The tiny computer craze rages on with the new Onion Omega2 leading the pack in terms of size.

With that said, the big question that remains is, how does it fare in the competition, particularly against the Raspberry Pi Zero? Well, here's a quick look on how the two compare.

Raw Specs Shootout

To start things off, the Omega2 offers a 580 MHz CPU, 16 MB worth of storage and 64 MB of RAM. Meanwhile, the Pi Zero triumphs over it with a 1 GHz CPU plus 512 MB of RAM.

However, Onion also offers a more powerful version called the Omega2 Plus, and it sports two times the amount of storage and memory and a microSD slot to boot.

Features Galore

Between the two, only the Omega2 features built-in Wi-Fi, and to get something like that on the Pi Zero requires an add-on.

However, the Raspberry competitor does have an HDMI out, and that means it's a tad more versatile, not to mention that it's better suited for desktop setups.

With that said, the Onion contender isn't out of the fight in this department. The company offers something called the Onion Cloud, and with that feature at hand, users can access and control the Omega2 via any computer through a web browser.

The Software

The Omega2 is a flexible device because not only does it run Linux natively, but it's also compatible with Arduino. On that note, the creators are also bringing the Arduino Dock to the table, a component that can turn the board into a full-fledged Arduino Uno.

Size Matters

To date, the Omega2 is the tiniest computer among the current brood, coming in less than one-fourth the size of the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to that design, it can fit nicely into any product or DIY project.

Pricing Details

Both the Omega2 and Pi Zero will hold customers back by $5, and the improved Omega2 Plus by $9. Also, the Arduino Dock and others just like it are priced at $15.


The Omega2 is up for preorder on the company's Kickstarter page until Aug. 23, and it's expected to ship out sometime this November. On the other hand, the Pi Zero is already available at the Raspberry Pi website through various distributors.

The Bottom Line

The gist of it is that each one has something unique to offer. The clear differences between them are that the Omega2 is smaller with a lot of integrated components and that the Pi Zero has the edge regarding computing power.

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