has been a long time coming. EA Games reports that for the first time ever, its digital game downloads have outsold standard disc-based game sales.

Geek July 31, 2015

T-Mobile touts 1.5M new subscribers, healthy earnings

Wireless carrier T-Mobile announced its second quarter results, and the news was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Industry-leading revenue growth, 1.5 million new subscribers, record low 'churn' rate, and the announcement of nationwide VoLTE coverage were some of the highlights.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 31, 2014

Sprint enjoys income, revenue spike but subscriber retention disappoints

Sprint, still looking to regain solid footing in the mobile communications market, just released its first-quarter fiscal report. Notably, the company reported positive net income after nearly seven consecutive years of losses.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 30, 2014

Xerox profit dips, but still beats analyst expectations

Xerox's second-quarter earnings report is pretty much a copy of its 2013 second-quarter report. Although growth is stymied, the company's stock price hit a year-to-date high last week.

Business July 27, 2014

Facebook posts $2.5 billion Q1 earnings, looks into standalone apps for a more mobile-centric future

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg discloses its first-quarter earnings and his plans to create more standalone apps as they go more and more mobile in the coming years. Read how they plan to go about it.

Apps/Software April 25, 2014

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