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Meet MintyPi 2.0: Raspberry Pi Video Game Emulator Packed Into Tiny Mint Tin Box

MintyPi 2.0 is a project that transforms a mint tin box into a RetroPie-powered portable video game console. The device uses the Raspberry Pi Zero W and 3D-printed components and can be programmed to play any game from retro consoles.

Video Games April 11, 2017

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B vs. Pi Zero vs. Pi Zero W: Which One Should You Buy?

The Raspberry Pi mini-computer comes in a variety of models, each with their own specifications and purposes. Which one should you buy between the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Raspberry Pi Zero W?

Computers March 20, 2017

Onion Omega2 vs. Raspberry Pi Zero: Which Tiny Computer Should You Buy?

The new Onion Omega2 is making the headlines as the tiniest computer, but how does it compare with the Raspberry Pi Zero? Here's a quick comparison between the two, from specs and features to price and size.

Computers August 16, 2016

Google Introduces Project Bloks: Toys That Will Teach Kids How To Code

Google developed Project Bloks as a platform to teach children the fundamentals of coding at an early age. The system is made up of three elements, namely pucks, Base Boards and the Raspberry Pi Zero-based Brain Board.

Google June 28, 2016

Raspberry Pi Debuts A Camera Connector For The Raspberry Pi Zero

The camera connector itself looks like two small microchips and a yellow ribbon.

Computers May 17, 2016

Game Boy Zero Is A Game Boy With A Raspberry Pi Zero Brain, And You Can Play Every Retro Game Imaginable

Someone has given an original Game Boy an SD card reader, extra buttons, an LCD display and a Raspberry Pi Zero. It's called the Game Boy Zero.

Video Games April 8, 2016

Raspberry Pi Zero Projects: Xbox Controller, R2-D2, Beetbox And More

The Raspberry Foundation's Pi computers are fast becoming one of the most popular tech components available in the market. This can be attributed to Raspberry Pi boards' versatility and affordability compared to other similar programmable computers.

December 24, 2015

Turn Your Xbox Controller Into A Full-Fledged Console Using Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi has inspired another game emulation project. This time, the tiny computer is stuffed inside an Xbox controller.

Video Games December 2, 2015

$5 Raspberry Pi Zero Has Just Become Fastest-Selling Computer In History

Just as the latest Raspberry Pi was set out on the windowsill, the hungry hordes have gobbled it up. The Raspberry Pi Foundation's first batch of $5 Pi Zero computers has sold out.

Computers November 30, 2015

Raspberry Pi Zero vs. C.H.I.P.: Which Mini Computer Under $10 Should You Buy?

The Pi Zero costs $5; the C.H.I.P. now costs $9. Which is the one to get?

Computers November 29, 2015

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