DJI Mavic 2 Leak: Here's What The Drone Looks Like, And What It Will Offer

A leaked image allegedly showed the next DJI drone, the DJI Mavic 2. Speculated features for the DJI Mavic Pro successor include swappable sensors and gimbals, as well as 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

Gadgets July 8, 2018

New Nerf Laser Tag Blasters Will Not Require Vests, Only Smartphones

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro is a laser tag system that looks to revive the once-popular group activity. Players will not need to wear clunky vests to play laser tag at home with the new Nerf blasters.

Gadgets July 3, 2018

Razer’s New Huntsman and Huntsman Elite Keyboards Combine Mechanical Keys With Optical Sensors, But Do You Need One?

Razer released two new gaming keyboards that come with a new type of keys. The Huntsman Elite and Huntsman are armed with a combination of optical sensors and mechanical switches for improved responsiveness

Gadgets June 29, 2018

Ingenious Smartphone Case Acts Like A Mobile Airbag To Protect Your Device When Dropped

A German engineering student invented an active smartphone case that acts as a mobile airbag to protect the device when it's about to hit the ground. Here's how it works and looks in action.

Gadgets June 29, 2018

Is Your 1440p Monitor Actually A 4K Display?

Gamers, beware: some manufacturers are allegedly disguising downscaled 4K monitors as 1440p panels to cut costs. It’s not clear how common the practice is, but customers should still check their monitor’s specs just to be sure.

Gadgets June 26, 2018

Bose Sleepbuds Will Help You Doze Off By Masking Noise: Is That Worth $250?

The Bose Sleepbuds will help wearers get better sleep through their noise-masking, not noise-canceling, capabilities. However, the wireless earbuds come with a fairly expensive price of $250, considering that they are not able to play music.

Gadgets June 21, 2018

Thieves Steal $100K Worth Of Apple Products From Georgia Best Buy

A brazen group of thieves decided to pull a Mission Impossible-inspired heist when they stole from a Georgia Best Buy. The thieves ran off with various Apple products, including iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks.

Gadgets June 20, 2018

Father's Day 2018: 30 Gadgets And Tech Gifts That Your Dad Will Love

Celebrate Father's Day 2018 by showering your dad with great gifts. Here are 30 of the best gadgets and electronics for Father's Day 2018 that Dad will really enjoy.

Gadgets June 15, 2018

Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker For Kids Now Available Globally: Where To Buy And For How Much

Fitbit announced a kid-focused fitness tracker back in March, and now it's finally on sale. Here's what it has to offer, how much it costs, and where to get it.

Gadgets June 13, 2018

Elon Musk's The Boring Company Delivers First 1,000 Flamethrowers To Customers

Elon Musk's The Boring Company handed out the first batch of 1,000 flamethrowers to customers in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 9. The Tesla CEO offered 20,000 flamethrowers for sale in January for $500 each.

Gadgets June 12, 2018

Best Sound Bars 2018: Sonos Playbar, Vizio SB3621, Samsung HW-MS650, And More

Audio experts have noticed that newer TVs are much thinner than before and lack clarity. Sound bars are the go-to options in order to improve the audio output of most televisions.

Gadgets June 12, 2018

Best Action Cameras 2018: GoPro Hero6 Black, Yi 4K+, Sony RX10, And More

Surveys confirmed that the latest trend shows the increased popularity of action cameras. Brands such as Sony, GoPro, Olympus, Garmin, and more are listed based on consumer feedback and features.

Gadgets June 11, 2018

This Is The Best Evidence Yet That Spotify Is Building Its Own Hardware

Spotify has now registered with the Federal Communications Commission. This could be a sign that the music streaming company is getting ready to release its own hardware.

Gadgets June 8, 2018

Parrot Anafi Vs DJI Mavic Air: The Battle Of The Folding 4K Drones

The Parrot Anafi is a folding 4K drone that will challenge the DJI Mavic Air. The new Parrot drone weighs only 0.7 pounds, features a 21 MP camera, and has a battery life of 25 minutes.

Gadgets June 7, 2018

The Sony RX100 VI Compact Camera Sports A Gigantic Zoom Lens

Sony unveiled the next model for its RX100 compact camera lineup. The RX100 VI boasts a 24-200mm zoom lens coupled with several new features and more.

Gadgets June 7, 2018

Canon Ends Its 80-Year Film Camera Business: Who Else Still Makes Film Cameras?

In May 2018, Canon announced that it is no longer selling film cameras after 80 years of doing so. They will accept most film camera repairs until October 2025.

Gadgets June 1, 2018

Latest Time Magazine Cover Made Up Of Nearly 1,000 Drones

To complement its cover story on the pervasiveness of drones in our current world, Time magazine made a dazzling cover. It partnered with Intel to light up 958 drones in the sky, which formed the magazine’s iconic border and logo.

Gadgets June 1, 2018

Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 Aims To Pave The Way For Stand-Alone AR And VR Headsets

Qualcomm unveiled its newest Snapdragon XR1 platform. It is the first dedicated chip for AR and VR devices, making them more accessible and affordable for consumers.

Gadgets May 31, 2018

This HP Mindframe Headset Comes With Active Cooling Feature

During the HP Gaming Festival 2018, the company revealed several new gaming accessories. One of them is the Mindframe, which is reportedly the world's first gaming headset with active cooling technology.

Gadgets May 30, 2018

You Can Now Shout Voice Commands At Your LG ThinQ TV

Alexa comes to the LG ThinQ TV lineup. You can now control your ThinQ-enabled TV via voice commands provided you have an Alexa-enabled device, like an Amazon Echo.

Gadgets May 31, 2018

Elgato Elevates Lawn Care Through Apple HomeKit-Powered Hose Controller

Elgato Systems just revealed that a new smart device that could improve homeowners’ backyard. Eve Aqua is a HomeKit device that allows them to control their garden sprinklers through various Apple devices.

Gadgets May 29, 2018

Verizon Offers Up To 74 Percent Off Mophie Juice Packs For iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, And More

Verizon slashed the prices of several Mophie juice packs for a number of smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy devices, iPhones, or Google Pixel. The juice packs are at up to 74 percent off.

Gadgets May 26, 2018

Fujifilm Unwraps The X-T100 Mirrorless Camera: 24.2MP, 4K VIdeo Recording, $600 Price Tag

On Thursday, May 24, Fujifilm announced a new entry-level mirrorless camera, the X-T100. The latest offering from Fujifilm boasts a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 4K video recording and a $600 price tag.

Gadgets May 24, 2018

SCUF Vantage Is An Official PS4 Controller That's Reminiscent Of The Xbox Elite

Scuf Gaming just announced the Vantage controller for the PlayStation 4. From the looks of it, it is bringing the Xbox Elite experience to the Sony console, including the design and customization options.

Gadgets May 24, 2018

3D Headphones Start-Up Ossic Shuts Down After Raising Almost $6 Million: New Entry In List Of Crowdfunding Failures

The Ossic X 3D audio headphones will no longer be released after start-up Ossic said that it was shutting down. The closure of Ossic comes despite raising nearly $6 million from crowdfunding initiatives.

Gadgets May 21, 2018

Amazon, Lennar Team Up To Create 'Smart Homes' Built With Alexa

Amazon revealed that it is teaming up with home builder Lennar to create houses that have built-in Alexa technology. Users can test out the houses in Amazon Experience Centers across the country.

Gadgets May 9, 2018

Netgear Releases $299 Orbi Tri-Band WiFi Cable Modem System: How Will It Save You Money?

Netgear released the Orbi Tri-Band WiFi Cable Modem System on May 7. It combines a WiFi router with a cable modem, which could help consumers lower their cable bill.

Gadgets May 8, 2018

Amazon Hardware On Sale, Just In Time For Mother's Day: Grab Discounts For Echo, Kindle, And Fire Devices

Husbands and sons looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift might want to check out the latest Amazon hardware discounts. Special offers include 30 percent off for the Echo Show and 25 percent off for the Kindle.

Gadgets May 6, 2018

Facebook To Launch Smart Speaker In International Markets First: Here’s Why

To avoid adding insult to its data privacy injury, Facebook will be releasing its smart speakers in international markets first. It’s smart enough to know the Cambridge Analytica scandal is still fresh in the minds of U.S. folks.

Gadgets May 3, 2018

Oculus Go Now Available: Will The $199 Standalone VR Headset Push Virtual Reality Into Mainstream?

The Oculus Go, a $199 standalone virtual reality headset that does not need to be connected to a high-end PC or smartphone to function, is now available. Will the device accelerate the entry of VR into the mainstream?

Gadgets May 2, 2018

PlayStation 5 Production Reportedly Starting Soon, With New Chip In Store

TSMC started high-volume production for a new chip focused on gaming applications, fueling speculation that the PlayStation 5 could enter production soon as well. Here's what we know so far.

Gadgets April 30, 2018

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Brings Parental Controls And Alexa For Kids, At $79.99

Amazon launched a new Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker that comes with special features, a kid-friendly Alexa, and a two-year warranty with a free replacement. The device is up for pre-order now at $79.99, and here's what it brings.

Gadgets April 26, 2018

Amazon Teases ‘Fire TV Cube,’ Will Reportedly Come With Far-Field Microphones Like Echo Devices

Amazon is close to unveiling what’s called the Fire TV Cube. The device is rumored to have Echo-like voice command capabilities and also act as your everyday streaming device.

Gadgets April 25, 2018

HTC Wants To Train Workers In VR With The New Vive Pro 2.0 Kit

HTC just released the Vive Pro 2.0 Kit, a new product aimed at corporations rather than individual gamers. Through virtual reality, businesses can train their workers and do more.

Gadgets April 25, 2018

GoPro Shaves Up To $100 Off Select Models With Any Old Camera Trade-In

GoPro launched a new trade-in program that shaves $50 off the Hero 6 Black and $100 off the GoPro fusion. Customers can trade in any eligible digital camera, not just old GoPro cameras.

Gadgets April 19, 2018

Alexa-Enabled Amazon Fire TV Editions Of Toshiba And Insignia Smart TVs Launching In Collaboration With Best Buy

Amazon and Best Buy geared up to launch Fire TV Editions of Toshiba and Insignia smart TVs this summer. The special editions will come with Alexa baked-in, promising a superior TV experience.

Gadgets April 18, 2018

Obsolete And Outdated Technology That People Still Use Today

Although there are many great gadgets today, some people prefer to use older technology. Here are 20 examples of outdated technology that people are still using today.

Gadgets April 20, 2018

Nintendo Switch eShop Is Getting More Games, Including 'Don't Starve'

Nintendo eShop's latest games just arrived, bringing a Nintendo Switch port of a well-loved survival game from 2013 titled 'Don't Starve.' The new update also featured 16 more titles for the Switch and one for the Wii U.

Gadgets April 14, 2018

Motorola's New Moto Mod Adds Stereo Speakers To Your Moto Z For Just $60

Motorola added a new Moto Mod product for its Moto Z lineup. The new Moto Stereo Speakers retail for $60 but come with a few caveats compared to previous stereo speaker accessories.

Gadgets April 13, 2018

Second-Generation Snap Spectacles Could Come Soon, According To FCC Filing

An FCC filing revealed that a new Spectacles might be hitting the market soon. It appeared that despite the first Spectacle's failure, Snap is not stopping at two models.

Gadgets April 13, 2018

What You Need To Know About Amazon Alexa — Secrets Revealed

Amazon Alexa has revolutionized the way our homes work and Amazon Echo is a big part of that. Here are 20 facts about this technology that you need to know.

Gadgets April 17, 2018

Vizio's 2018 TVs Are Brighter And More Colorful Than Ever Before

The 2018 lineup showcased by Vizio reveals TVs that come with full array local dimming technology. Not only are the new models equipped with FALD, but they also feature Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Gadgets April 12, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick And Fire TV 4K On Sale: Which One Should You Buy?

Amazon is offering discounts for the Fire TV Stick, sold for $29.99, and the Fire TV 4K, sold for $49.99. Both devices come with a wide range of apps and the Alexa voice remote, so which one should you buy?

Gadgets April 9, 2018

Spotify’s First Hardware Product Might Not Be A Smart Speaker, But Something For Your Car

Spotify will release a 4G-capable standalone music players for cars, according to an offer that seemingly was released ahead of schedule. The device’s cost will be stacked on top of a typical Spotify subscription.

Gadgets April 7, 2018

The Rise Of The Smuggler Drones? $80 Million Worth Of iPhones Flown Into China

Authorities took down a major smuggling operation that utilized drones. The smugglers used drones to fly a pair of 200-meter cables between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in mainland China, sneaking $80 million worth of iPhones across the border.

Gadgets March 31, 2018

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