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MIT Engineers Develop A Robot That Can Play Jenga

A new robot from MIT uses machine learning algorithms to play Jenga. The robot analyzes its next moves through tactile and visual stimulation.

Robotics February 1, 2019

This Robot Teaches Itself How To Help People Get Dressed

A robot at Georgia Institute of Technology is successfully helping people get dressed through simulations. Rather than relying on the sense of sight, the robot uses its sense of touch to perform the task.

Robotics May 15, 2018

Paralyzed People Can Control Robotic Arms With Power Of Mind And Improved Brain-Machine Interfaces, Says Study

A new study on the role of the brain in the improvement of motor learning has said appropriate improvements in brain-machine interfaces can help paralyzed patients to control robotic arms using their mind power.

Robotics February 11, 2017

NASA To Begin ISS Battery Replacement Work On New Year's Eve

NASA is set to conduct a power upgrade to replace the aging batteries on the ISS with newer ones. The work on the space station will begin on Dec. 31 and will run through the middle of January next year.

Space December 31, 2016

DARPA's LUKE Robotic Arm Will Attach Itself First To War Veterans Before Going Commercial

A robotic arm named after Luke Skywalker will find its way to war veterans before becoming available to the general public. LUKE is DARPA's latest invention, and it is expected to change the way robotic arms are designed.

Robotics December 26, 2016

Paralyzed Man Can Feel Again, Thanks To Brain Implant, Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

A paralyzed man, implanted with microelectrodes in his brain, could feel his hand through a robotic arm. The device made the connection between the brain stimuli and the arm possible.

Neuroscience October 15, 2016

New Robotic Arm May Help Restore Sensation Of Touch To Amputees

Researchers in Australia are developing a robotic arm that can help amputees function more normally. The artificial limb may allow amputees or stroke sufferers to regain their sense of touch.

Robotics May 29, 2016

Raising Minimum Wage May Lead To Robots Taking Over Jobs: McDonalds Ex-CEO

Former McDonald's CEO Edward Rensi warned that robotic tools could take over jobs if the minimum wage would be raised. A McDonald's employee protest shut the chain's Chicago headquarters on May 25, a day before its annual shareholder meeting.

Business Tech May 26, 2016

Robotic Glove Will One Day Allow The Blind To See With Their Hands

Engineers from the University of Nevada Reno and University of Arkansas in Little Rock teamed up to develop a robotic arm that will help visually impaired people. Check out what else the team wants to advance with their planned development.

FUTURE TECH December 19, 2015

You Don't Need Coding Knowledge To Use This $350 Robotic Arm: A Kinect Will Do

The 7Bot is the first robotic arm in the world that’s built with computer vision and state of the art AI. It can easily copy your every move with no need to do some coding beforehand.

FUTURE TECH October 24, 2015

Zortrax Launches A 3D Model Library With Free Downloadable Robotic Arm

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax announced its Model Library where users can store and share projects. It has also released the model and manual for a printable robotic arm.

Apps/Software September 24, 2015

Paralyzed Man Picks Up A Mug Of Beer, Thanks To This Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm

A quadriplegic man was once again able to conduct basic movements, such as handshakes and picking up a bottle of beer, using a robotic arm controlled through sensors implanted in his brain.

Life May 22, 2015

Curiosity Rover Uses Healed Robotic Arm For First Time To Deliver Rock-Powder Sample

A short circuit on the drill of the Curiosity rover's arm halted some tasks for the mission, but NASA reported that the rover has once again used its robotic arm to deliver a rock powder sample.

Space March 13, 2015

Short Circuit Damages Robotic Arm On Curiosity Rover

The Curiosity Mars rover develops a short circuit that halts the robotic arm operations. The rover is currently stationary and NASA scientists are resolving the issue.

Space March 4, 2015

Universal Robots: Robotic Arm Used By BMW Is Making Life Easier

Universal Robots' UR5 and UR10 robot arms are used in BMW's assembly and production lines, working side by side with humans to streamline processes. How could using these safe, uncaged robots change the future of production?

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2015

Giant Robotic Arms Work in Tandem to Install ISS Instrument: Latest Space Delivery Completed

Two giant robotic arms controlled by two different space agencies work in tandem for the first time on the International Space Station (ISS). Both the robotic arms completed the installation of an instrument that was recently sent to the ISS.

Space January 29, 2015

Paralyzed Woman Gets Gift of Movement Back with Robotic Arm

Sensors implanted in brain of paralyzed woman gave her exquisite control of robotic arm. Paralyzed from the neck down, she was able to lift and manipulate a variety of everyday objects.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 17, 2014

ISS technology inspires surgical robotic arm for helping sick children

The company responsible for the robotic arms used by the International Space Station are taking on a new mission: creating a robotic arm for performing intensive delicate surgery on sick children.

Internet Culture August 22, 2014

This robot arm with super fast reflex is awesome but what purpose may it serve? (Video)

A robotic arm capable of catching objects in mid-air may provide significant advances for safety on, and above, the Earth.

May 14, 2014

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