Leica Q2 Could Be The Ultimate Compact Camera With Ability To Capture 47 MP Photos And 4K Videos

Leica has unveiled its newest Q2 camera, rocking a slew of nifty features, such as the ability to capture 47 MP photos and 4K videos. However, it comes with a steep price.

Gadgets March 8, 2019

USB 3.2 Is Here To Replace USB 3.1, And It's Confusing

The USB Implementers Forum or USB-IF has announced USB 3.2 at the 2019 Mobile World Congress. With the rollout of the new standard, the previous specifications USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 are getting rebranded.

Gadgets February 26, 2019

SanDisk, Micron Pave The Way For The Age Of 1 TB MicroSD Cards

At this year's Mobile World Congress, 1 TB microSD cards are being unveiled. Both Western Digital's SanDisk and Micron are announcing their takes on the high-capacity mobile storage.

Gadgets February 25, 2019

Someone's Trying To Run Android On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch could soon be used as an Android tablet. That's thanks to one developer who's trying to run the operating system on the hybrid console.

Gadgets February 22, 2019

Kid’s Gadget From The ‘80s Speak & Spell Is Making A Comeback

For ‘80s kids, Speak & Spell is like a high-tech gadget from the future. Now, this children’s toy is making a return thanks to Basic Fun.

Gadgets February 9, 2019

Chrome OS Instant Tethering Now Works With Other Android Phones

Chromebook users might soon be able to use the Instant Tethering feature with other non-Google Android phones. Currently, Instant Tethering only works with Nexus and Pixel phones.

Gadgets January 29, 2019

Samsung To Replace Plastic Packaging With Sustainable Materials

Samsung announced that it will be starting to ditch plastic packaging for its products starting the first half of this year. Chargers of smartphones will have a matte finish instead of the glossy aesthetic.

Gadgets January 28, 2019

Amazon Deploys ‘Sidewalk Drones’ As Part Of New Delivery Service

Scout are sidewalk delivery drones Amazon is now using as part of a small test. Will they replace normal delivery methods in the not-so-distant future? Time will tell.

Gadgets January 24, 2019

Spotify Is Making A Music Player For Cars, Possibly Launching This Year

Rumors of Spotify’s physical product have been making rounds since April last year. A new report now corroborates this speculation, and it says the service may launch it later this year.

Gadgets January 19, 2019

Facebook's Employees Leave 5-Star Amazon Ratings For Its Portal Smart Display

Busted: Facebook employees are leaving five-star ratings for the company's own product Portal. The social media brand has responded and asked them to take down the reviews.

Gadgets January 17, 2019

Canon: 8K Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Is On Its Way

An 8K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera is already in Canon’s EOS R-series roadmap, an executive just confirmed. There’s no telling when this 8K beast is going to come out, though.

Gadgets January 11, 2019

Lexar Now Offers Massive 1 TB SDXC Memory Card

Lexar is the first company to make 1 TB SD cards available for purchase. It won’t come cheap, these things cost $500 a pop.

Gadgets January 9, 2019

LG Made A 27-Inch Monitor You Can Take Anywhere

No speakers, no webcam, no unnecessary components. LG’s Neo Art display is a 27-inch behemoth that’s ultra-portable and features a USB Type-C port for power and video.

Gadgets January 9, 2019

SanDisk Unveils The World’s Largest-Capacity Flash Drive With 4 TB Of Storage

The world’s largest-capacity flash drive is here. Well, sort of — this SanDisk prototype doesn’t even have a name yet, but it’s a super tiny 4 TB storage stick with USB Type-C.

Gadgets January 9, 2019

Anker's Roav Bolt Lets You Bring Google Assistant On Your Car Rides

The Roav Bolt is a device that can put Google Assistant on just about any car. Made by Anker in collaboration with Google, it can make vehicles smarter, allowing users to make hands-free calls, texts, and the like.

Gadgets January 8, 2019

The LG Rollable OLED TV Is Real, And It’s Coming This Spring

LG’s newest OLED TV rolls up when someone wants to watch TV and then retracts to its base when not in use. It’s officially launching this spring with a hefty price tag.

Gadgets January 8, 2019

More Than 91.6 Million PS4 Units Sold As Of 2018, Sony Says

Sony recently said it has sold more than 91 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide since the console was introduced, with 18 million of that number from last year. Of 2018's figure, 5.6 million came from the holiday sale.

Gadgets January 8, 2019

HP Unveils 65-Inch Gaming Display With G-Sync HDR, 144 Hz Refresh Rate, Yours For $5,000

HP’s latest gaming display, called the Omen X Emperium 65, is a massive gaming display with G-Sync HDR baked in. Featuring a refresh rate of 144 Hz, it’s shipping this February for a cool $5,000.

Gadgets January 7, 2019

Jabra Elite 85h Headphones Feature Noise-Canceling, Ultra-Long Battery Life, 2 Digital Assistants, And More

Jabra’s new Elite 85h headphones sound like it’s going to be one of the best in the market. At $299, it got hands-free assistant control, 32 hours of battery life with noise cancellation turned on, and much more.

Gadgets January 7, 2019

Amazon Reveals Alexa Devices Sales Figure, And It's Over 100 Million

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices to date. While it didn't go into specifics of the sales figure, it did say that the Echo Dot exceeded expectations during the holiday season and sold out for January.

Gadgets January 4, 2019

This Space Monitor From Samsung Attaches At The Edge Of Your Desk

Samsung has unveiled three new gaming monitors. Not only do they boast topnotch display quality, but they’re also keen on everyone having cleaner, more flexible workspaces.

Gadgets January 4, 2019

Samsung Working On Budget-Friendly Bixby Smart Speaker: Rumor

A cheaper Galaxy Home smart speaker powered by Bixby is on the way, new rumors say. There are no details on pricing or release date at the moment, however.

Gadgets December 31, 2018

AT&T Reportedly Developing Wireless Charger That Powers iPhone and Apple Watch Simultaneously

Filings at the FCC and the Wireless Power Consortium reveal that AT&T is developing a wireless charger that’ll top up an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time. It’ll cost $100 when released, although it’s unclear when.

Gadgets December 30, 2018

Samsung Launches Remote Access Feature That Lets You Control Various Devices From Your TV

Samsung wants to make playing PC games on the TV much easier. Its newest feature, called Remote Access, will do this, among other things, without hassle.

Gadgets December 28, 2018

LG Shows Off New Soundbars With Dolby Atmos And Google Assistant

LG has officially unveiled three new soundbars ahead of CES 2019. They all feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and come with built-in Google Assistant.

Gadgets December 27, 2018

Samsung Announces 8 C-Lab Creations, Including An ASMR Recording Tool

Samsung C-Lab will introduce eight new tech in 2019's Consumer Electronics Show. One of the innovations is an ASMR recorder that comes in a phone case with human-like ears attached on the sides.

Gadgets December 26, 2018

Apple Official Reiterates 2018 iPad Pro 'Meets Or Exceeds' Standards Amid Issues Of Bent Units

After shrugging off complaints on bent iPad Pros, an Apple official said that the units surpass or meet the standards. However, he further reiterated that this was not a defect.

Gadgets December 23, 2018

Samsung Will Add Google Assistant And Bixby To 2019 TV Lineup

Samsung is reportedly adding both Google Assistant and Bixby to its 2019 TV lineup. They could also come with improved audio capabilities a la Apple HomePod.

Gadgets December 21, 2018

Nike Sets 2019 Release Date For Self-Lacing Basketball Shoes, Yours For $350

Nike is releasing a pair of self-lacing basketball shoes next year. At $350, though, it’ll be one of the most expensive kicks you’ll spend money on, ever.

Gadgets December 21, 2018

Nintendo Switch Beats PS4 And Xbox One As Fastest-Selling Console In The US

Nintendo Switch sold more than 8.7 million units in the United States in its first 21 months, making it the fastest-selling console in this generation. It outran Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Gadgets December 18, 2018

LG To Release OLED TV That Rolls Out Like Poster In 2019: Report

LG showcased the LG Display rollable TV prototype at the CES 2018. Next year, consumers could buy the futuristic OLED TV that can be rolled up and put away like a poster when not in use.

Gadgets December 18, 2018

Samsung Reportedly Developing A New Mid-Range Tablet To Be Released In First Quarter Of 2019

New information suggested that Samsung is working on a new addition to the Galaxy Tab A lineup. The rumored tablet is said to be a mid-range device that will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

Gadgets December 16, 2018

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock Is Here: Here’s What It Can Do

The $30 Amazon Echo Wall Clock works with Alexa but doesn’t have its own microphone. It’s great for people who already have Echo devices in their household.

Gadgets December 15, 2018

$100,000 Up For Grabs For Someone Who Can Live Without A Smartphone For 365 Days

Vitaminwater recently announced it will be giving away $100,000 to someone who can ditch their smartphone for a year. It said this was an effort to break the boring routine that has plagued generations.

Gadgets December 14, 2018

3D-Printed Guns Have 'Fingerprints': 'PrinTracker' May Help Forensic Investigators

Just as each fingerprint of a human is unique, a new study, led by University of Buffalo, said that it's now possible to trace a 3D-printed object to the machine that made it. The 'PrinTracker,' the study said, can be very helpful to law enforcement agencies and intelligence officers in tracing the origin of 3D printed guns and counterfeit goods.

Gadgets October 19, 2018

Facebook Portal Unveiled: Is This Really The Right Time To Launch A Surveillance Device?

Facebook unveiled the Portal, an AI-powered, Alexa-enabled smart speaker with touchscreen that focuses on video calling. However, the social network may have announced the Amazon Echo Show challenger at a bad time.

Gadgets October 9, 2018

Samsung 85-Inch 8K TV Now Open For Preorders: Here's The Whopping Price Tag

Samsung's 85-inch 8K TV is now available for preorder, but it comes with a massive price tag. Is buying the TV worth it at such a price, or should interested consumers wait a while before jumping into the 8K bandwagon?

Gadgets October 4, 2018

Facebook Unveils Oculus Quest, A Premium Standalone VR Headset For Only $399

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the $399 Oculus Quest at the Oculus Connect conference. The new Oculus VR headset combines the portability of the Oculus Go and some of the power of the Oculus Rift.

Gadgets September 27, 2018

Roku Premiere With $40 Price Tag Wants To Make 4K Content More Affordable

The new Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ will only be sold at $39.99 and $49.99, respectively. The new Roku sticks will look to make 4K content more affordable, just as Roku announced that Google Assistant integration is on its way.

Gadgets September 25, 2018

GoPro Hero 7 Unveiled With 3 Models: Here's What They Offer

The GoPro Hero 7 was unveiled with three models, namely Black, Silver, and White. The GoPro Hero 7 Black, the premium version, comes with a groundbreaking feature named HyperSmooth stabilization.

Gadgets September 22, 2018

Amazon Alexa Will Power 8 New Devices Coming This Year

Amazon will release at least eight new Alexa-powered devices within the year, including a microwave oven, receiver, subwoofer, amplifier, and in-car device. The new hardware will place Amazon in competition with companies such as Sonos and GE.

Gadgets September 18, 2018

OnePlus TV In The Works: Here's What We Know About It So Far

The OnePlus TV is in the works, with CEO Pete Lau claiming that it will be a premium device with artificial intelligence features. The name of the OnePlus TV is not yet final, with a contest now open for suggestions.

Gadgets September 18, 2018

Meet The Sphero Bolt: A Programmable Robotic Ball That Wants To Teach Kids To Code

Sphero took another step in their commitment to producing high-quality education products after it released the 'Sphero Bolt' on Monday. The Sphero Bolt, which features an 8 x 8 LED screen, is now available for $149.99.

Gadgets September 11, 2018

New Snap Spectacles 2 Styles Look Like Normal Frames But Will Cost $50 More

Snap released two new Spectacles 2 styles named Veronica and Nico on its online store. The designs, which cost $200 each, aim to make the Spectacles 2 look more like normal eyewear.

Gadgets September 6, 2018

Amazon's Alexa Works With Over 20,000 Devices, With More Than 100 Million Jokes Told

From 4,000 devices at the end of 2017, Alexa-compatible devices have increased to 20,000. The number could even rise with other brands planning to integrate Alexa into their products.

Gadgets September 4, 2018

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